19 August 2013

A Simple Hello From Me!

Chin chin! Here's to a new blog & a fresh start!

Well, hello there!

I know what you're thinking, something probably along the lines of... "Oh crikey, here we go again, another retched blog *sighh*..." Oh yes! Here I am claiming my own little plot of the internet! I'm dusting down the white shutter windows to give you a sneaky glimpse into my life & humble antics.

Now I won't lie to you. I haven't the faintest idea how to run a blog but I'm fervently clutching onto the hope that it'll be a bit like riding your trusty ole' bicycle...you simply push down on the pedal and after a few rather shaky, diabolical moments, you're off on an exciting new adventure! So basically, this is an apology in advance to bear with me whilst I get this little slice of space all sparkly, spruced up and looking all dashin' for you!

So here goes the cringey self-introduction...

I'm a 20 year-old student whose upgraded her mud splattered wellies in the Country for obnoxiously tall heels tottering about in the big, magpie city of Cardiff! I'm about to start my second year of University studying Spanish & Theology with absolutely no intention of pursuing the life of a saucy nun in the Sierra Nevada. 
If all else fails however, you'll find me wailing with the wild cats adorned in some cheeky headgear & striking a rather uncanny resemblance to Mother Theresa. Hey, beggars can't be choosers after all. Say 'Hola' to the brand spankin' new Whoopi Golberg!

So! With a delicious but disgustingly trashy magazine in one hand and a ruff tuff kitchen whisk in the other, I invite you to snuggle up with a big steamin' mug of tea & wiggle your way into my life. If you like food & sugar with a particular penchant for ice-cream then I think we'll get along rather famously.

In the manner of all things undoubtedly British & polite.....Welcome to my blog!


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