31 August 2014

A New Week: 10 Simple Things

Another week has rolled around again & my little fins are flapping helplessly to keep up! I literately have NO idea where this Summer has flown to but I'm in fervent denial that it is now officially the 1st of September. Absolutely madness...come back August you sneaky lil bugger! 

Alas, it's a new week & a brand spankin' new month which I'm raring to welcome so that it can bring with it some well & truly needed positive changes! I love this time of year as it always reminds me of the 'New Year, New Me' feeling everyone hankers after every January! The skies, fashion, times are all changing so I'm taking this opportunity to do some changing for myself as well! Optimism & intention are on point but I'll get back to you a bit later on the following through..! ;)

Anyway to keep up with the freshly launched Sunny Series, I behold my 10 simple things that have brightened my world in the past week...

1. Changing my bed sheets for crisp, freshly-washed, white Zara covers. Waking up all snuggly under my feather duvet & mountain of brightly coloured cushions is simply one of the best feelings ever! Simple but effective.

2. Seeing a gorgeous friend achieve a goal of hers that she's been reaching for for nearly 3 1/2 months. The light that sparkled in her eyes & the infectious joy that spread across her face when she told me was enough to flaw me into an utter state of awe & admiration. I totally felt like a proud 'ole mother on her daughter's graduation day. Such a silly sod.

3. Spoiling & surprising my brother James with breakfast in bed. What better way is there to show your appreciation for family love than a stonkin' stack of American pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning?! Su desayuno featured a pile of tumblin' fresh fruit, the usual culprits of lemon sugar & buttah, a pipin' dish of sweet syrup all washed down with a slurp of hulking strong coffee. Breakfast without a hit of caffeine is guaranteed to leave you in an utter state of despresso after all. C'mon, that's comedy gold for you there!

4. Indulging in some retail therapy. Nothing cures a downright crappy & tearful week better than fabulous new shoes, a new gorgeous pastel autumn coat & a lust-worthy slippy, silky rose-studded blouse. If that doesn't get your gnashers flashin' even for just an afternoon, then to break it to you nicely...you my friend are a lost cause. Tough love.

5. Listening to Jessie Ware's "Say you love me" & "Veins" by Palace in criminal amounts. Total chill out music to get out of that screaming head of yours. Love it.

6. Waving mama & papa Salmon off on their weekend in Padstow to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a car-jounrey treat box of freshly made Crumply peanut fudge slices. I couldn't quite pinpoint whether their cheesy grins were a result of (A.) The triumph of hitting 34 years (yikes) of putting up with each others' mugs (B.) Escaping away from my utterly charming and world-class company- though they'd be sobbing if that were the case, right? or (C.) The thought of chompin' their way through their terrifically filthy tub of naughty nibbles. If they could so kindly enlighten me upon their return...

7. Getting ants-in-your-pants excited for everything fall-related! I adore everything about this time of year apart from the inevitable drop in temperature. Highly inconvenient if you ask me & as worthy as waiting for rain in a drought, i.e. useless & disappointing. Fall always marks something magical for me: the earthy colours, the changing scenery of nature, the rotation & big reveal of coveted fashion trends as well as the irresistible want to start afresh & embrace change. A fresh start is sometimes well & truly needed.

8. Arriving home late on Tuesday evening in a right mardy tantrum mood to be greeted in the face with yet another bunch of delivered flowers! This time they were from Lucy - that girl is an utter saint & THE best friend a gal could hope for.
* From now on though guys I fully expect a new bouquet of beauties to graciously arrive each week so you better get a rota swingin' into action. This pampered princess has high expectation now...*

9. Chilling with my two brothers on Saturday night watching Captain America on the big screen. Nothing fancy-schmancy & no unnecessary effort was required. Just some crackin' action entertainment, comfy jammies on & some good old fashioned boy time. Puuurfect. Also, have you seen Scarlett Johansson's ass in this film? Good grief.

10. Deciding upon a big decision & change that I've been dancing around & pussy-footing about for yoooonks now. I'm decided to pull on my big girl pants & take the plunge to make it a reality this coming Thursday. Stay tuned for the big reveal mis amigos!

