17 November 2014

Winter Indulgence: Simply Sumptuous Spa Retreats

Feeling swept under by the winter blues? It's no surprise that our moods have taken a plunge into the murky waters with all this rain washing down from the heavens. To pick yourself up, unwind & restore your burnt-out soul, why not treat yourself to a day (or week) of utter indulgence?
With heady steamy saunas, bubbly plunge pools & snow-white fluffy robes to wriggle your way into we've plucked out the very best Spa retreats to magic the sparkle back into your eyes!

With privacy, comfort & total sophistication, these top picks reside across the UK as well as across seas & certainly exceed expectations in every way. So if total pamper R&R is at the top of your Christmas countdown checklist then it's time to find yourself relaxing in total bliss at one of these hidden secrets...

Time to feel, live & come alive!

Pangkor Laut Spa Village, Malaysia
The private Island of Pangkor Laut boasts one of the most exclusive Spa destinations you can get your hands on. Winning numerous awards, including The Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, this Malaysian village will have relaxing in ultimate style & rejuvenated before you can munch on your cucumber eye coolers.

Reethi Rah Spa, Maldives

Let the hustle bustle of the outside World dissolve away with the trickle of water features that dot around this luxurious Spa complete with stunning Ocean views, rustic thatched-roof hideaways & vitality inducing treatments tailor made for your own holistic journeys. With an array of impressive titles & trophies for its elegance & meticulous detail, this is one of the best beach spas out there! 

Espa Spa at the Corinthia, London

Hailed as 'The Next Generation of Spa', the Espa Spa is a space of true beauty & stylish elegance that brings with it the ultimate package in holistic wellbeing & tranquil relaxation. With a boastful range of bespoke treatments & glistening crystal pools, this is the spa for you if you're looking for total mind, body & soul gratification.

(Photo: espalifeatcorinthia, cntraveller.com)

SHA Wellness clinic, Alicante

With spectacular views & a delightfully warming climate, the SHA Wellness Spa simply excels in excellence. If optimum comfort & blissful sensations are what you are seeking then this spa surpasses it all. Tailored  restorative health programmes, luxuriously plush modern suites as well as mouth-watering & nutritiously packed cuisines, this space of opulence will see you walking away a new person!

The Scarlet Hotel, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall 

Coveted as Cornwall's "grown-ups only" hotel spa, this beautiful space boasts some of the most stunning sea landscapes & views in the whole of England. It's hard not to feel connected to the seas beyond as your daily niggles wash away with the range of snuggly comforting spaces warmed with open log fires to more spacious, modern, airy & light-as-feather spaces to put your feet up. Turn the pace of life right down  & restore yourself to glowing health with a touch of Cornish magic in this beautiful Ayurvedic spa. 

Royal Mansour Spa, Marrakech

If elegance, enchantment & extravagance is what you seek then the Royal Mansour Spa is an incomparable haven of total hedonism. Immerse yourself in total luxury & relish the atmosphere of an entirely different world as you're pampered, preened & stripped of any worries you packed with you in the suitcase. The architecture alone is enough to leave you breathless but you'll certainly be left breathing light & easy in what would be a truly restorative & memorable stay.


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