31 August 2013

Recent Ramblings

So it turns out that blogging actually takes quite a bit of planning & time. Both of which I've had oodles of recently but still, for some incomprehensible reason, cracking out the daily posts is proving to be rather taxing...
It may have something to do with the mere fact that I live in an absolute bubble of muddy fields, zippy tractors & copious amounts of horse poop. Whilst that's all fine & fabulous for our seriously majestic vegetable garden (hello creamy, fluffy potatoes!), it's an absolute rascal when it comes to connecting to the expanse of the internet. 

Basically, it's a huge pain in the butt. Connecting to wifi out in the big ole' countryside requires patience, skill & a chilled temperament - all the things I somewhat lack...
But not to worry, as a clever little salmon at heart, I'm slowly learning how to ride the wave...!

Whilst my wifi continues with her playful antics, my camera & trusty iPhone stepped up to the plate to give you a hotchpot of what i've been up to recently...

A cutesy summer picnic with Mama S

Homemade watermelon martinis. D-licious yet nutritious!

Early morning walks with this dapper young gentleman

Breakfast base camp with some lazy morning reading

Bloomin' love me some blueberries
Breakfast is undoubtably my favourite meal of the day. I look forward to it every morning like a kid waking up on Christmas day. A tad bonkers.

Romantic curry night with my darling Kitty Kat

Every night is mojito night

Lunchtime rendez-vous with Mrs Salmon at Josie's

Pssst..they simply do the best granola & berry parfaits around town!

Beautiful Mama S

Gettin' my western vibe on

Bag is from Zara but sadly is no longer available! Shucks.

My BFF Lucylicious, scuttled home from the hustle & bustle of London for some family TLC & treated me to a dinky candlelight dinner. Homemade pizza (base made from a packet..who knew?! Not me..), Velvety Pannacotta & lots of laughter, chatter & gossip about boys ;) Bliss.

Lost my Orangina virginity - marvellous.

Got my kitchen whisk out again & whipped up this naughty morsel for ma mama's birthday...

A raspberry & white chocolate cheesecake with a lick of lemon & a hunky drizzlin' of velvet milk chocolate.

Mama S was a happy lady to say the least

Those chocolate swirls are winking at you, aren't they? Tramps.

A perfect morning curled up with my head lost in this book & planning for upcoming Uni dates

Such pretty flowers! 

All in all, it's been a pretty blissful past couple of weeks! I hope you've all indulged in some fabulous frolockings.

Excuse me whilst I go scamper about in this uncharacteristic sunshine & slurp on something cool, crisp with a nice ole' kick.

Pimms o'clock anyone?

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