So what's made your tinker happy this week?

24 August 2014

The Sunny Series: 10 Simple Things

I've had a fair bit of spare time on my hands recently which has been spent filling my head with positive vibes & ideas by various new people who have entered my life, nourishing my soul and rediscovering the bits of me that I've somehow dropped or misplaced in the past several months. 
Now between you & I, I have to admit that all this "self-discovery" mumbo jumbo cavalier claptrap is nothing but bloomin' exhausting! Trying to be a chirpy monkey swinging from the chandelier 100% of the time just doesn't work for me so instead I sought some inspiration from my favourite blog reads... 

This is how 'The Sunny Series' was born.
I've decided that trying to stretch my tiny arms up to some ridiculously tall & unrealistic sky of perfect bliss & happiness is pointless. So instead, i'm going to scribble down 10 simple things that have made me smile or made my heart chirper throughout the week. Job done.
Time to blitz out some of the dragging negativity knocking about & promote some of the underrated beauty in the world! After all, that's why we all reach for our laptops isn't it? We all just hanker for a bit of positivity, hope & motivation. It's what's attractive these days! So to kickstart a fresh perspective, here's a little list of what's made me happy this week!...

1. Rediscovering the song 'Hear you me' by Jimmy eat world. I heard it by unashamedly pretending not to watch (and love) 'A Cinderella Story' whilst mama salmon cooked sunday dinner in the kitchen.

2. Spending the entire day & spoiling my beautiful mam on her birthday as opposed to wasting time aimlessly perusing social media. Snuggling up on the sofa with mum in my jammies, munching on CandyKing sweeties with Mr. Gosling gracing the T.V screen all night was a delicious way to end the day. Think the men of the house knew to keep themselves away as it was a strictly girls only bonding sesh & you know what? It did just the trick to make me sleep happy! Sometimes I forget just what family time can do for the ol' soul!

3. My darling best friend returned from her Aussie summer adventures with the boyf this weekend & I can't contain my excitement at seeing her gorgeous face & giving her one almighty squishy bear hug. She's my sista' from anotha mista' & has a special way of squashing away any negative jams flitting about! She's a positivity fairy & I love her to pieces - you've been much missed Miss Higgins! 

4. Reviving lost contact with several friends & jabbering on about what's occurin' in our busy (or not so) lives. Life is taking us in all weird & different directions so the midday text- catchups always brighten up my days.

5. Bonding more deeply with a new friend by supporting her through her wobbles, encouraging & blowing her trumpet when she triumphed & knowing she'd do the exact same for me slapped a cheesy smile on my face towards the end of this week. Making a new friend through turbulent and sticky situations reminds me that beauty can be found amidst the ugly if you look hard enough.

6. The weather has most definitely taken a little diversion this past week & is tentatively dipping its' toes into Autumn coolness. Rummaging through my shelves & unearthing some chunky forgotten jumpers got me all excited for snuggling up in the next few months! Whilst the cold is a friend I'd rather not indulge in conversation, nothing beats burrowing yourself away into a burly soft knit!

7. Receiving a surprise present from my parents for an online Journalism course! Something new to get my head & my hands stuck into...

8. Seeing the genuine delight on a shop assistant's face when I wished them a lovely afternoon made me feel like Jesus for the rest of the day! It's shocking to think how such a simple gesture can totally overhaul someone's day & literately doesn't cost you a single penny. Being a nice gal seems to result in a win-win situaaaation. Simplez.

9. Being told what a positive & encouraging impact I've made in someone's life made me feel a rare sense of self worth. I often struggle with believing in myself & my abilities so to be told that I was an inspiration to someone is pretty hard not to ignore! 

10. Opening my bedroom door every morning to see a beautiful bouquet of crimson red and sunshine yellow flowers that I was given at the beginning of the week. Best feeling ever. Good God I'm such a girl!

So if you're reading this & have a blog yourself then please drop me a comment or leave a link to what's happening in your life! I'd love to take a cheeky peek at what you're all up to & loving! Happy Bank Holiday everyone! :)

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