23 November 2014

Shhhh! A Girl’s Guilty Pleasures Revealed

Is that denial I hear you whimper? Me? Guilty Pleasures? Never! Oh there’s no use in denying it missy, we’ve all got them! They’re like instant shots of unadulterated happiness that may well give us goosebumps of joy but to then have those indulgences revealed to your best mates… hello goosebumps of sheer horror! Sneak a peek & candidly nod your head in agreement at my round-up of blameless & shameless tomfoolery!

“Creeping” on Facebook. Otherwise known as stalking. You start market research at 9 am and by 11:15 you’ve learnt not to give Steph, your best friend’s cousin’s twice-removed sister, six vodka shots on a night out or you’ll experience some memorable moves on the dance floor.

Long bubble baths. We’re talking really long here. Chuck in a fully loaded series of Gossip Girl on Netflix, a goodie basket of snacks, a bottle of chilled vino & scented candles… bliss. So what if someone else needs to pee?

Tweeting about your crazy Saturday night plans only to be chilling in your kangaroo onesie, sipping on juice whilst simultaneously spooning your two favourite & ever faithful men: Ben & Jerry.

Singing along Screeching to the live performances of Saturday night X-factor. Who knew you had such an impressive range & could reach such unimaginable high notes? Your neighbour, that’s who.

Consulting your furry mutt for serious pep talks in times of essential life decisions. The answers always magically lie in that quizzical quirk of his ear.

Chocolate. Self-explantory & absolutely acceptable in any form at any time.

Pretending you’re Bey for a day. Complete with practised & perfected dance moves performed in front of the mirror with strategically placed furniture as props. You’re fierce & you know it girlfriend.

Eating cereal for dinner or any other breakfast food for that matter. Where’s the shame in munching on those Kellog’s frosties? After all they’re gr-rrreat!

The right-hand gossip section of The Daily Mail online being your morning news read. You put the perfection in procrastination.

Now if you'll excuse me mis amigos, I'm off to Barcelona & then the glorious Valencia for a lil R&R! The brother & I decided that a complete break away from life was absolutely essential & therefore plan to be utter culture vultures for the week! 
Adios! x

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