30 December 2014

Be the Belle of the Ball this New Year's Eve

'Twas the night before New Years & as she slumped herself down butt naked upon her bedroom floor strewn with garments that made her look too frumpy/ trashy/ fat/ skinny/ short/ tall or all of the above combined, she let out a frustrated moan of despair. It was the night to shimmy, shine & feel down-right fabulous knocking back one too many moorish mojitos but instead due to her lack of planning, she'll be decked out in her fleecy flannel onesie (ta nan!), binge-watching Sarah Millican whilst her snapchat explodes with New year frolickings of fun. The only saucy business she'll be getting up close & personal with is the left-over double-inch chocolate yule log & family pack of mixed nuts. Crackin'.

Sound like a case of familiar de-ja vu?

Sometimes with the toe-tingling excitement of Christmas, turkey smothered sandwiches & tinkling new toys to break, the final outfit you showcase in 2014 ready to take you into 2015 can be somewhat overlooked! Since I'm a generous gal & only aim to please, I've taken it upon myself to scour the shops for some delightful little numbers to amp up the Va-va-va voom & ensure you to be the showstopper of the night!

I hope one of these sparkly nuggets catches your eye, lighting up your New Year's & makes you feel like the bees knees as you wiggle your way into 2015! With one of these picks by your side you'll shine, sizzle, pop & crackle just like the fireworks dancing to their own tune up high in the sky!

Grab a cuppa (or the last remaining chug of merlot & chomp of mince pie) & let's slip into something a lil more slinky...

Links from top left:

Links from top left:

Links from Top left:

Links from Top left:

Prepare for a night of winter chills, thrills & cheeky stolen kisses under the remaining mistletoe... 

Happy New Year my wondrous beauties!

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24 December 2014

A Merry Little Christmas To You

It's near, it's here, can I hear y'all cheer....it's Chriiiiiistmas! Oh my cherry pie, how deliciously divine! 

Before I jump into bidding you all a delightfully wonderful Christmas time filled with all sorts of memorable shenanigans, I fervently hope you're donning your finest & most offensively festive knits to truly kickstart the silly season of naughty mischief. I'm currently sporting a snow speckled navy lil' number complete with a tinsel polar bear & absolutely loving life so hey, you know what needs to be done!

So tell me, whose wildly excited & jumping around squealing with ants in their pants whilst their nieces & nephews are calm, collected chicos chilling on the sofas in front of Elf?
Well where's the fun in that, eh? Father Christmas would be enamoured with your gallant efforts for spreading Christmas cheer so just remember that as it's Christmas shame is neither invited nor welcome. In fact, it simply doesn't exist, ok? Tally-O with your merry-making behaviour!
Now what was it we were nattering about again?

Oh I just totally love this time of year! There's just something so magical about it where the atmosphere is transformed into one stuffed with laughter & all the negative Nancy vibes that have been flitting about just dissolve & become non-existent & unimportant! 

The house is filled with cackles, smiles, chocolate, secrets & lots & lots of alcohol. Couldn't sound more darn-right fabulous if you ask me! Oh and the mandatory drinking games are a given, am I right? All that alcohol has to be put to good use somehow & what better way than by unashamedly making a fool of yourself? 

So now I've whipped out the dream-worthy & utterly whimsical mirage of Christmas, it's time to hit with you some home truths of the much anticipated big day...!

Now I know that Christmas is notorious for being surrounded by your nearest & dearest & wild images of couples nestled together like penguins on the sofa spooning each other chocolate gold from the heroes box are a common occurrence but there a few of us *ahem* who like to keep our options free, easy & frankly open. I'm not going to sugarcoat the reality in a dusting of sweet icing sugar so I'll hit you with the stone cold truth...the only thing us singletons are going to get up close & personal with is a family pack of Mr Kipling's jumbo mince pies. How saucy. 
I feel Christmas is a time for giving so I make it my aim here to present you all with the gift of knowledge. With that in mind I'll let you in on a a sneaky secret...whilst the world & his wife exchange costly tokens of besotted love in the form of aftershave & white gold bracelets, I'll be in the corner getting flirty & finger-lickin' dirty with an extra-large bag of festive mixed nuts...not quite the salty sack us ladies envisioned, eh?

