29 March 2014

Berry Fudge Sludge Brownies

Since it's the weekend, and Mother's Day weekend at that, I've got something for you that looks just a bit naughty n' nice! 

Funnily enough, underneath all her filthy rich attire, she's rather an innocent little madam. Gotta watch out for those types boys.

Just look at them basking in all their molten fudge gooeyness...Such glory-hunters I tell you!

Rather than being the old-school soft cake-like texture of your usual lot of brownies, these babies are a bit like sinking your teeth into a pool of sticky, chocolate madness. The big surprise is the sudden burst of rich, juicy berries as you chomp your way through the moorish little morsel. 

Whilst these little love bugs look rather guilty of being a beach babe bod killer, they're packed full of the good stuff! 

100% nourishing, 100% fresh & 100% knock-your-knees-together satisfying. 

It's like health being served up in pan! Perfecto to kick start your Spring-time energy! 

So are you ready to remedy your own batch of these little darlings? Inspired by the ever-so-divine Miss Londoner, here's what you'll need...

Grab yourself:
(Original recipe found here)

43g Rolled oats (not your morning porridge instant oats!)
64g Cocoa powder
1 tsp Baking powder
Pinch of salt
64g Stevia/ Truvia (or another sugar alternative of your fancy)
1 egg
Splash of Vanilla extract
180g Natural yoghurt
60ml of Skimmed milk (or soy/almond..)
Half a punnet of blueberries, raspberries (any fruit of your choice)

The great thing about this recipe is that the hardest part of the whole process is simply using your arm to preheat your little love oven to 200°C & line a baking tin with some greaseproof paper! 

The rest can be done in a flash by bunging it all into your mixer whilst you sit back & peruse the morning paper! 

What could be better?!

For those of you who want to bustle & potter around in the kitchen creating a chocolate floury mess across the surfaces, here's a break down of how to get these delightful bambinos in you life...

Measure out your oats and sling them into a medium sized mixing bowl

Do the same with your cocoa powder, salt & baking powder but before pouring them on top of your oats, give them a sneaky little mix with a sieve to get rid of any chocolate flour lumps lurking about...

Next up, grab your truvia or any other sugar alternative of your liking, measure it out & plop it on top in the mixing bowl

Nab an egg, crack it in & drizzle with a dash of vanilla extract

Measure out your milk & proceed to pour it on top of your rapidly building goods...

Grab your yoghurt, measure it all out & yep you've guessed it, throw it on top of everything else!

Time to get that mixer working up a sweat whilst you chill off in a cool haze of nonchalance. 

It is the weekend after all, all the hard work of the week is done, now it's most definitely time to play...

Get your punnet of fruit & chuck in as many as you fancy. I had half a punnet of blueberries that were starting to soften so I decided to use those! 

However, I reckon raspberries would be a fab partner in crime for these gooey badboys.
Also, if you fancy being all fancy-pants, why not throw in a concoction of heavenly goodies to replenish your soul?

A handful of chopped up brazil nuts, crushed cashews, a sprinkle of pine nuts or an array of dried fruits would work marvellously well! 
An admirable mix of those beauties will see you sashaying your hips down the street next week in all your swishy hair, glowing skin glory!

 I'll just stick with me blueberries this time...

Stir them gently into the big 'ol mix & pour the chocolate goodness into your pre-lined pan, spreading it out into the corners with a spatula or spoon.

The mix will be slightly different to your usual smooth talkers due to the oats and lack of flour in the recipe. Don't fret! That's all part of their charm & magic & once you get your knashers into them, the inconspicuous looking mess just chillin' in the pan will all be forgotten!

Bake for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven & ta-da, finito!

A full 20 minutes in the oven will give you some firmer little nuggets with a soft fudgey centre! 
If you want them even more molten, squishy & utterly filthy, then pop them out a little earlier. 

This'll guarantee to get your fingers mucky later!

Let your little baby chill for 5-10 minutes until its' bleating charm has had a time to cool off a bit & then find yourself a big 'ol knife to dive into the goods & chop them up into sizeable pieces of sunshine...

Try to not to devour the entire thing whilst you're cutting it all up - Tricky, I know. 

Though I do thoroughly advocate the nibbling of sizeable tasters that you'll find crumbling away as you slice through the slab...not to mention the chocolate sludge trail of naughtiness that'll cling to the knife.

If that finds it's way near your mouth, be sure to scrap it with your finger first instead of plunging the bloomin' thing straight into your hole. I don't want to be held responsible for any mouth injuries, ta!

Pop the kettle on ready for a nice hearty afternoon brew!

Whilst that's whistling away, are you ready for some close-ups?

Got yourself a cuppa yet? Time to get stuck in then! 

They're hands down the most dreamy whilst still warm, so devour these little monsters right away & you'll be sitting in heaven on a cutshy cloud of total guilt-free ease! 

Just a bit of quick, easy fun that's spine-tingling satisfying & addictive. Not too shabby then.

Why not whip up a batch of these cherubs & present your glorious mother hen with a mound of glowing chocolate glory for Mother's Day!
She'll be singing your praises for the rest of the weekend...ha! Mother's day? 
Puuh-leeease, it's more like favourite child day! A.k.a. Me.

Smug doesn't even begin to cover it.


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