13 May 2014

#100happydays completo!

Ahhh yes, the never ending pursuit for happiness! Something that all of us at some point, whether we care to admit it or not search for with eager, hungry open arms! Let's face it, Britain is notorious for its gloom - heck, you only need to look towards the sky to figure that out!

We're rather known for our pessimistic natures though, aren't we? We're not like those giddy LA gym bunnies, slurping on fresh, fruity juices, lounging in our lulu lemon yoga pants with a Pilates matt swinging under our arms like a hyper monkey! Quite frankly that all sounds a bit exhausting for the daily grind though, doesn't it?

But what about just stepping back, taking it easy and appreciating the things that are always around us? It's far too easy to forget how the excited slobbery face of your furry friend greeting you every morning with a tail that could whack you out cold unearths that sleepy smile of yours...It's those happy moments that are precious & should be treasured!

It's just too easy to get wrapped up in our hectic personal bubbles. We inevitably get beaten down with the blues that frazzle our smiles, extinguish our zing and & basically making us boring, robotic sods who're no fun at all! 

It with was this in mind that I decided to embark on the #100happydays challenge way back at the start of year! I saw it as a chance to lighten up & simplify life...so that meant saying adios to surplus drama & hola to a bucket of gratitude, happy mama!
I'm not going to preach like a Spanish nun but I hope to enlighten you all with some of the important lessons I've learnt along the way & the treasurable keepsakes I'll keep nestled away, ready to whack out when little Miss Sunshine fails to sparkle on the down days.  

Here's a mishmash roundup of some of the pictures I posted as part of my challenge with some titbit advice along the way...I hope they manage to inject a bit of happiness into your day by pulling out that smile of yours. 

Time to get crack-a-lackin then!

By having to document something each day that made my tiny heart sing, I realised the importance of getting yourself submerged into the world! Embrace the opportunities that are thrown your way and embark on the adventures that the world has to offer.

I guarantee that it will light up your world and you'll end up feeling more connected and grounded!

Simplify things! What's the point in making things more complicated than they should be...where's the fun in that, eh?!
Just keep in mind that the sun will always pop her head up in the morning! She's a generous lil' lady who's always ready to give us a blast of those glowing golden rays! 

Keep a treasured locket of faith in that heart of yours that there is good out there! Where there is a negative, there will always be a cheeky positive hiding her wanton self. 

By trying to become more aware of what makes me happy, it forced me to live life in the moment - to relax and enjoy the R&R that rolls around every weekend...just how life should be I say! 

Simplifying things taught me to try and push aside my expectations of everything & everyone. Though I still have a long way to go to fully kick my expectations right up the backside, I'm grateful for the awareness that once you push past judgement, happiness will materialise & mischevious adventure and endless experiences will be just around the corner!

The lovely bubble of happiness is hard work but utterly worth it in the end! 
It's a state of mind that is in your hands, your control...you can totally choose to see the bright light of a situation. Easier said than done but it's possible with the right intentions! 

Send those niggling negative doubts to the back of the line with their tails between their legs, they have no place around here!

Keep it snuggled in your head & your heart that the unhappy, struggling times won't last forever. 
When you find yourself floating helplessly in the deep murky waters, the very best thing you can do is shower yourself in self-love and care. Not only will you feel wonderful after a bit of TLC but you'll have time to breath & see the positive in the situation. 

Even if the high hurdles are making you tear your hair out, there will always be something that can make you feel better. 
Whether that be munching your way through a smooth-talkin' bar of Cadbury's oreo chocolate or making your bank balance weep by bleeding it dry on that covetable pair of heels you've been hankering over.

At the very least you'll look smokin' & that should be enough to whip out that gorgeously contagious smile of yours!

Spread happiness. Probably the best piece of advice I've stumbled across in my happiness challenge is that there is nothing more rewarding than leaving behind a little nugget of happiness to everyone and everything you come across. 

At the end of the day, everyone can do with an extra little boost and your cheeky flashing nashers  might just make someone's day, or year in fact!  

Happiness does not have an end point! It's a wobbly but sturdy ol' path & the the key is in your journey & determination to keep going.
It's not there to pursue & chase, it's a way of living, a part of just being. Yo mama was spot on when she said don't pursue a man & let him come to you ladies...well, the same can be said for finding your happiness bubble!

It jumps up and surprises you with a big ol' soaking burst of magic when you least expect it. And that's way more fun than trying to coax it unwillingly out of its hiding hole!

It's not always a great big grand gesture of expense or grandeur that can plaster a killer grin on your face...it can simply be getting a juicy smacker from your mama or papa just for being the wonderful, treasurable you!

Happiness is found in life's smallest pleasures, like cosy, bright pink jammies or a fat, happy meditating Buddha!

If you're inspired to take on the challenge, this is the website you need to take a peep at! 

I hope you've enjoyed having a glimpse into some of the snapshots that made me smile!
If you fancy perusing through my entire 100 days in its totality, take a sly lil' glimpse at my Instagram to find the treasure chest of golden goods! 

Happy snooping you bunch of peeping-Toms!

Oh and before I go, if you haven't already please could you pop over to this page & vote for me in the Cosmopolitan blogger awards! This post will explain what to do! Muchas gracias! 

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