03 November 2013

Crumbly Peanut Fudge Slices

Oh, hello.

I know, I know...it does appear that I've been somewhat missing from this space but life got all troubesome & downright playful, sending me to the naughty step to play hermit & focus on my bothersome assignments. Bloody scamp.
Alas, reading week has arrived in marvellous style & I can now scamper about like a free woman at home. I may even stick on the Stevie Wonder & boogie my way round the kitchen countertops, wriggling in my knickers & apron. 
If I ignore the inconspicuous pyramid of work in my bedroom corner, then hopefully it'll do the same to me. A mutual respect for one another I like to think.
After all, what you give is what you get.

Scooting home three weeks ago for my brother's birthday, I conceded it was probably in everyone's best interest to knock up something hearty & filthy to celebrate. Not his birthday silly, my arrival home of course.
That & it also provided the perfect antidote to slap in the face of my brother's hangover which greeted us in all its cheerful glory.

To be a good sport & make up for my absence, I have for you a terrific, tasty little treat!

I found this recipe & immediately the little kid in me was rooting for some old school comfort & reminiscing at the fond, fatty memories of Reese's buttercups. 

If you're having a bit of a hankerin' for some chunky, salty nuts then I've got just the thing to satisfy your needs. A feat I don't take lightly. A little bit sticky, fabulously simple but straight up delicious...

So that's what I present to you today: Just some good 'ol fashioned peanut butter fun!

Fancy a sneaky bite?

Silly question, of course you do you greedy monkeys.

Crumbly Peanut Fudge Slices:
{Recipe à la the lovely Lorraine Pascal}

250g pack digestive biscuits
150g butter (I used unsalted for these)
200g bar of milk/dark chocolate
200g of light brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
250g jar crunchy peanut butter

Grab a square tin & greasing it with some melted butter, line it with some brown parchment paper. 

Crack open your packet of plain digestive biscuits, weigh out 250g worth & pop them into a sturdy zip lock bag ready to be smashed to smithereens. 
I hope you take note that there'll be a few tasty biscuits left over to nibble. 
Always a pleasant convenience. 

Taking any kitchen utensil to hand, go to town with the bangin' so you'll end up with a crumbly biscuit base. 
I must admit it's kind of therapeutic: a free anger management class taking place in the comforts of your home...I love a good freebie, me.

Soft, crumbly magic

Pour your biscuit mix into a medium sized bowl & with your fingers, crumble up any last remaining cookie chunks that may be mischievously lurking in the deep, dark corners...

Measure out 200g of light brown sugar & plop it into the same bowl, giving it all a good stir so everything is mixed through evenly.

Next up, measure out 150g of your butter, pop it into a saucepan & then leave to slowly melt over a medium heat until it's golden, toasty & silky smooth. 

The leg dream for every girl each time summer bounces round.

Whilst the saucepan remedies up some sweet buttah, snatch up you chocolate bar & breaking it into small square chunks, sling them into a heat proof bowl ready to be melted down later.

Empty packet...oh fudge.

By now your butter should be a mix of warm, molten sunshine, so whip it off the heat & drizzle it into your sugary powdery blend. Proceed to give everything a big 'ol mighty monster stir...

Snap up your jar of crunchy peanut butter & scoop out the salty sweet goodness until your weighing scales chime 300g. 

I pretty much used a whole jar of the good stuff so that my slices would give an extra nutty kick in every bite but go with the desires of your tastebuds.

Throw it into your humbly awaiting bowl of yummy love...

Stick your bowl of chocolate over a simmering bowl of water on the hob & let it mingle away slowly whilst you get to work on layering up the base. To stop the chocolate from melting too quickly & going horridly lumpy, make sure the bottom of the bowl is only touching the water & that the heat isn't turned up too high. 

It'd be an utter disaster to let that chocolate fade into a ghastly, gloopy mess.

Pssst...if a few naughty chunks find themselves melting on your tongue instead of the pan, then I won't hold it against you. Chocolate is after all, notorious for getting lost along its way. Well, in my world at least.

Time to get this nutty show crack-a-lackin!

Taking your lined square tin from earlier, scrape out your creamy biscuit concoction. With the back of a metal spoon, squish & squeeze it all down so that you're left with a compact, smooth & beautifully glistening base.

A buttery biscuit base to rival screen legend Greg Wallace & his love for a toasty nutty base singsong.

Take your melted chocolate off the heat & with a spatula, scrape it out & pile it all on top.

Be a good citizen, do your bit & spread the love...


Told you it was quick & easy. The hardest part of all is waiting for it to set whilst you shove it into the fridge. 
If like me, you're an impatient little devil, then you can speed up the whole process in stellar time by nudging it into the freezer. Who has time to wait around when there's some crackin' sticky treats to sink your teeth into? 

I don't want to earn my sugar coma. 

After 30 minutes in the freezer or an hour just chilling in the fridge, carefully lift out your fudge slab using the parchment to help & peel down the paper.

Pluck out a sharp knife & slice it up into hunky sized slivers. This part proved quite challenging for my little blonde haired head. 
More time than I care to admit was spent avoiding the dreaded cracked chocolate top. 
I gallantly succeeded for the best part of it!

I thought I'd have a stab at being one of those artsy types & stack these babies up to exhibit an impressive spectacle. Did it work? 
Are you awe-struck?

Not that these creamy, crumbly chunks need any more help to enhance their screen presence. 
Their betwitching allure & grace smoulder all by themselves. They simply shine in all their natural splendour.

Cocky rascals

Mop 'em up with some gluttonous slurps of some icy leche or a frothy milkshake if you're pulling out all the stops. 
Being a pig is absolutely compulsory here. Politeness & self control have no place where these are concerned. 

It's time to loosen the belt notches a lil'. Go on...a bit of chewiness, chocolate, crunch & salty sweet rivalry, what's there to say no to?

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