17 October 2013

A Whiff of the country life

Rather than pottering about in the bustlin' smoke & impoverishing my quivering bank account even more or beavering away at uni assignments in my little room of ice (let's face it, never going to happen), I'm hopping on the train & headin' home for a big 'ol mighty Autumn reunion with the very best! 

Buckets of steamin' tea, mama Salmon's scrumptious Aga delights, muddy country stomps & some stolen snuggles with my main man Coco. 

I can't think of anything better right now.

It also happens to be the birthday of one of my big brothers so I suppose I should make an appearance & wish him a raucous affair. 

Saying that, the nature of his presents most definitely defy the age he'll be turning...but he happens to do a mighty fine job of doing that himself with his monkey shenanigans & playful remarks.

Wild guess as to who the birthday boy is.

But it's this little guy whose face I can't wait to smoosh with my own...

Chillin' out, maxin' relaxin'

I'm missing my little noodle. 
He's the most adorable little guy you'll clap eyes on..he's a mute little mouse but an absolute bundle of charm & full of beans. 
He'll run into doors, trip over his own feet, get himself tangled in a heap of trampoline strings but his happy little tail never stops swinging. 

Such a fine specimen of a chap.

His snugglin' skills are also second to none

Booming laughter, rough tough comfort treats & some filthy stomps through the big bad woods, all washed down with mountainous tipples of wine & late night chats...escaping back home will be the perfect antidote to my hustlin' bustlin' daily grind of Cardiff! 

Oh the woes of being a University student.

Hurry up Thursday you flirty minx, I want miss Friday to flash us a cheeky glimpse & bring me one step closer to some countryside mischief! 

My wellies are lookin' a little too clean for my liking...


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