25 October 2014

Little Salmon swimming in new Waters

So I'm not going to lie, this year hasn't been all that fabby with a capital 'F' & whilst there have been the shy moments of shining hilarity, there's also been a lot of lost dorothy moments & my red glitter buckle shoes decided to vacay at the back of my wardrobe for much of it. 
Yet what has stuck through like blueberry bubblegum on the bottom of your new shoes is the brilliant & toe-tingling encouragement of my familia & amigos. They're like those pesky mosquitos that come part of the package when you go on holiday...you know the ones I'm chatting about, right? The ones that no matter what you do, even in the darkest moments of sheer desperation & a face full of red blotchy bites, will. not. bloomin'. go.away. Especially the mother mosquito. Yep, she's a persistent one that one. Love ya mama salmon! 

Without those mosquitos, yes you may actually be able to survive the horrors of waking up looking like a crawling disease but I bet you'll find you'd miss them. Say whaaaaat?
It's annoying as hell but you've got to admit that flailing about your villa like James Bond armed with a can of toilet freshener is secretly quite fun & the utter glory & swagger it leaves you when you've put one of those buggers in their place is like striking sheer gold! So amongst that unnecessary metaphor is a short & simple thank you to the friends & family who have picked me up & thrown me back into the murky uncertain waters when I've found myself floundering numerous times on the sandy shores. Through all the fun & games, I've suddenly found myself swimming into some new & exciting waters called....Couture Stories!

Couture Stories is a lifestyle magazine with an online blog aimed to bring young individuals doses of daily inspiration. It's aim is to motivate & dish up a bundle of beautiful-to-gawp-at features from the latest whimper-inducing stylish steals (no? Just me then...) or send your little noggins off for some daydreaming of incredible places across the waters!

I'm now a contributing writer for Couture Stories & currently working my little busy bee butt off to try & get as much experience as possible as a blogging intern! Oh that was so satisfying to write, you have no idea haha! 

Cheeky sneak peak at one of my fashion features!

So, if things get a wee bit quiet, eery & cow-web creating around here, then let me assure you it's not intentional...Oh no! It'll be because I'm flapping my fins over at Couture Stories! So my little comrades, if you're missing the witt & down-right ab-inducing sarcastic words of thepoachedsalmon, then just scamper along to Couture Stories to get your Salmon fix. You shan't be disappointed! 
(Don't fret pets, I'll still be sure to update this blog as frequently as humanely possible dahhhling!)

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