30 December 2014

Be the Belle of the Ball this New Year's Eve

'Twas the night before New Years & as she slumped herself down butt naked upon her bedroom floor strewn with garments that made her look too frumpy/ trashy/ fat/ skinny/ short/ tall or all of the above combined, she let out a frustrated moan of despair. It was the night to shimmy, shine & feel down-right fabulous knocking back one too many moorish mojitos but instead due to her lack of planning, she'll be decked out in her fleecy flannel onesie (ta nan!), binge-watching Sarah Millican whilst her snapchat explodes with New year frolickings of fun. The only saucy business she'll be getting up close & personal with is the left-over double-inch chocolate yule log & family pack of mixed nuts. Crackin'.

Sound like a case of familiar de-ja vu?

Sometimes with the toe-tingling excitement of Christmas, turkey smothered sandwiches & tinkling new toys to break, the final outfit you showcase in 2014 ready to take you into 2015 can be somewhat overlooked! Since I'm a generous gal & only aim to please, I've taken it upon myself to scour the shops for some delightful little numbers to amp up the Va-va-va voom & ensure you to be the showstopper of the night!

I hope one of these sparkly nuggets catches your eye, lighting up your New Year's & makes you feel like the bees knees as you wiggle your way into 2015! With one of these picks by your side you'll shine, sizzle, pop & crackle just like the fireworks dancing to their own tune up high in the sky!

Grab a cuppa (or the last remaining chug of merlot & chomp of mince pie) & let's slip into something a lil more slinky...

Links from top left:

Links from top left:

Links from Top left:

Links from Top left:

Prepare for a night of winter chills, thrills & cheeky stolen kisses under the remaining mistletoe... 

Happy New Year my wondrous beauties!

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]


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