12 September 2014

Becoming An Autumnal Maltester

That's molten dark on the outer surface yet forever a blonde honeycomb airspace on the inside.
As you may have read in my previous '10 Simple things' posts, I've been gearing myself up to make quite a change recently & I'm ready to rumble & make the big reveal to y'all! Only if you promise not to snigger that is...after all, a girl's hair is her pride & joy, not an object of jest! 

So for a couple of years I've always wanted to see what it's like on the other side...the dark side. Tired of being lil miss goldie locks for yet another year, I decided to whip on ma big girl pants & I took myself off to the hairdressers ready to emerge swishing & swaying like Megan Fox. I fulfilled the first goal but sadly the second was far from the truth. The only thing I resembled was a washed up dirty badger battling against some arctic winds. I like to tell myself I nailed it regardless. Always do. 

Anyway enough mindless chitter chatter, I'm sure you're all dying (NB: pun intended there) to see the grande premiere, so without further adieu here's the new me...!

From this....

To this...

This totally puts me on par with the likes of Mila Kunis & Alexa Chung now, right? 
Pffft, yeah of course it does! How ludicrous of me to even contemplate asking...

When I first emerged from the prison seat I'm not going to lie, I was stunned. It was dark. VERY dark. About 50% darker than I had envisioned. I was originally planning on the whole mid-tone brown with ombre ends...think galaxy chocolate brown breaking out into its gooey caramel soft centre. Instead, I ended up being a galaxy minstrel - dark, one-dimensional & hard to crack. Yikes.

I sat on it for a day to ponder (...or maybe because they had no spaces till the day after) and then scooted my ass back to that chair to get it all fixed! I fluttered the 'ol lashes to butter her up & naturally she couldn't resist the salmon charm & had her dyes all ready to go in a cinderella flash. An extra sigh of despair also got me the results I was hankering for free of extra charge. #Winning.

Now I'm coveting that Caramel galaxy chocolate I was searching for & whilst I still jump every time I catch myself in the mirror, I'm really liking the change. It was just what I needed & fits perfectly for the transition into autumn! 

"Life is about taking risks & remembering that your best investment is in yourself"

New me, new life, new times.


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