16 December 2013

Raspberry ripple & milk chocolate Crunchie cheesecake

I'm pretty certain that chocolate and raspberries are just simply meant to be. Delicious, sweet, silky & quite frankly, the raspberries make the whole duo totally innocent & healthy & not a bit sinful in the slightest.
At least that's what I'm sticking to.

I've got a cracking lil' number for you that you can whip up in next to no time. This slick & smooth companion is who you've been searching for all year.
He's easy breezy, low maintenance, undemanding, a natural charmer & can deliver in more ways than you can imagine. 

Basically, he's the one.

A man of little words & little effort but his juicy, glorious flavour & devilish crumbly after bite more than suffice for his cool & silent demure.

To knock the socks off your guests whilst you smugly sit back indulging in one too many cheeky Christmas vinos, you'll need to whittle your way to the supermarket & snatch up the following...

Raspberry & Milk Chocolate Cheesecake:

100g melted butter

A punnet of raspberries
300g cream cheese
200ml double cream
170g digestive biscuits
100g milk chocolate
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp lemon juice
Icing sugar
Crunchie bar x2
Mix of melted chocolate (to drizzle atop)

Grab yourself a round spring-form pan & let's get down & dirty with this cheesy ol' gentleman!
Start off by weighing out and chucking your digestives into a blender to blitz up into a beautiful crumbly mess to form the crisp, crunchy buttttahry base...


Next up, get yourself 100g butter and melt it gradually in a pirex bowl over a medium heat until its smooth, bubbly & ready to mingle. Or, if you're an impatient little rascal like me, cut it up & shove it into the microwave on full blast.

Wham, bam & done in a jiffy.

Pop the melted butter into the bowl with your blitzed up biscuits & give it a big monster stir so that all the crumbs are coated in a delicious layer of golden goodness.

Scoop your buttery biscuit base into the spring-form pan & pat it down roughly with the back of a spoon so that the crumbs clump together to form one smooth, magnificent looking stage. 

It's now ready for the main show to arrive...it's performance time for the filling!

Slip the base into the fridge to chill whilst you get busy making the creamy velvet filling to sit on top.

Hola Philadelphia, you admirably versatile friend!

It's best to go for the original version here rather than attempting to be virtuous to your body & plumping for the 'light' tub. After all, that body ain't going to be seeing the light of day or gracing any bikini strings for a couple of months yet... 

I vouch that you sit back, chillax, crack open the philadelphia & let the wooly jumpers work their magic some more to conceal the effects of the ever present Christmas bumper chocolate tubs your mum keeps filling up. 

Not only will the original version taste a lot better but the final hold & texture of this fine gentleman will be firmer & more satisfying when you take a devilish bite - your choice mis amigos...!

Drizzle in 1tsp of vanilla extract & 1tsp of lemon extract juice to give the cream cheese a sweet lil' zing of zesty flavour.

Pour your double cream into a seperate bowl & with an electric whisk, whizz it all up for several minutes until it's light, fluffy & giving it's best performance at being utterly sinless & full of air.

Plop it into the bowl on top of your cream cheese & with some extra elbow grease, mix it all in well & mighty. You'll be glad you did!

Next up, grab your punnet of juicy raspberries & pour half of them into your creamy mix. You can either drop them in whole or you can do what I did which was to tear them roughly using my fingers.
When you fold the raspberries into the mix, you'll find that some of the raspberry juices will escape & soak their way into the cream. 

Bloody naughty, I know. 

Time to the chocolate a-flowing! Crack open your chocolate bar, break it into small pieces & melt it gradually in a heat-proof dish over a saucepan of hot water. No shortcuts here I'm afraid, you want that chocolate to be smooth talkin', creamy & juuuust right. 

Trust me when I say the microwave is definitely not it's friend.

Once it's melted, pour some of your molten gold into the sweet creamy cheesecake mix & give it a quick light stir. 

You want to make sure that the chocolate is only swirled into the mixture to give chocolate twists. You don't want to end up with a lump of brown sludge.

Fold it out and lightly smear it into the round dish on top of the chilled biscuity base.

Gather up some of the melted chocolate onto a spoon & drizzle it quickly over the top of the cheesecake in any ole' random pattern.

With your left over raspberries, place them on top of the cheesecake, pushing them with a little force so that they submerge a little & root themselves into the creamy goodness.

Now, provided you haven't already scoffed them, get one of your crunchie bars & with any a heavy duty kitchen appliance, let go of all your Christmas woes & plummet the hell out of that innocent chocolate bar...

In case you're curious, my weapon of choice was my dad's meat mallet..

Rip open the crunchie bar & proceed to pour the chocolately, bubbly crumbs across the entire surface of your cheesecake.

Taking your final sludge of melted chocolate, pour it all on top in circular movements so that it drizzles & drops about, covering itself over the raspberries & crunchie bites. 

I used just plain milk chocolate but if you're feelin' extra fancy, be a minx & plump for a mix of dark and white creamy chocolate.

The ultimate devilish yet delightfully naughty Christmas dessert. Serve a slice of this to Santa & you'll be written on his naughty list for years to come.

Oh come on, everyone knows life's far more fun & adventurous when it's laced with mischief & naughtiness. Who wants to be boring & placed upon his nice list at such a mischievous time of year..?

Oh & that second crunchie bar left lurking all lonely by itself? 
That's for you to rip open & scoff whilst you wait for this main bad boy to chill & firm up in the fridge. 

A cheeky early Christmas present from me to you...you're absolutely welcome. 

Christmas is a time for giving & receiving after all, isn't it?

¡Feliz Navidad!

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