14 September 2014

Ain't Nothing But The Simple Things

1. Mulling over the possibility of jetting away in a couple of weeks with mama bear for a girly weekend in the beautiful land of Dubrovnik, Croatia. In fact, anywhere but here would be a fabuuuulous right about now! England you bore me!

2. Wearing my hair up with the fringe in a cheeky quiff and the ends roughly tonged into tousled curls. It totally makes me feel like a 50s bad-ass chick. 

3. Wasting time with my head stuck in the boho stalls that graced Winchester high street on Thursday. There was one gem of a stall in particular where I think I managed to try on every single ring they had on offer. They were all made of silver & either adorned with precious coloured stones or etched with elephant prints and swirls. I most definitely would of ended up buying half their stuff if I wasn't in a hurry to meet my brother for cwafee!

4. Cooler nights creeping in. Whilst I'm the first to shriek complaints of being cold, there's something quite delicious about worming your way into bed shivering & tucking the duvet up so it snuggles your chin. Bliss.

5. Getting back into regular writing. Even if the snippets of thoughts don't make their way into polished pieces immediately, just ensuring that I jot them down in my hundreds of muddled notebooks is helping to keep a little smile on my face.

6. Receiving texts and messages from old friends & new friends. There's no better way to whack a flasher on my 'nashers than a simple message - even if all it says is hello! I think it's the knowledge that you crossed that person's mind even just for a second that makes it all an extra comfort squeeze. It's like being given a virtual squishy hug of love. 

7. Having a girly film night with mum on Thursday after dinner! Dad was away in Washington on a business trip so we jumped at the chance of a free lounge and big T.V screen and snuggled on down with ice-cream sundaes (made courtesy of yours truly) and Mr. Efron in full shirtless glory. I had really wanted to see 'Bad neighbours' in the cinema but I'm kind of glad I saved the money now as it was quite frankly pants. Our DVD player obviously agreed as it shut itself off 3/4 the way through and refused to budge on its final decision. A 10 for the quality of featured abs but a measly 2 for the entertainment and dodgy humour fo' sure!

8. The lovely response I've received from my new hair change! I'm not a girl with the most stellar self confidence so compliments made here and there are very much treasured. Though, even if someone hated the new 'do, I'd like to think they wouldn't blurt out "It looks shit" right in my face....si?

9. Re-reading & loving Maya Angelou's poem "Phenomenal Woman". If you need some empowerment or a little magic to motivate in your life then I 100% urge you to read this beauty. 
Go on. 
Chop Chop.

10. Finally getting my bum into gear & submitting my piece of writing to the online Elle talent contest 2014 last night. I've known about it for too many weeks to mention & my stolen snippets of notes & ideas were beginning to totter up quite nicely in my notebooks but actually compiling them altogether was just. not. happening!
Still, I gots the goods done in the nick of time and I waved it farewell only a couple of hours before the deadline cut-off...better late than never like they always say, eh?!

So I have words for you guys. Stern words so listen up!
Basically....where the flippin' baloney were my flowers this week? Ehh??
I waited, patiently may I add yet nada bustled their way through my door. Nada. But I'm prepared to overlook this little conundrum of yours just this once & happily resume normal proceedings this coming week, comprende?


Tell me, what's floated your boat this week?

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