20 November 2014

Get Feline Fancy in Lustful Lingerie

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Lingerie. Even the word sounds so down-right sexy. Yet that's exactly what it's all about, right? So much media hype around female sensuality & power focuses on how a woman looks in her little lacy underthings but that couldn't be further from the glamorous truth. The magic lies in how a woman feels in the delectables of her underwear drawer. When you feel like a goddam sex kitten then it shines through in how you show up & connect with the world. Mr. Serious in your Tuesday board meeting may not know that your rocking a racy sheer tulle number that would have his fly's quivering like jelly but the fact that it makes you feel like the gorgeous, special & beautiful woman you are, then the power of confidence lies in your panties - quite literately! When you dress to satisfy yourself & please yourself then you also undoubtedly impress the world around you as you ooze confidence.

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Love yourself by indulging in some delightfully naughty lingerie ladies. It's a delicious secret that makes you stand a little prouder, smile a little brighter, talk a little louder & radiate the beauty that can't be found in that trusty pair of spanx you keep hidden at the back of your drawer. 
Go on, it's time to get slinky Miss fancy pants!
Left: Victoria's Secret, $58  Centre: Marks & Spencer, £25 Right: Victoria's Secret, $168

Left: Asos, £18  Centre: Victoria's Secret, $58 (bra), $32 (thong)  Right: Beautifulbottoms, £52

Left: Victoria's Secret, $88  Right: Agent Provocateur, £95

Left: Topsop, £30  Centre: Victoria's Secret, $78  Right: Topshop, £44

What chica wouldn't want to feel like her very own drop-dead gorgeous Victoria's Secret model? Oh oh oh & it'll be just in time for the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London on 2nd December 2014! Anyone else b-e-y-o-n-d excited for its coveted airing?! I literately have ants-in-my-pants jitters!

Think I may even sneak a pair of fluffy pink wings onto my Christmas list to complete the look.

Oh Santa baby...

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