20 December 2014

Diary 101: Skip into 2015 as an Organised Bunny

There's something simply delightful in inching open that first fresh, crisp, ripple-free page of a new diary; especially one marking the anticipated arrival of a brand spanking new year! It's like closing the bruised & battered door of 2014 with good riddance & opening your flailing arms wide like one of Aunty May's notoriously snug hugs on a pick n'mix of new hope, potential, opportunities, experience and some much-deserved filthy fun. 

So if you're ready to get your happy little head clear & organised with some tempting fun, then get one of these beautifully delicious & not to mention dependable babies turning the pages of your 2015...

With one of these gorgeous books sitting pretty on your desk, a fresh pack of pens itching to get writing like busy bees & the head of a beautiful genius brimming with cunning ideas, what girl could be happier?

[Also available to read at Couture Stories]

[Photo source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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