This leads us on to the mandatory playing of cheesy Christmas music whilst you hustle & bustle your way in the kitchen getting all sweaty, hot & bothered over perfecting the stuffing of your turkey butt. This is where the main man can always, without-a-doubt soothe all of your Christmas woes. No, I'm not talking about Mr Claus nor the man who you happen to call your other half. Oh no, us ladies are referring to the ultimate male specimen who defines Christmas...Mr. Michael Bublé himself. 

Quite frankly, Bublé ruins it for all you men out there, despite the white gold bracelet you craftily picked out. Whilst we attempt to politely ignore your mantra of "kick back, relax & let your jingle bells rock", it's difficult to look past the sudden ferret butt fuzz that's found solace on your chin, the Darth Vader gas stream from your steam-train chugging of coronas & that's not even mentioning the ever-present farts that smell like grandma's "special" festive sprouts. See whilst you proudly scratch your Christmas tree balls like there's a family of beavers foraging for gold down there, Bublé glides his sparkling golden baubles into our hearts bathed in an aroma of sweet candy canes where his burps smell of butter brandy pudding & his succulently appestising Bratwurst sausage is most definitely one we'd like to get our quivering teeth into. 

Like kids in Santa's toyshop, our eyes are awash with mistletoe & Bublés' dangly balls are all we need stuffed in our stocking this year to well & truly make our Christmas fairies glow. 

So I hope that gave you a cheeky chuckle over your fifth glass of bubbly prosecco & at least your eighth mince pie of the hour (you're preparing for that expected cold snap, right?) but if not, I demand you to go get tanked on your Dad's vintage port, stick on some Andy Williams to karaoke to your furry friend & if you're on Santa's angel list, your dog may just wail right back at you & remind you that you're not so single after all! 

Oh Mr Williams, you terribly dirty drama queen...The most wonderful time of the year you say? I firmly advocate you all to go make it the most wonderful time of your 2014...even if it's purely due to the fact that you're drunk, inebriated on sausage meat & high on whizzard. 

Merry Christmas you lovely things! Wishing you a wonderful day full of fabulous & memorable tom-foolery  lots of sumptuous food to rival the likes of Mary Berry & good old-fashioned frantic wrapping paper tearing!

 [Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest & personal]

22 December 2014

Dodging the Nightmare Before Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a time for frolicking, fun, naughty shenanigans, drinking your body weight in tasty tipples & scoffing family-sized packets of chocolate yule-logs & mince pies but it doesn't come without some sneaky stress-inducing baggage. I don't want to snuff the magic with negativity as after all 'tis the season to be jolly but I thought it'd be handy to dish out the perfect little pocket-guide aimed at keeping you cool as a cucumber come the big day! Think of it as a cheeky gift from me to you so that as you roast & toast your chestnuts over your open fire, the cat wailing of the youth choir on T.V doesn't send you tipping over the edge & hurling a nut shell at the screen.

Don't feel the fizzle as it's your time to sizzle!

 Get some zzz
Whilst I'm fully aware that you're a girl in high demand what with the television screen nipping at your nose with some roaring comedy & sing-song movies, the fully stocked box of quality street throwing saucy looks your way & the last dregs of your pinot grigio carolling your name but try & get yourself tucked up like a sleeping elf nice and early. You'll most likely be out cold in seconds after dashing about all day long & the extra fluttery shut eye will allow you to flourish come the anointed hour all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed & quite frankly annoying next to your grouchy man who was up late prodding you for some cheeky festive duvet frolics...no chance buddy! Plus you've got to be snuggled up & snoozing before Santa's arrival to stuff your stocking silly, right?

Pop the cork, not your clogs 
It's scientifically proven that red wine is packed full of flavonoids & therefore good for the trusty old immune system so what better excuse is there to get the beverages flowing free and easy? Think about it, wine is made from grapes & grapes are a fruity superfood which therefore means makes wine 1 of your five a day. Can I get a hallelujah please? What a down-right Christmas miracle! A bit of liquid gold flowing happy in your veins will help to keep you chilled, relaxed & may help to stifle a few of the notorious family blows as you're more likely to brush off all their widely irritating habits!

