12 October 2014

Those Happy Little Points

1. Being a top gal & blagging the award for The. Very. Best. Daughter to grace the planet by treating the 'ol mother hen to not one, but two bouquets of flowers. Halt the applause please, I wouldn't want to boast now. But I would like to mention that I have a rosette for that accomplishment, just sayin'.

2. Waking up on these recent chilly mornings bundled up all nice n'toasty, sipping a mug of hot fruity tea. Utterly purrrrfect. What would make the situation even more ideal would be if Alex Pettyfer was stretched out in his white Calvin's next to me. Guess it's a tough life. 

3. By dear-Lord above I don't want to jinx this one so I shall keep all chitchat to a minimum but I may have just got myself a blogging internship with a brand-spankin' ready-to-launch blog! If all goes up stream & I find myself swimming the waters of being part of the team (keep your fingers & tootsies double-crossed for me) then I'll stop whispering about it in hushed secret. Prepare for me to burst out of my bubble gushin' all about this fab new blog & the pieces I will (hopefully) contribute.
Keep your eyes & ears peeled mis amigos!

4. All hail papa Salmon. Let's all take a moment to stop, put down our emergency Monday coffee-time chocolate biccies & take a pledge of silence for the faultless knowledge & common sense of our dear fathers. After Roxy decided yet again that she'd had quite enough of the daily bump & grind of the roads, dad whizzed to the rescue with mama in tow & talked the lil' madam outta her temper tantrum. I have to admit it was a bit touch & go at one point as Dad could of had two grouchy females on his hands. This was because about 30 minutes prior to Roxy throwin' her hissy fit in the carpark, I had just purchased two cartons of very much-wanted ice-cream. Let me tell you ladies & gentlemen, melted puddles of ice-cream was not going to provide dessert for this lil fishy, was it?  So gracias papa salmon, you saved what could of been one very drippy (both ice-cream & tears) ruddy nightmare! What a frightful prospect.

5. My new phone case simply requires no words. Small things please small minds...

6. Fashion. Yep that's right, I was perusing the generic round of high-street shops (I'll refrain from name dropping) & found myself holding back bellyfuls of the school-girl giggles. Fashion trends are quite literatly insane! Take this little number for example...

Apparently I fail at the 'No high-street name shaming'... the hanger let things drop there!

What the bloomin' hell is this? Will that keep your lady lumps warm this looming winter? I think not.
Absolutely ridonkulous! Needless to say, this bad boy graced the entirety of my snapchat address book.
I also apologise if any one of you readers are fashioning this delightful piece of attire right about now...

7. I stumbled across this picture of wise words on my daily Instagram snoop & loved it! It made me smile so it was guaranteed a winner just like your mama's Sunday chicken dinner!

8. Seeing my sista' from another mista' last Sunday after what felt like an utter lifetiiiiime apart (ok so it was just the summer but no need to be picky). It was SO lovely to run into her big, squishy bear hug & have her familiar Izzy scent of shampoo, wit & humour hit me hard. It was instantly like we'd never been apart!
We spent the whole girly trip in Bristol walking aimlessly into shops, pacing a lap & then gliding straight back out the doors as we were too busy nattering away about God-knows what! Probably the serious perils of world news like who enjoyed her wine too much & graced everyone with a reappearance of her bangers & mash, who's currently hookin' up with Tom two doors down...ya know, the important stuff.

9. Getting this lovely little card from my Cardiff girlies. I think it's official that I have the most fabulous besties ever! Opening this up was like slurpin' a hot green tea on a frightfully icy winter morning...it warmed me insides right up so thank you girls!

10. This adorable little spoon! I've had my eye on buying an engraved spoon for quite a while now & spotted this little gem the other day. It is without a doubt 100% me so it was a done deal before my purse even knew to start tremblin'. A sweet as sugar spoon for a girl who's made of 95% suga'. My bloodstream is like a Candy factory conveyer belt. No word of a lie, I swear.

So what's been keeping you all happy chappies this past week?

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