03 September 2013

Girls Night In

Catching up with my home girls this summer has been a tricky ol' task as everyone has been off galavanting on their own different adventures. 

With one inter-railing her way around Europe, two moving stakes to the big smoke of London to enter the mysterious adult world of responsbility & 9-5 work, another packing up her junk to move to Germany to eat her weight in wiener sausage & another slogging away at an internship to earn some extra dolla', it's no wonder our schedules haven't had time for a chinwag. Blasted little critters. 
That pretty much just left three of us to twiddle our thumbs & attempt to make our own summer adventures.

Four weeks later, all we've managed to do is partake in a wild pub quiz last Thursday night. How utterly daring of us.
I'd love to sit here and smugly tell you how we swanned up to the front to collect our first place prize money in full glory...instead, I'll just say that recalling worldly knowledge is most definitely not my calling. I thought I was onto a winner when, upon hearing a theme tune during the song round, I excitedly & somewhat insistently piped up that it was the cheeky number to flog it...

It wasn't.

It was Pointless. Who even watches that programme anyway?

Needless to say, I ducked my head unable to meet the bewildered gaze of my teammates & slugged the last of my vodka & coke. 

But before embarking on such exhilarating Thursday night entertainment , the girls & I did manage to put our busy (or not so busy...) schedules aside. What was born was a wondrous cocktail night in order to bid farewell to our travelling comrades.
And there's simply no better way to catch up with your girlfriends than a scrumptious dinner party! It's a woman's rightful pastime that she simply cannot be denied...especially when there's cocktails involved. 
Everything's sweeter with naughty giggles and a lick of the good stuff, am I right?

Zoe got her inner hostess on & whipped up a scrumptious menu that we all greedily devoured with eager tummies. The perfect send-off for our young lady, where sipping salacious cocktails & eating more than our fair share of carbs & sugar was delightfully acceptable & positively encouraged!

My girls, cocktails & gluttony : the most delicious mix. 

Carrot sticks & cucumber finger bites always taste exponentially better when dressed in a slathering of tangy, creamy & comforting peri-peri humus. Muchas gracias Waitrose.

This baby was crisp, sophisticated, smooth & just a bit sexy.  A rich little buzz that danced over the tastebuds with a dose of fresh, sweet talk. 

The heavily awaited main event sauntered out in a flurry of steamy, hot bubble of desire, flaunting its' racy aroma of balmy spice & sinful flavours. It was positively flushing with lasciviousness.

Rich, filling & bursting with flavour. 100% satisfaction was delivered.

We spent our time gorging ourselves on criminal amounts of this delicious supper & licking our tzatziki smothered lips. 

In fact, I spent far too much time with my fork in my mouth, that I completely forgot to snap a few pictures of this delightful chicken Goan curry. Take it from me though, it was a beauty queen.

That devilish grin speaks for itself. 

Contentment had reached an all-time high, or so I thought. Soon after, Zoe snuck her way out, proudly presenting us with a higgledy- piggledy mountain of homemade sorbet, alongside a deeply dirty chocolate torte. 

Everyone stop right there & give the bloomin' girl a medal. 

 Empty bowls & thrilled, stuffed tummies.

The sticky, light piercing flavours of the raspberry sorbet mashing against the dark, strong, filthy rich hunk o' torte was heavenly...everything I'm hoping for in my future husband.

Well, I was always encouraged to aim high after all.

Pipilicious on the left & the glorious chef herself perched on the right.

After the compulsary 'oooohs' and 'ahhhhs' of our down right dreamy supper, we grabbed the camera & got down to practising our photos faces...

Pulling their best blue steel faces...ahem.

Meanwhile, Katharine wowed us with her series of impressions. Summer free time has treated her well...

A sumptuous summer evening with lashings of laughter & utter bliss dished up on a plate.

Best of luck in your adventures chicas!

¡Que maravilloso!

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