Delegate, delegate, delegate
This time of year, it's all about giving but remember that you don't have to be superwoman & run yourself into the dusty ground trying to do anything & everything like a Christmas fairy. Why should you have to wrap the entire family's Christmas stock complete with those damn fiddly ribbons, scrub, brush & chop the veggies ready to soak, slave away rolling out mince pie pastry whilst the rest of the family are roaring with laughter with their feet up in the lounge munching on said mince pies and hailing for another icy chilled corona? Play the role of Mrs Claus who takes no baloney from no-one & let others pitch in with the preparation! Those Coronas will slip down extra sweet when you've all pitched in & worked together to make the big day one to remember.

Get some breezy gales on your face
Whilst it may seem that taking some time out for yourself at such a pivotal time is utter madness, it may just be your saving grace when your neices' fifth rendition of "Jingle bell rock" is enough to drive you under the living room table crouching like a crap & clutching at a pint of whiskey in a vice-like grip like you're a priest blessing his Holy water. Take a break, bundle yourself up into your chunky knit scarf & your disgusting but much-loved parka & take yourself off for a stroll around your neighbourhood. A touch of the winter gales blasting across your face will help to revive your frazzled head & inject that special festive sparkle back into your glittering eyes.

Get your speaker's singing
A fabulous way to help reduce stress, instantly calm your inner raging Cruella de Ville & save yourself from a major fury-flow blowout is to flick the switch on your radio or laptop & get those feel-good tunes belting out like there's no tomorrow! Whether it's a cheesy, cliched compilation of Christmas classics, a mashup of the top 40 lyrical marvels or a light & breezy blast of Slipknot - whatever gets your gnashers flashing like Nanny J's, your toes gliding like Torvill & Dean's, your bum wiggling like Shakira's & you shimmying your way around a buttered sprout meltdown, music is the golden touch in keeping you cool like a raisin in your Christmas fruitcake.

Offer yourself up like a tasty green triangle in the Chocolate tub
I realise it's the time of year to let loose & be reckless but I don't exactly mean letting your hair down & slapping yourself into the lap of your lusted fancies like a piece of succulent turkey slathered in a smattering of mouth-wateringly juicy cranberry sauce. Amongst all the hustle & bustle of trying to pull a marvellous & memorable day out of the glitter-encrusted, bell-jingling bag, it's far too easy to forget what Christmas is all about. It's a time to take some time out, hang your slippers up & enjoy some special quality time with the ones you've endured & put up with for far too many years. Pause, plop the potato masher down & go give your papa a great big bear hug. A hug is such a deliciously special moment to share with someone but their significance are often overlooked. Make it your aim to dish out genuine squishy snuggles to all your loved ones like they're going out of date as it's an utter given that time out focusing upon others will help to keep you grounded amongst all the soppy carrot peels. Not only will it make you feel special, loved & happy but it may well be the extra special Christmas gift that someone was wishing for.

If all else fails, just remember to keep calm & drink on!

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20 December 2014

Diary 101: Skip into 2015 as an Organised Bunny

There's something simply delightful in inching open that first fresh, crisp, ripple-free page of a new diary; especially one marking the anticipated arrival of a brand spanking new year! It's like closing the bruised & battered door of 2014 with good riddance & opening your flailing arms wide like one of Aunty May's notoriously snug hugs on a pick n'mix of new hope, potential, opportunities, experience and some much-deserved filthy fun. 

So if you're ready to get your happy little head clear & organised with some tempting fun, then get one of these beautifully delicious & not to mention dependable babies turning the pages of your 2015...

With one of these gorgeous books sitting pretty on your desk, a fresh pack of pens itching to get writing like busy bees & the head of a beautiful genius brimming with cunning ideas, what girl could be happier?

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16 December 2014

It Girl Olivia Palermo: Fashion’s Best Friend

It’s official, I'm head over heels in love with Olivia Palermo. Fact.
She’s a high profile blogger and entrepreneur, striking socialite & enviable fashionista with a jaw dropping ability to work any style trend that struts the catwalk and a glossy mane to rival a show-horse. That’s without mentioning her total G-o-d of a hubby Johannes Huebl and her adorable furry friend named Mr Butler. She’s sleek, effortless and if she wasn’t my ultimate fashion muse then I'd down-right hate the girl for putting the gorgeous & dreamy in perfection!Her presence in the fashion world is unmistakable and utterly unmissable just like her lithe & golden legs. Her clothes speak louder than words and mark her presence before she can open her mouth. In my mind, this charming lady strikes gold every single time she cracks open her lashes in the morning & can simply do no wrong!

