07 September 2014

Hitting up those 10 Simple Things

Hola again comrades! How're y'all doing on this murky Monday morning?
It's back to the relentless daily grind of the working week so to whack a flasher upon that pinched face of yours, have a gander at my latest happy list of 10 simple things...!

1. Discovering the magnificent writings of Dawn O'Porter. Truthfully I've always found myself flicking on past her articles in the monthly Glamour mag but as I was snuggled in bed last night I found myself engrossed in her latest piece & I was beyond flawed. It was downright fabulous! As clich├ęd & horrendously cringe to admit, her eloquent words just simply spoke to me. This piece in particular is a mighty fine read if you have some spare time. Needless to say @hotpatooties is now a firm favourite twitter follow!

2. This. This picture unashamedly sums me up to a T. And yes I stand by the fact that this 100% makes me one irresistably alluring bitch. 

I am the sexy master of seduction. It's my way or the highway bud....(to get more ice-cream).

3. This week I decided I would be a hunky dude. A bad-ass hunky dude. And what do they do? They go to the hairdresser's & step over to the dark side. Despite all this I also then decided I wasn't completely satisfied with my new 'do & returned the following day with my head between my tail, sheepishly asking her to tweak it. I sneakily played upon the victim position & bam (!) before I knew it, she was putty in my hands & had the dye whipped up ready free of extra cost. Well it's no surprise really is it? Who could resist my charm after all? Stay tuned for the big hair reveal coming soon!

4. I picked up my two new pairs of glasses! My trusty ole' faves were tottering about on their tired last legs so it was time for some brand spankin' new additions to make an appearance! After all we didn't want the old frames to make a spectacle of themselves and break on me in some inconvenient moment did we? Gotta love a cheeky pun! 

New frames: new perspective on life. Quite literately. No really my prescription changed haha!

5. Rediscovering the addictive delights of Rummikub with my friend Polly & having some lovely lil natters whilst expoentially trying to thrash her ass & take home the gold. I succeeded. 

6. My brother James finally got the go-ahead for a (much-needed) salary raise at work. He deserves twice the amount really considering the level of skill he covets & the amount of blood, sweat & tears he invests into the company but as they say, slow & steady wins the race! He is my utter inspiration in all aspects of life - whenever I find my fins floundering I look to my brothers to pull me through & find my mischievous inner strength. I think the next step for Jimmy is securing the lead role in suits, eh? Ya already gots the demure attire after all!

7. This one has just nuzzled it's way into my head after writing the previous happy point. I'd totally forgotten about the series 'Suits'! Previously I never found (ahem...*made*) the time to get into it properly but I'm going to get back into it & start afresh from the beginning!

8. Contemplating the addition of a new small tattoo. I already have a small infinity symbol on my right inner ankle in reference to my grandparents' unyielding love but I want something personal & something for me. I'm mulling over a simple arrow symbol either on my opposite ankle or shooting upwards on the back of my ankle.

Oh decisions, decisions...!

9. Perusing & (almost) inappropriately lusting over Olivia Palermo's instagram shots. That woman is a fashion queen bee & struts her style in a total league of her own. 

Oh pretty please can I have her wardrobe? 
Her face wouldn't be half bad either.
Actually whilst we're at it, her legs would be a glorious bonus too...
As would her new husband. Crikey.

10. These socks. Enough said.

What's made your happy list this week folks?


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