24 March 2014

Update from the City

Why hello there boys & girls, how y'all doing?

As yet another Monday rolls its way around & makes its mischievous presence most clearly known, I suddenly realised that it was about time to get my blogging fingers tip tapping again! 
Ever since returning back after reading week, my poor head has been routinely alternating between these three states: 

(a). Being stuck in a book trying to decipher Sectarian movements of Early Indian Buddhism... Yep, I've done the essay but could I enlighten you all on this topic? Double negative....
(b). Swimming in a haze of thumping fog as my body most graciously decided to become the best of friends with a head cold. Hola Sinusitis you old friend. Such a wet drip.
(c). Nestling into a state of pee-yourself nerves & wanting to hide under the duvet as my Spanish Oral exam loomed last week. 

  • Rambling in espanol in the confines of my room in front of the mirror = una chica confiada.
  • One step into that classroom with a group of people = Yo estaba un desastre temblando.

Needless to say, I'm glad it's finito!

Anyway, here's a cheeky round-up of photos from the past several weeks when my head has been able to make human contact with others. It'd been so infrequent that for a while it was touch & go for my sanity! 

Getting ready with some of the girlies for Chloe's pre-birthday celebrations with a cheesy mix of classic tooooons...'cause there's no place I'd rather beeeee!

Safari night roared its arrival...

Izzy & I found ourselves nustlin' into some squishy vintage sofas for a scrumptious lil' cream tea date at TeaBarker. I ordered a green tea in the wishful attempt that all the antioxidants would miraculously cure me of all my headachy-ails. The wish fairies were clearly in a huff with me that day. 

Rude scallywags.

Fortunately, the vision sitting opposite me more than compensated for my sniffly nose.

Last weekend, Spring sprung her beauty across Cardiff & suddenly everything & everyone blossomed into happy bundles of sunshine.

With the sun beaming her glory across the land, it was necessary for us to go & munch on some ice-cream. 

A necessary requirement of course.

Monday night was Miss Matthews birthday so after some fabulous gossip & belly laughs round the table, licking our lips of pink butter icing & slurping some d-licious beverages, it was time to head for some tutti-fruity cocktails over at Buffalo. 

Life always tastes that little bit sweeter with a a tipple of the good stuff! 
Oh & a 2-4-1 deal doesn't harm either I guess..

In an attempt to spice up my life & try something different (& in no way related to the fact I was too lazy to wash my hair), I braided my way to a somewhat successful fishtail inspired hairstyle!

Not going to lie, I felt like a mermaid all day...I'm already part fish by nature anyway. All I needed was the tail & I would have been set! 

This past week, Facebook has literately blown up with all the galdem posting no make-up selfies in aid of raising awareness for breast cancer. 
Now initially I was hugely skeptical & didn't totally agree with the whole project but after reading just how much money & awareness was being raised & also being tagged by several friends, I decided to jump ship & join in.

Such a good cause & a great way to feel empowered as a laaady. Here's my nakey face bearing all..

Friday snuck it's way around & seeing as the Spanish Oral exam was done & dusted, I headed out with some of my Spanish girls to celebrate!

No explanation needed here really.
It's a mug of wisdom. Thus it speaks nothing but the truth.

Well that's all that's been happening around here folks! I hope you've all had a lovely couple of weeks full of sneaky shenanigans & adventures! 

The weather man unfortunately caught my full attention earlier by revealing that a cold week ahead awaits us. Drats. 

In that case, you'll find me curled up in my duvet, watching new girl & warming my crushed hope that summer was coming with some wine. 
... Someone come picnic & snuggle with me?

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