Oh the things I'd do to be her best friend!

[Photo source inspiration: graziadaily, oliviapalermo.com, thefashionspot, glamour, stylekandi.com, trendsurvivor]
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12 December 2014

Deliciously Chubby Cookies for Mr. Santa Claus

It's that time of year again to skip on into the kitchen & get your hands all filthy & mucky whilst a touch of Mariah singsongs on the radio speakers! Get your pinny tied & rustle up a tumbling stack of gloriously sticky cookies to keep Santa a happy chappy after he's dropped off the golden goods under the twinkling tree.

Spreading Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear is tiring work don't you know! With that in mind, we've got to keep the old guy recharged & full of jolly festive spirit somehow, don't we?

These little golden crunchies are bursting with flavour, are filthy rich & utterly rewarding...everything that life should be this time of year! What's even better is that they take no time at all to whip up so before you know it you'll be chomping your way through these moorish little love bugs. After all, you've got to indulge in a bit of cheeky taste testing before dishing them up, right? It'd be a crush to the festive fun if we plated up a batch of McNasties to Santa!

Big, bold & gloriously jolly in all the right ways...just like the big man himself!

Stack 'em high in all their gluttonous glory & serve them next to the roaring fire with a tall icy cold glass of frothy leche as everyone knows that milk is a cookie's best friend. 

Whilst you're at it, gobble one down with something equally scrummy...Christmas is for sharing after all!


[Photo source inspiration: meetakwolff, thehuntedinterior, pinchofyum, flickr]
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09 December 2014

Life's Too Short Not To...

Sometimes life can be a right little madam & get herself stuck on a back burner of boredom and fun sucking madness...yikes. Yet I reckon life should be all about embracing new experiences, tackling challenges head on, playful giggles with friends but most importantly it's about indulging in some spine-tingling F-U-N! Hey, you can sweat the small stuff when you're 90 & stuck in your creaky armchairs with plenty of time to think meaningful & deep like Plato. Let go, shimmy on down & live a little! 

Hey, listen up! Life's too short not to...

Travel & explore the World out there
You have your whole life to settle down, get yourself grounded & decide exactly who you're going to be & what you're going to do so why not take some precious weeks, months or even a couple of years & get yourself lost in the magical world out there. Embrace being young & reckless & get yourself perusing the easyjet website with your trusty card of plastic fantastic. Go soak up some happy endorphins, snort some salty air of freedom & eat your weight in carbs. It may well be the ticket you need to bring about that lightbulb moment of clarity.

Let yourself giggle until you pee a little
Stop taking yourself & everything around you so God.damn.seriously! Let go of trying to anally control everything that happens to you, including the way you respond to the World & you'll find yourself giggling with the World. Sometimes letting loose & having a good old belly chuckle with your best girlfriends is just as therapeutic as several weeks trekking back and forth to a therapist's couch.

Eat the damn cupcake
Stop worrying about what you do & don't eat & just eat what makes you happy girl. So what if you've just eaten your fourth donut of the day whilst your co-worker munches her celery with the face of a slapped arse. If eating that donut/cupcake/pizza slice/ whole tub of roses puts a cheeky smile on your face & makes those toes of yours tinkle then that my dear friend, is the whole point of living. Feed yourself, not your doubts & you'll find yourself in a much happier existence.

Celebrate having an arse that rivals a Christmas cracker
Admit that yes, your favourite jeans have earnt their top ranking due to their ability to magic your behind into one delicious spectacle of an arse.

Chase after your dreams
They're your dreams for a reason but what good will come if they simply stay that way? What exactly have you got to lose just by trying to chase them by their tails? Absolutely nothing! The only thing you will lose is the chance to actually achieve them by not running your socks off to capture them on your leash! Drop your worries on the pavement & go for it girl...even if it means you end up ungracefully bent over & grovelling on the dusty floor. If it gets your fabulous foot through the golden door then hey no-one's judging your sparkly crown!

