01 November 2014

Snug as a Bug

Well well well, welcome November! I haven't seen you for a while...roughly a year ago if I'm to be precise! Whilst I love a fresh, new month rollin' around I'm rather hesitant about embracing November. This is solely due to the fact that it seems very...well, wintery. I'm not entirely sure when fall stops being fall & we have to begrudgingly start referring the times as winterAnyone else shudder at that?  

Yet the sun has unexpectedly emerged her throbbing head from her covers & it's a b-e-a-uuutiful day so for all intents & purposes, Winter is not invited to the weekend party!

In other news, how're y'all doing folks? Nursing some killa' hangovers from some frighteningly scary antics last night? I sure hope so & I'm sure your camera's are stuffed with the evidence. Fabulous. So I'm guessing a sloth day is on the cards then, eh? Even more fabulous as I have just the thing to make your duvet day extra snuggly! Hello duvet burrito of happiness, candy & binge-watching game of thrones. Just imagine it, you’ve had a mind-numbingly rough day at work with a never ending to-do list & a boss whose either suffering serious sugar withdrawal cravings or seriously needs to pop a chill-pill, what could possibly be your saving grace? A cheeky glass of vino? We know something even better!
It's a little secret of mine that the perfect happiness fix guaranteed to soothe away any life niggle is ice-cream. No only joking! It's a fresh pair of cosy jammies! 

When the weather’s blowing a tantrum outside (gracias November) and your purse strings have gone into hibernation after flirting with the shops, nestling down into a stylish set of snugglies fits the bill deliciously! Whether you prefer to cocoon yourself into a fleecy burrito or you like to pamper and tease a certain someone by strutting around in a silky chemise, I've plucked out some little gems for you to ooh & ahh over. Go on, treat yourself sleeping beauty!

Cream Onesie - Missguided, £19.99
Embroidered robe – Asos, £30 
Giraffe onesie – Boux Avenue, £38
Stripe PJ set – Topshop, £22
Heart print set – Asos, £18
Dream on set – Asos, £24
Lace PJ romper – Forever 21, £11
Teddy robe – Topshop, £32
Pink Jersey short set – Next, £22
Vintage rose pyjamas – Hush, £49.50
Floral Jersey short set – Next, £24
Lazy Bones PJ set – Asos, £24 

Sweet dreams amigos x

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