30 August 2013

Wining, dining & the fantastic four

A few weeks ago, it was a special little lady's birthday so the girls & I grabbed the opportunity to zip off down to the big ole' smoke of Bournemouth. Positively bristling with ants-in-your-pants energy, I couldn't wait for a glorious reunion of the magic fantastic four...

After wittering away for a few hours & reflecting upon our cheeky summer escapades, we decided it was about time to indulge in some tomfoolery & promptly took ourselves off for a mooch around. Bright eyed & bushy tailed, we marvelled at what Bournemouth had to offer before dropping this gorgeous one at work to go make some hard-earned dolla for us mere layabouts. 

Blasted work.

Scrubbed up well for a hard day's slog

Oh, did I mention that our cheeky breezer of choice for the weekend came adorned with its' very own soft top? Hello, windswept huurrr!

Deciding to embrace nature by letting the elements be my guide, I stuck my head out in the hope I would emerge sporting a tousled, sultry, easy but breezy beach look...
What I was offered was quite the opposite. 
Begrudgingly, I slopped back down with an image reminiscent of a dishevelled kitchen mop and an unwelcome case of the shivers as the blustery wind whipped my fairy head back to the case in hand. 

Curly hair + wind = Never friends.

One man down, we rolled on over to the bustling pier for some sunny but rather nippy wanderings, before plumping for a restaurant near the murky sea for some lunch.
Now despite the chilled & eclectic vibe buzzing around, I have to admit that Aruba failed to deliver in the flavour department & I ended up slurping away at a soup in between sorrowful sighs.

* Word of warning: don't be a pansy & opt for soup in the mere hope that it'll hit your five-a day rota. 
After all, who wants a bowl of watery, squished up (official term) butternut squash when you could pour yourself over a mountain of crunchy, gooey & utterly filthy nachos. With a rich bed of sticky manchego cheese to snuggly nestle into, it sure is a taxing decision to make.

I'd also like to note that food envy did not feature at all during lunch. Not.One.Teeny.Bit.

However, if the soup of the day is vodka then you have my full permission to grab yourself a beefy bowl of the good stuff.

It was time for a stomp over to the beach for a lover's stroll where we set up camp to observe & join forces with the British beach-goers at their best...
Pretending we were in the St. Tropez heat, slurping party cocktails of succulent & intoxicated fruity flavours, the alarming alikeness to Rosie Huntington scampering around in an itsy bikini was simply illegal.  

Our dreamy bubble burst when the very un-St. Tropez breeze slapped across our faces, sending us shuffling our chilly toes to a nearby coffee house. We got our mitts on a scorchin' bucket of tea & snuggled in for a gossip & a session of the church girl giggles.

Swinging by to pick up our working gal, we flew on back home as it was time to scrub up & head on out for our girly dinner. 
Now dinner had become the unofficial conversation topic of the day & naturally, the thought of delicious food got us all in a flutter...
What was on tonight's dinner menu I hear you mutter?

Why an all you can eat gourmet chinese buffet, of course!
Too. much. anticipation.

And holy smokes, did this scrumptious gem of a restuarant proceed its reputation! My watery slop of a soup was booted right into its sorrowful place.

Serious business this crispy duck eating

Ordering more than can be deemed healthy for a group of four girls, our justification boiled down to knowing we needed to line our fragile stomachs with some sufficiently juicy filth before the alcohol got a-flowing.

Convincing? No didn't think so, but it was worth a shot.

It was simply an excuse for some sinful food, mischievous talk & a slug or two of crisp, cold wine.
Wine & carbs: a devilish yet d-licious combination!

We spotted a table, slung our bottoms down & nestled ourselves in for a feastin'!
And what could be better than a bottle of crisp, bubbly, tantalisingly sweet wine...

Two bottles of these badboys. For free! Oh go on then..

With forks poised & napkins strategically secured for accidental spillage (pah!) the girls got down to business...

Oh boy did we do just that.

Tasty little morsels
How saucy
The birthday girl was a happy little lady

After filling our boots with as much scrumptious food we could get our hands on, we decided it was time to halt the gluttony & slip on our dancing shoes.

With fat but delightfully happy bellies, we hopped, skipped & waggled our way home. 
Hindsight whispers that the more appropriate term is waddled but hindsight is renowned for being a bitch so I shan't take any notice of her buffoonery. 

Go hard or go home, si?
Slurping on a fruity glass of something naughty & shamelessly singing along to music, it's safe to say that the friendship between the fantastic four & alcohol was experiencing some prime-time bonding at its best.

My gorgeous girls.

With a smothering of Dove vanilla body creme, I plumped for this playful red number, slung on some black patent heels & flitted out the door with the girls, ready for a wriggle.

Time for dancin'!

The dress is from River Island..find it here

My sister from another mr

Like most nights with these chicas, the precision of details fail to materialise in my mind but I can reveal that the night was spent mopping up coconut cocktails, singing our hearts out & shimmying away until our sleepy toes could take no more.

A beaut of a weekend in the cosmopolitan treasure trove with the  most ravishing little ladies.
I can't wait for some more colossal summer adventures with these three!


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