Date a guy your parents most definitely would not approve of
Prince charming dangling off your arm, swathed in a hazy musk of adorable with a bunch of snow-white roses in hand sounds all well & dandy but is it the jolt of electric that you secretly lust for? Most girls want their prince charming when mother nature comes knocking on the door & the undeniable broody need for little monsters pooping everywhere gets too strong but whilst we're young, free & completely reckless? Flirt your way onto the cracked leather seat on the back of that Harley Davidson, slurp dirty martinis with the irresistible Goddess who works a leather jacket like no-one you've seen before. Good boys are for Sunday stomps in the Country but a bad boy? A bad boy is for naughtiness on a Saturday night. Enough said.

Never be daring with your hair
We've all concluded that when it comes to a woman & her locks, it's a relationship that should never, under any circumstances be crossed without her complete & utter nod of approval. Fact. Yes everyone harps on about how natural is the purest form of beauty but it's also without a doubt bloody boring! Life's all about the unexpected, the exciting, the thrill of change so instead of always playing 'Little Miss Safe', be daring & bold & do something out of the ordinary & be extraordinary! It's astounding how a simple switch up of your routine snip or colour can transform not only the way you see the world but how the world suddenly sees you.

Be spontaneous
Life is a tough cookie as it is so why make it even harder for yourself by wrapping your daily activities into stubborn routines & to-do lists. Having life plans are a handy little tool to guide yourself in a general direction but remember to keep them open & free. Ride life as if it were a wave & remember to just go with the flow. Get an invitation to something you normally wouldn't touch with a barge-pole? Break out of your habits & try saying yes & being spontaneous. You never know what might happen or where it may lead you...for all you know it could be straight into the arms of Bradley Cooper! The existence of his wife is utterly irrelevant here.

To drink vodka
It may do bad things to your head. Very, very bad things but you're young, it tastes simply darling with a touch of lemonade & it makes your moves on the dance floor unbeatable so why tame the consumption of this magic holy water when it suits you down to a tee? Any objections? In that case, drink up ladies & let loose.

To dump those fun-sucking friends
Remember that it is your life & who you choose to spend your time with is entirely in your hands & control. Life is far too precious to spend it with the wrong types of people & with those who don't make you wear your most gorgeous smile. Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine so if certain people in your life make you feel well & truly like a cow's pat then dump them on the grass & simply move your gorgeously topshop-clad shoe over them. It's not worth spending your time with people who bring you down by back-handed comments or suck away your inner sparkle with their moaning myrtle comments. Bag 'em up & chuck them the sun don't shine as you my leading lady deserves every ounce of glorious sunshine in your life.

Be Bold. Be Daring. Be You.

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08 December 2014

The Bucketlist before New Years

So it's officially 24 beauty winks until the New Year graces us with her fresh arrival...Yikes! So it's time to get down and dirty with making the last of the days of 2014 truly magical & rememberable!
As we skate our way into a season of fun-filled cheer, mulled-wine infused giggles, mince-pie scoffing, frothy hot cocoa slurping & child-like giddy excitement, I thought it'd be the perfect present to compile a countdown bucket list to ensure that the rest of your 2014 is something to write to Santa about!

Get planning, fill up your calendars with fabulous ideas, squeeze in a bit of the serious stuff but most importantly it's time to indulge in some silly, smile-inducing shenanigans! So go grab yourself a toasty hot mince pie (or three), a mug of pipin' hot frothy coffee & get yourself inspired....!

Host a girl's night
Whether that involves a night of sophistication, LBD's, a sit-down dinner party or a stripped back night of old-school movies, pretty jammies & bowfuls of candyking sweeties, indulge in a night of ab-inducing giggles & free-flowing vino with your best girls.

Have a technology-free weekend
Why not challenge yourself going an entire weekend without your nose glued to your iPhone screen or your fingertips tip-tapping at the keyboard. Take yourself off into the outside world, curl up with a that book you've been meaning to dig out for months, whip up some tantalising bakes in the kitchen or spend some quality time with your family. Getting out there in the real world as opposed to your virtual world will open your eyes to all the colourful opportunities you miss every single day so stop, drop & step out into a new existence.
Budget plan for next month & slash some of those debts
We're all aware that trying to keep your head afloat in these current financial times can be as headache inducing as hearing your boss drone on about spreadsheets but if you keep a cool head & plan wisely then you could sail the waters a little easier. Why not try things a little differently as December rolls in & budget yourself by breaking down what is essential and what is frivolous spending. You'll be surprised by how much money can fritter away on the small things so keep your purse strings on more of tight leash & you'll find yourself with a little extra dollar rolling around. This is fabulous news if you need to take a stab at some of the bills that have been sneakily stacking up or if you have plans to treat your loved ones to some extra special Christmas surprises.

