16 December 2014

It Girl Olivia Palermo: Fashion’s Best Friend

It’s official, I'm head over heels in love with Olivia Palermo. Fact.
She’s a high profile blogger and entrepreneur, striking socialite & enviable fashionista with a jaw dropping ability to work any style trend that struts the catwalk and a glossy mane to rival a show-horse. That’s without mentioning her total G-o-d of a hubby Johannes Huebl and her adorable furry friend named Mr Butler. She’s sleek, effortless and if she wasn’t my ultimate fashion muse then I'd down-right hate the girl for putting the gorgeous & dreamy in perfection!Her presence in the fashion world is unmistakable and utterly unmissable just like her lithe & golden legs. Her clothes speak louder than words and mark her presence before she can open her mouth. In my mind, this charming lady strikes gold every single time she cracks open her lashes in the morning & can simply do no wrong!

Oh the things I'd do to be her best friend!

[Photo source inspiration: graziadaily, oliviapalermo.com, thefashionspot, glamour, stylekandi.com, trendsurvivor]
[Also available to read at Couture Stories]

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