16 January 2014


A very belated Happy New Years to you all! 

I do apologise for having to say that to you a full 16 days into the start of a brand spankin', sparkly new year but my frazzled little mind has been somewhat preoccupied & nestled into books about Landmark films from Spain & Latin America. 
Naturally of course. 

But alas, the tortuous exam season has now departed & I can re-focus my attention on to the more important things in life.
Like Wine. And chocolate. And the Great British Bake Off sports relief special. And yet more wine. 

So 2013... a strange whirlwind of a year for me full of adventures and happy ups but most definitely laced with some dark & incredibly tough lows. I can't quite find the right words to sum it up in one but what I do know is that the arrival of a new & exciting fresh start was something that couldn't come soon enough!

So, with the arrival of little miss 2014, I have decided to take on the 100 Happy Days Challenge in an attempt to reignite some sparkly happiness into my life, especially now as the mandatory January blues have set in amongst the nation! 

The basic idea is to upload a picture everyday that makes you happy - it can be absolutely anything that brings a cheeky lil' grin to those knashers & if you manage to complete the #100days challenge then they'll send you a book of all your snaps at the end! 

I actually only signed up to the challenge yesterday so only have 1 snap to share with you all so far but it is quite a charmer! As Izzy & I won't be around for our housemate's birthday this Sunday, we cracked out our aprons & whipped up a hell 'uva chocolate beauty. 

Behold the cake of piggies...

Just call us Paul & Mary, the ultimate dream team & a pair of culinary Gods...please, halt the applause!

So here's to my adventure of discovering what makes me happy & here's to 100 days of happy for us all! 

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