Channel your alter-ego for a day
This'll be one to make you ponder but why not spend the day playing "little Miss Opposite". Flip everything that you normally say, do, eat, think, wear to the exact opposite and see what happens. We guaranteed that there will be things that will make you cringe & appreciate your usual routines and other things that will challenge and surprise you about yourself. Go on, be curious! Always 'Miss Introvert'? - today's the day to just bloomin' go for it! Stick on a bold outfit that makes you swing your hair like Beyonce, hold yourself tall & proud & if a little self-doubt happens to creep its' way in,  shake it off, throw your head back, swing your hips & giggle! Then swig back a double Vodka & coke for dutch courage.
Celebrate a holiday from somewhere across the Oceans
It's all too easy to get caught up with all things patriarchal & routine so why not shake things up a bit & indulge in a bit of fun from across the lands? Thanksgiving was only a couple weeks ago for all you American gals out there & Instagram sure presented it as a total fun fest so why not jump on the jumbo jet for next year & get yourself involved too? After all, it only makes the perfect excuse for wrangling an extra giant turkey feast & scoffing back caramel crusted pecan pie. It'd be a shame to say no, wouldn't it? Time to celebrate diversity with our tummies ladies!
Book yourself in for a giggle date
It's been a(nother) long week & now that the temperatures have decided to inconsideratly plummet, we think we all have a right to do nothing but treat ourselves on a frequent basis. Wrap yourself up like a moth in your snuggle blanket, wriggle your way onto the sofa with a sprinkle-covered hot cocoa & treat yourself to a long evening of good old belly laughs by watching some of your favourite guilty pleasures. Yes Miranda, we're looking t you. Get those happy endorphins pumping to heat up the icy chill.
Host a Scrumptious bake-off afternoon
Now that Paul & Mary have retreated into their nests of hibernation for the Winter, we're mourning a loss for all things deviously naughty & sweet. To try & fill that sugar-lacking void, invite a gaggle of your girlfriends round on a drizzly Saturday afternoon and host a bake-off bonanza! What's even better is that as Saturday night X-factor rolls around, you can all snuggle down & proceed to devour the delicious delights that you've whipped up. Harness your inner Kitchen Goddess & make Mary proud!

Embark on a Christmas clean-up craze!
Nothing silently drags you down more than trying to live, breath, eat & sleep in a haven filled to the brim with dust, papers, plates & mess. You may praise yourself at the sheer finesse of your incredibly balanced floordrobe but why not make it your mission to spring clean your entire flat before Santa jingles his jangles. It may appear to be mighty task to tackle amongst the sea of more appealing glitter parties & drinks but we can assure you that taking the time to feng shui your abode will leave you feel physically & spirituality lifted. Not only will it lift that clothing from your floor, but your moods & energy levels will suddenly feel sky-high & you'll be able to sit back, relax & slurp your wine in a nest of tranquility. Get your inner fairy Godmother working her magical duster!
Get your skates on
As December pokes her head around the corner, many of the major cities will be whipping up their ice-skating rinks & wooden festive markets. To spark your inner child & ignite the festive cheer within you, why not grab a few friends & skip along to one of your nearest getups & get ready to lace up & skate-off! It will be an evening guaranteed to pull- but hopefully not break- a few funny bones as you & your friends battle it out to stay horizontal as you glide along the glistening ice. Time to keep the skating spirit of Torvill & Dean alive!
Go & get your Tarot cards read
To those of you intrigued by all things supernatural & mysterious or feel they need a bit of extra guidance in life, hop along & try something different by getting your tarot cards read. Whilst it may not provide the clear answers or expectations you had in mind, it might pique some repressed desires or ideas & lead your head & heart to a destination that you hadn't anticipated. It may just be the yellow brick road journey you were wishing for as we trundle our way into a brand-spanking new year!


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