23 January 2014

Find your Inner Sparkle

Regardless of whether you embrace the arrival of the new year with an arm-long list of resolutions or prefer to ride life by going with the flow, the incentives to better yourself are out in abundance & there’s plenty to choose from. I recently wrote an article for the newly launched HerCampus Cardiff, which was coincidently published on the infamous Blue Monday! Considering the article detailed ways on bringing about some sparklin' sunshine into your life, I figured it was all very fitting!

Since January is teasing us with her impish antics, testin' our motivation & feel-good charm, I thought it'd be a good idea to pop the article up on the blog too! Oh January...how can we describe you accurately? 

Quite frankly, you're a tiresome 'ol cow & a total fun sucker at the best of times. In short, I'd prefer to avoid you at all costs but sometimes life just wins I guess, eh? 

So what's a girl to do?

I tell you what, go grab yourself a steamin' cuppa, some naughty nibbles (detox January...? Pleeeease, that was tried, tested & completed by the 2nd...no-one likes a show-off so there's no need for the excess). Snuggle on down, slurp, dunk, chomp to your hearts content & devour this little roundup of feel-good tips! I hope if anything, that it helps inspire you in finding your happiness & inner sparkle for the exciting adventures waiting in 2014!

Let's get to it then...!

 . Smile .   


Keeping that pretty little grin flashing while life throws its unexpected curve balls is all too easy to preach, but it really does help to maintain a positive outlook & keeps your health in tip top condition. Riding the wave of life and allowing yourself to just go with what comes your way is the key to keeping that head of yours switched on and relaxed. Whacking out a smile is cheap, cheerful and guaranteed to give you, as well as those around you an instant feel-good boost. It’s far more rewarding to walk away from something knowing you were the one that smiled rather than the one who didn’t. A cheeky nasher-flasher grin speaks far louder to the bitch of life than flashing two fingers and burying your head. 
. Ditch the beige elastics and snatch up some fabulous lingerie .

Don’t underestimate the power of a pretty set of underwear; there’s no better way on a day when you’re feeling the blues than slipping on a matching lacy set to feel like you’re walking on a goddess cloud. Heck, no one’s going to see it but that’s part of the happy secret - you’re dressing for you and your beauty! If it makes you feel like Candice Swanepoel strutting her endless legs down the Victoria's Secret runway then it’s a job well done and worth the dent in your bank balance. 
I had a girly day in the big smoke with Mama Salmon on Tuesday & for once, I actually absorbed some of my own advice & took myself off for a scamper round Victoria's Secret. With a sobbing & desperately empty purse, I waltzed out the door, swinging my pink satin bag handles & definately acting as though I was wearing my very own VS angel wings. I'm not sorry...sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

So this basically makes me a VS angel now, right...? Coco nodded his head, so it's a done deed. Fabulous.
. Let the sunshine in .
The power of positivity is a charming ol' thing and while today may be throwing fire balls your way, tomorrow and the future hold great gifts of exciting suprises. There’s no point beating yourself up and dwelling on the failures of yesterday when it’s already been & gone. Yesterday has well & truly forgotten you so our biggest advice is to dish it right back: throw it over your shoulder, pull your head up high and walk away! Attitude is everything - you have the power to determine your day and the happiness it brings. If you start the day with a smile then it’s likely the sun will continue shining but start it with a gloomy cloud and the rain just may continue to fall. Changing your mindset is a powerful tool that can unleash a whole new exciting bundle of energy, experiences, opportunities and inspirations.
. Drink more H2O .
It’s the ultimate cheap, easy trick that you hear time and time again but it really is the most effective way to nourish your body, rid yourself of nasty toxins and unleash the energy that’s hibernating away. Whilst it can be daunting trying to fit in 8-10 glasses of water a day, think of it as a positive step to hydrating the fabulous body you have. It doesn’t have to be boring and plain, why not get yourself a rustic jam jar-style bottle, slice up some apple and plop in some berries, a dash of lemon & voila, a fruity looking cocktail mix and some sparkly eyes! The only downside is finding yourself in the bathroom more times than you’d like...
. Embrace compliments .

 If you don’t tell yourself how fabulous you are, then who will? Confidence really is born from how you treat yourself and your self-worth can only shine through if you tell yourself how brilliant you are. It's time to beat down your inner bully and start truly accepting yourself. Let go of the ideas of perfection and that life should be easy - the imperfections and flaws are what make life's journey truly spectacular and memorable. When someone says your hair looks gorgeous it’s because it does! You’re beautiful both inside and out and it’s time to start believing it.
. Tip your toes into something new .
Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make a true transformation in your life. Taking a risk and dipping your toes outside the confines of your comfort zone, whether that’s talking to a new group of people, taking up a new hobby or dragging yourself to that yoga class; it may just be all you need to find that forgotten spark! New experiences sprinkle the spice into life so swallow your fear, take the risk and inhale the rewards. 

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