10 February 2014

Hello, 21

Holy Smokes. 

So the big blazin' day has finally graced us with its high & mighty presence.

Today is the day that little ol' me, little terrified me, the lil'un' of the Salmons who unequivocally still looks like a 12 year-old dressed in denim dungarees...finally turns the whopping Twenty-one. 

Oh fiddlesticks.

I'm not going to rally off a huge bunch of thanks for the downright poor & unfortunate souls who have put up with my claptrap (yes Salmon clan, I am pointing my fingers at you lot) & I'm not going to bore you with a list of highly pretentious life skills that I've neither acquired or even attempted to implement for the measly 21 years I've been stompin' about. 

Quite frankly, ain't nobody got time for that.

Friday night marked a night of joint birthday celebrations with my girls, lots of giggles, vodka, smiles & ice-cream naughtiness...absolutely the right way to ring in another year under the belt. 

Miss Higgles wiggled her way over to the big bright city for the night & I can't tell you how delightful it was to see her sparkly lil' face again! 

After violating Lucy's ears with vodka-fueled late night chitchat in bed, Saturday found her way to us in her mad tempered, blustery mood & we battled our way into town to fritter away our non-existent pennies. 
Bidding farewell to my fair lady, I slapdashed it back home to get ready for a birthday meal with Mama and Papa Salmon at Chapel 1877.

Breakfast of Queens

Let's all take a second here to plop down our pipin' mugs of tea and half scoffed biccies & applaud these two delights for driving all the way down just to see me.... 

Well, I mean it's completely & naturally understandable as to why they would but I don't want to blow my own trumpet or anything. 

Say hoooola to these foodie beauties! 

I couldn't have asked for a better evening in all honesty. We chatted & giggled over the scrumptious menu & it struck me how family really is the secret happy pill to life. You can change your attitude, you can change your hair, your face, your clothes and your boobs, but you can't change your family. You can only have one.

And you know what? The Salmon family really are one of a kind. The downright BEST kind. I wouldn't change any one of you for the world...no not even you Coco, ya cheeky scamp.

Without sounding too much like a Miss Wales pageant contestant & risk causing you all to weep in sheer awe of my downright queenly words, take a sneaky gander at the weekends escapades...

Love these girls

So before I utter adios & proceed to flounce & shimmy my way round like I'm wearing a flashing birthday tiara, I'm going to let you all in on a few top secrets... here's your cue to feel privileged.

Even though I may start finding those reflective grey strands in my hair, my skin may start to resemble the cracked sahara desert floor & I may triple the amount of times I'm simply "resting my eyes", I promise myself & the world...

To never give up, to always believe in the choice to laugh, be positive & smile, to allow myself to be immature & childish, to never stop finding farts & everything associated absolutely hilarious & to never stop being me. 

21 is the year to live, love, giggle & grow (preferably in height) & I feel blessed to have all of you who're reading this & supporting me, along for the ride. 

Now enough of all that, it's time for some Champers & cake.

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