10 July 2014

¿Qué pasa, amigos?

So firstly I do apologise, this blog post is well over due! Towards the end of term I got so caught up with the perils of student life from studying, those pesky exams and bidding farewell to my lady lovers of 81 Coburn street that spreading a lil' bit of love here on the blog just got a teensy bit forgotten amongst the madness! Let's just say that the Salmon stock was in short supply!

But I'm back (phew, I know I had you all worried...) with some juicy packed posts lined up & I can't wait to share with you all my (very) recent adventures in New York with Mama Salmon! Look out for the stonkin' amounts of fro-yo that'll feature in that post!

So better late than never, ey? It's good to be back & flappin' about again y'all!

As I mentioned above, a couple of weeks ago the much ignored reality of saying adios to Cardiff & my girlies arrived in all its' mighty unwelcome grandeur. Realising I couldn't bury my little head under the bedsheets any longer, I pulled myself together standing tall in all my 5ft 1" glory & made a pact with myself to enjoy every last second of our final girly night as the magical six dream team!

Scooping together all our hoarded beverages & swiping the fridges bare so they could chill into veritably delicious tipples for later, we hopped, skipped & pranced off down to the heavily awaited local Mexican house! We had placed countless vows throughout the entire year that we'd get ourselves down there since everyone raved on about its deliciousness but somehow those promises just never materialised amongst our busy schedules...until now! 

And on the hush hush, just between tu y yo...Daiquiris didn't fail to get our cheeky grins cheesin'! 
We plumped our bottoms into chairs, scoured the menu for some filthy Mexican nosh & then got down to business by getting our hands on some tutti frutti pitchers to get the real fiery fiesta scorchin'. After all everyone knows a devilishly mischievous night can't unfold without some equally naughty juice to wash away the satisfyingly saucy flavours of Mexican goodness! 

It was an outrageously perfect way to kick start the evening fun!

Happily rubbing our contented baby Jamie's, we trundled our way home & decided it was time to wriggle into somethin' a lil less appropriate and slip on our dancing shoes. The time had come to whip out the lil' book of drinking games & get the cheesy tunes blaring....low & behold Sarah's iPod!

Without (too) much regret, my camera remained tucked up in a sleepy slumber in my drawer as I was far too distracted in singing my heart & shimmying my toes to a bit of forgotten glory belonging to destiny's child. No that's right, I have no shame. 

Alas, this means there's a distinct lack of photos to peruse over but because I'm a top gal & I aim to please, I've scampered about & pulled together as many photos that are in any way related to our playful adventures of the night as well as a general round-up of end of year fun!

The shots of a much-anticpiated Varsity...Cardiff, ahem *lost* but it's not always about winning, it's the team spirit that matters right? 

The Language ball was a fab night & such an amazing success for its' first ever year running! The complementary mojito & glass of bubbly weren't too shabby either might I add...

I fished out my most tropical inspired number from Zara...you find palm trees in España, sí?

¡Mis chicas españolas hermosas!

Without getting all up in your grill with the heart-felt soppy clap-trap, this past year has been an absolute whirlwind of events! Some memories being deliciously fabulous & some not worthy singing home about but I wouldn't change a single thing about it as what it most definitely was, was a happy adventure of never-forgotten memories & church-girl giggles with some of the best friends I've ever had. 

Whilst I may be slinking off to slurp my body-weight in Sangria & unattractively wrench my neck by flinging my locks at the Spanish chicos in Valencia, this is not a goodbye to my beloved Cardiff or my ravishing little ladies of Coburn street....it's just the beginning of some peachy new adventures!

Let the playful summer fun begin chicos!

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