03 May 2014

Cosmo Blog Awards 2014!

Oh fiddlesticks! The annual Cosmo blog award nominations have rolled around again and this year, instead of sitting at my laptop screen sighing at the beautiful blogs flitting about, kicking myself for not getting my own slice of the internet heard, I've taken the plunge and submitted my blog! Eeeek! Utterly nerve-wracking but wonderfully tootsie warming at the same time!

Whilst there's endless star-worthy blogs rising to sparkly blog heaven within the blogosphere, I decided to swallow my fear, apply and just go with the flow! There's nothing to lose after all & it's whacked a big ol' cheesy grin on my face so at the end of the day I already feel like a winner!

I know I'm still a newbie finding ma feet, knocking about in a pair of goofy boots five times too big for me but I do truly love it! As a person who spends her breakfast every morning perusing and lusting over the shiny new posts of my favourite bloggers, I only hope that with time and experience, ThePoachedSalmon can develop into something that gets you lovely chappies oohing and aahing! If I manage to crack a smile on those peachy lips of yours in any way then I'll feel like I've accomplished something and my blonde lil' heart will be most content!

So on to the more serious formalities! I've plumped for the Next Presents: Best Newcomer category and will calm my twitchy toes & cross my fingers, nails, eyelashes & ears!

If you enjoy feasting your eyes on the sinful morsels I dish up or soaking up some of life's adventures with a small english blonde gal, then I would be oh so grateful if you could take a second  & nominate me! Even just one nomination would make ThePoachedSalmon = OneHappySalmon!

Here's the link to the Cosmo nominations page but without waffling too much, I'll give you a little breakdown on how to go about nominating...

  • Get yourself parked in front of this web page & scroll down towards the bottom.
  • Tap in your email address, my blog URL which is {http://thepoachedsalmon.blogspot.co.uk} and then from the options select 'Next Presents: Best Newcomer'.
  • Click the box that says it's not your blog and a box with pop up asking you to jot down a little something on why you like my blog. It doesn't have to be anything massive, just a couple of words would be perfect! *Cue the fluttering eyelashes*
  • ThePoachedSalmon is under a year old so click 'yes' for this option, hit 'submit' and then bob's your uncle, you're done! 
Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am, you are one wonderful individual being...muchas gracias!!

If you're on twitter & want to help a little fishy find her fins, then you can also preach to the twittersphere about the nominations! If it takes ya fancy then the following maaaay just get a flapping Salmon into the big ol' waters,#cosmoblogawards, @poachedsalmon. 


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