11 April 2014

Spring Berry Flapjacks With a Chocolate Yoghurt Topping

Hands up whose drowning under a downright fiesty river of deadlines and essays! I've got both my hands gallantly thrashing about in the air right now. 
You too, eh? Oh what an unglamorous time of year has sneakily crept upon us mere pitiful students!

Utterly rude & inconvenient I tell you! 

Don't they know that all we want to do right now is whip our feet up on the coffee table, kill the brain cells we've built up all year round by some mindless nonsense on the t.v screen and devour the stash of mini eggs our mother hens have purchased for the sole pleasure of gratifying our calling bellies?!

What do you mean no? Well they should. Talk about ignorance...jeez.

I decided it was time to steal a few hours for myself and there's simply no better way than dusting down the 'ol trusty whisk and parking myself in the kitchen for the afternoon!

Here's a nourishing & scrumptious little treat that tastes devilish but will keep your little love oven of a tummy a happy 'ol chappie with the warming comforts of sticky golden oats and a smattering of oozy fresh raspberries. 

Outrageously simple to make but delightfully rewarding in the flavour department!

So pop on your radio, grab yourself a spatula and wiggle your way to some scrumptiously gooey lovin' that'll recharge your batteries & get your noggin' fully functioning again in a flash!

What you'll need:

Golden flapjacks:
200g rolled oats (your usual morning Scottish porridge oats won't do the trick here!)
75g clear honey/ golden syrup
50g margarine
150g punnet of fresh raspberries
A few dollops of raspberry jam
A splash of vanilla extract

White chocolate yogurt topping:
100g vanilla yoghurt
200g white chocolate

Preheat your oven to 200°C and line your square tin with a fine dusting of butter and flour or grease it up real good and cover with a sheet of greaseproof paper like so...

Measure out 200g of rolled oats, plop them into a mixing bowl and set aside for the time being.

In a medium sized saucepan over a gentle heat, melt the butter and honey (or golden syrup if you're a sugar magpie like me) until you get a nice bronzed & bubblin' syrup good enough to slather yourself in...

Look at that molten mess of delicious liquid just patiently waiting to be whipped into some naughty scoundrel of a treat

Pour your golden molten concoction into the bowl of oats and mix them all together until each individual oat flake is coated in a deliciously sweet blanket of syrupy love...

Pop 3/4 of your sticky mixture into your pre-prepared tin and squish in down into a tight compact form with the back of your spatula like so:

Next up take your fresh punnet of raspberries and mash them up so they're a juicy pile of delicious chunks & scatter these across the surface of your sticky oat base...

To add an extra punch of fruity goodness to the mix, I chucked on a couple of teaspoons of strawberry jam, swirling it into the raspberries to add an extra layer of kick and balance to the sweet gooey oats...

After all, it's all about getting your 7 a day nowadays isn't it? As tesco's so rightly advocates, every little helps!

Scatter on your remaining 1/4 of the oaty mix

And then carefully squish it all down into a compact little parcel of yummy goodness, ready to bake to perfection in the heat for 15-20 minutes...

Once the surface becomes a golden bronze and your raspberries are bubbling through the cracks, whip your baby out of the oven and allow to cool on a wire rack!

Whilst you allow the pipin' party animal to cool herself down, it's time to start preparing the outrageously easy vanilla yoghurt chocolate topping that'll form the crust of your tempting morsels..

Over a pan of water simmering at a medium heat, melt your white chocolate in a pirex bowl until it becomes a smooth and creamy bath of temptation.

Once all your chocolate has melted, whip the bowl off the heat and add in 100g of vanilla yoghurt, stirring it all together constantly so that it forms a velvet mix of custard & doesn't curdle into a disaster!

Pour it on top of your bronzed oaty base and spread it fairly evening over the surface so that each bit gets a generous lashing of vanilla naughtiness...

Set it to one side & allow to cool before grabbing a knife and chopping it into manageable slices. If you're anything like me I could't wait too long before tucking in...

Just remember that because the coating is mixed with yoghurt, it won't completely set into a hard crust like expected so don't panic if yours remains slightly soft and malleable!

But that's all part of the fun when cutting it all up...you'll be left with a gluttonous coating or two of thick gooey chocolate custard on the knife & what on earth are you going to do with it?

Shove it into your salivating chops of course! 

What else would you do?!

Time to crack the kettle on, whip those feet up onto the coffee table, click the button on the television remote and allow your mother hen to attend to her business. 

And by business I undoubtedly mean delivering you a scorchin' mug of strong tea and a generous slab (or four) of your freshly made succulent and juicy fruity flapjacks. 

Hola bliss, you have been well & truly missed!

Welcome home for Easter comrades!


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