09 December 2014

Life's Too Short Not To...

Sometimes life can be a right little madam & get herself stuck on a back burner of boredom and fun sucking madness...yikes. Yet I reckon life should be all about embracing new experiences, tackling challenges head on, playful giggles with friends but most importantly it's about indulging in some spine-tingling F-U-N! Hey, you can sweat the small stuff when you're 90 & stuck in your creaky armchairs with plenty of time to think meaningful & deep like Plato. Let go, shimmy on down & live a little! 

Hey, listen up! Life's too short not to...

Travel & explore the World out there
You have your whole life to settle down, get yourself grounded & decide exactly who you're going to be & what you're going to do so why not take some precious weeks, months or even a couple of years & get yourself lost in the magical world out there. Embrace being young & reckless & get yourself perusing the easyjet website with your trusty card of plastic fantastic. Go soak up some happy endorphins, snort some salty air of freedom & eat your weight in carbs. It may well be the ticket you need to bring about that lightbulb moment of clarity.

Let yourself giggle until you pee a little
Stop taking yourself & everything around you so God.damn.seriously! Let go of trying to anally control everything that happens to you, including the way you respond to the World & you'll find yourself giggling with the World. Sometimes letting loose & having a good old belly chuckle with your best girlfriends is just as therapeutic as several weeks trekking back and forth to a therapist's couch.

Eat the damn cupcake
Stop worrying about what you do & don't eat & just eat what makes you happy girl. So what if you've just eaten your fourth donut of the day whilst your co-worker munches her celery with the face of a slapped arse. If eating that donut/cupcake/pizza slice/ whole tub of roses puts a cheeky smile on your face & makes those toes of yours tinkle then that my dear friend, is the whole point of living. Feed yourself, not your doubts & you'll find yourself in a much happier existence.

Celebrate having an arse that rivals a Christmas cracker
Admit that yes, your favourite jeans have earnt their top ranking due to their ability to magic your behind into one delicious spectacle of an arse.

Chase after your dreams
They're your dreams for a reason but what good will come if they simply stay that way? What exactly have you got to lose just by trying to chase them by their tails? Absolutely nothing! The only thing you will lose is the chance to actually achieve them by not running your socks off to capture them on your leash! Drop your worries on the pavement & go for it girl...even if it means you end up ungracefully bent over & grovelling on the dusty floor. If it gets your fabulous foot through the golden door then hey no-one's judging your sparkly crown!

Date a guy your parents most definitely would not approve of
Prince charming dangling off your arm, swathed in a hazy musk of adorable with a bunch of snow-white roses in hand sounds all well & dandy but is it the jolt of electric that you secretly lust for? Most girls want their prince charming when mother nature comes knocking on the door & the undeniable broody need for little monsters pooping everywhere gets too strong but whilst we're young, free & completely reckless? Flirt your way onto the cracked leather seat on the back of that Harley Davidson, slurp dirty martinis with the irresistible Goddess who works a leather jacket like no-one you've seen before. Good boys are for Sunday stomps in the Country but a bad boy? A bad boy is for naughtiness on a Saturday night. Enough said.

Never be daring with your hair
We've all concluded that when it comes to a woman & her locks, it's a relationship that should never, under any circumstances be crossed without her complete & utter nod of approval. Fact. Yes everyone harps on about how natural is the purest form of beauty but it's also without a doubt bloody boring! Life's all about the unexpected, the exciting, the thrill of change so instead of always playing 'Little Miss Safe', be daring & bold & do something out of the ordinary & be extraordinary! It's astounding how a simple switch up of your routine snip or colour can transform not only the way you see the world but how the world suddenly sees you.

Be spontaneous
Life is a tough cookie as it is so why make it even harder for yourself by wrapping your daily activities into stubborn routines & to-do lists. Having life plans are a handy little tool to guide yourself in a general direction but remember to keep them open & free. Ride life as if it were a wave & remember to just go with the flow. Get an invitation to something you normally wouldn't touch with a barge-pole? Break out of your habits & try saying yes & being spontaneous. You never know what might happen or where it may lead you...for all you know it could be straight into the arms of Bradley Cooper! The existence of his wife is utterly irrelevant here.

To drink vodka
It may do bad things to your head. Very, very bad things but you're young, it tastes simply darling with a touch of lemonade & it makes your moves on the dance floor unbeatable so why tame the consumption of this magic holy water when it suits you down to a tee? Any objections? In that case, drink up ladies & let loose.

To dump those fun-sucking friends
Remember that it is your life & who you choose to spend your time with is entirely in your hands & control. Life is far too precious to spend it with the wrong types of people & with those who don't make you wear your most gorgeous smile. Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine so if certain people in your life make you feel well & truly like a cow's pat then dump them on the grass & simply move your gorgeously topshop-clad shoe over them. It's not worth spending your time with people who bring you down by back-handed comments or suck away your inner sparkle with their moaning myrtle comments. Bag 'em up & chuck them the sun don't shine as you my leading lady deserves every ounce of glorious sunshine in your life.

Be Bold. Be Daring. Be You.

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