08 December 2014

The Bucketlist before New Years

So it's officially 24 beauty winks until the New Year graces us with her fresh arrival...Yikes! So it's time to get down and dirty with making the last of the days of 2014 truly magical & rememberable!
As we skate our way into a season of fun-filled cheer, mulled-wine infused giggles, mince-pie scoffing, frothy hot cocoa slurping & child-like giddy excitement, I thought it'd be the perfect present to compile a countdown bucket list to ensure that the rest of your 2014 is something to write to Santa about!

Get planning, fill up your calendars with fabulous ideas, squeeze in a bit of the serious stuff but most importantly it's time to indulge in some silly, smile-inducing shenanigans! So go grab yourself a toasty hot mince pie (or three), a mug of pipin' hot frothy coffee & get yourself inspired....!

Host a girl's night
Whether that involves a night of sophistication, LBD's, a sit-down dinner party or a stripped back night of old-school movies, pretty jammies & bowfuls of candyking sweeties, indulge in a night of ab-inducing giggles & free-flowing vino with your best girls.

Have a technology-free weekend
Why not challenge yourself going an entire weekend without your nose glued to your iPhone screen or your fingertips tip-tapping at the keyboard. Take yourself off into the outside world, curl up with a that book you've been meaning to dig out for months, whip up some tantalising bakes in the kitchen or spend some quality time with your family. Getting out there in the real world as opposed to your virtual world will open your eyes to all the colourful opportunities you miss every single day so stop, drop & step out into a new existence.
Budget plan for next month & slash some of those debts
We're all aware that trying to keep your head afloat in these current financial times can be as headache inducing as hearing your boss drone on about spreadsheets but if you keep a cool head & plan wisely then you could sail the waters a little easier. Why not try things a little differently as December rolls in & budget yourself by breaking down what is essential and what is frivolous spending. You'll be surprised by how much money can fritter away on the small things so keep your purse strings on more of tight leash & you'll find yourself with a little extra dollar rolling around. This is fabulous news if you need to take a stab at some of the bills that have been sneakily stacking up or if you have plans to treat your loved ones to some extra special Christmas surprises.

Channel your alter-ego for a day
This'll be one to make you ponder but why not spend the day playing "little Miss Opposite". Flip everything that you normally say, do, eat, think, wear to the exact opposite and see what happens. We guaranteed that there will be things that will make you cringe & appreciate your usual routines and other things that will challenge and surprise you about yourself. Go on, be curious! Always 'Miss Introvert'? - today's the day to just bloomin' go for it! Stick on a bold outfit that makes you swing your hair like Beyonce, hold yourself tall & proud & if a little self-doubt happens to creep its' way in,  shake it off, throw your head back, swing your hips & giggle! Then swig back a double Vodka & coke for dutch courage.
Celebrate a holiday from somewhere across the Oceans
It's all too easy to get caught up with all things patriarchal & routine so why not shake things up a bit & indulge in a bit of fun from across the lands? Thanksgiving was only a couple weeks ago for all you American gals out there & Instagram sure presented it as a total fun fest so why not jump on the jumbo jet for next year & get yourself involved too? After all, it only makes the perfect excuse for wrangling an extra giant turkey feast & scoffing back caramel crusted pecan pie. It'd be a shame to say no, wouldn't it? Time to celebrate diversity with our tummies ladies!
Book yourself in for a giggle date
It's been a(nother) long week & now that the temperatures have decided to inconsideratly plummet, we think we all have a right to do nothing but treat ourselves on a frequent basis. Wrap yourself up like a moth in your snuggle blanket, wriggle your way onto the sofa with a sprinkle-covered hot cocoa & treat yourself to a long evening of good old belly laughs by watching some of your favourite guilty pleasures. Yes Miranda, we're looking t you. Get those happy endorphins pumping to heat up the icy chill.
Host a Scrumptious bake-off afternoon
Now that Paul & Mary have retreated into their nests of hibernation for the Winter, we're mourning a loss for all things deviously naughty & sweet. To try & fill that sugar-lacking void, invite a gaggle of your girlfriends round on a drizzly Saturday afternoon and host a bake-off bonanza! What's even better is that as Saturday night X-factor rolls around, you can all snuggle down & proceed to devour the delicious delights that you've whipped up. Harness your inner Kitchen Goddess & make Mary proud!

Embark on a Christmas clean-up craze!
Nothing silently drags you down more than trying to live, breath, eat & sleep in a haven filled to the brim with dust, papers, plates & mess. You may praise yourself at the sheer finesse of your incredibly balanced floordrobe but why not make it your mission to spring clean your entire flat before Santa jingles his jangles. It may appear to be mighty task to tackle amongst the sea of more appealing glitter parties & drinks but we can assure you that taking the time to feng shui your abode will leave you feel physically & spirituality lifted. Not only will it lift that clothing from your floor, but your moods & energy levels will suddenly feel sky-high & you'll be able to sit back, relax & slurp your wine in a nest of tranquility. Get your inner fairy Godmother working her magical duster!
Get your skates on
As December pokes her head around the corner, many of the major cities will be whipping up their ice-skating rinks & wooden festive markets. To spark your inner child & ignite the festive cheer within you, why not grab a few friends & skip along to one of your nearest getups & get ready to lace up & skate-off! It will be an evening guaranteed to pull- but hopefully not break- a few funny bones as you & your friends battle it out to stay horizontal as you glide along the glistening ice. Time to keep the skating spirit of Torvill & Dean alive!
Go & get your Tarot cards read
To those of you intrigued by all things supernatural & mysterious or feel they need a bit of extra guidance in life, hop along & try something different by getting your tarot cards read. Whilst it may not provide the clear answers or expectations you had in mind, it might pique some repressed desires or ideas & lead your head & heart to a destination that you hadn't anticipated. It may just be the yellow brick road journey you were wishing for as we trundle our way into a brand-spanking new year!


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