10 November 2014

Inspiration of the day: OD'ing on Alexa

It's the fact that she graces more shiny, crisp magazine pages a month than you have nail polishes (...we need options, ok?) that you kind of want to hate her a little bit. Thing is you just can't deny that this girl has just got, it. Her perfectly undone look is both alluring & faultless. 
If her sylph-like tanned figure wasn't enough to make you weep, the effortlessly chic personal branding of her entire wardrobe will certainly cause your pretty peepers to water.

Alexa has always been a personal fashion favourite of mine - not only because she happened to go to the same college as me (claim to fame!) but because she can so nonchalantly & gracefully swap between paired-back tom-boy ease to ladylike silk simplicity. 

Whilst the labels sewn into her pillowy blouses are a far stretch beyond my poor quivering purse strings, Alexa's looks are laced with the magic ability of being recreated by high-street signature pieces. Purrrfect!

One last little love of mine before I get too fan girl on you is her wash-and-go-hair & minimal make-up. A rough shake of the fingers through her choppy tonal mane & a flick to perfect the cat-eye she wears so well & we have ourselves the ultimate girl crush ladies & gentleman. 

Time to cast your sly little eyes over some of my very favourite looks from this style muse! Now where did I put my liquid liner... 

Dear Santa,
Since I've been an awfully good girl this year can I wake up on Christmas morning looking like Alexa please? All beautifully wrapped up in her entire wardrobe like a bonny bow? 
I'll even pop another sticky chubby oven baby under the Christmas tree just for you ;)

Love always,
thewishfulsalmon x

[All photos plucked from google]

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