09 January 2015

Beyond The Pond: Winter Weekend Escapes

Hankering for a hearty slice of authentic artistic culture? How about a few days of succulent sunshine rays warming up that frosty skin of yours? Or how does sipping on thirst-quenching fruity concoctions laced with a slug of oomph whilst you stylishly spend away the last of your pennies all within the enchanting surroundings of the exotic unknown? If it's a break from the daily rise n'shine grind of life that you require then curl up & pack yourself in for a ride of inspiration, guaranteed to get your fingers booking the next weekend flight out of here & into a memorable 2015 adventure!

Welcome aboard today's menu of opportunity...

Dubrovnik, Croatia 
A Croatian city of enticing paradise! Dubrovnik offers nothing but memorable escapism in its charming heritage & history painted upon every cobbled street and old brick walls. A city of heaven for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in beautiful sightings, sit back & giggle with authentic foodie delights all whilst soaking up classical, unadulterated culture.

Stockholm, Sweden
The metropolitan capital of Sweden & a truly buzzing cityscape like no other. Not only is this popular hotspot thriving with culture, history & architecture but it boasts some of the most beautiful fashion muses worldwide where magnificent street-style comes as an effortless side order of originality.

London, England
Britain's capital city of ultimate urban originality boasting an endless wealth of must-see attractions, sights & opportunities. From its best-selling theatre breaks, michelin-encrusted hotel boutiques, eclectic street style bloggers & hot-to-trot designers as well as its fabulously grand museums dripping with fascinating history, London is the city to soak up this weekend.

Verona, Italy
This is the perfect city to discover your senses & get lost in mesmerising beauty. Hailed as the enchanting setting for pure romance thanks to the unforgettable tale of Romeo & Juliet, this is the city for you if road trips along the dusty tracks of potato fields & slurping stealthy reds amongst vineyards sounds like the ultimate trip of your dreams.

New York, USA
How do you like your eggs in the mornin'? We like ours served alongside a stonkin' stack of sweet maple-drenched fluffy pancakes. So how does jetting off to the city of dreams sound to you? A fabulous frenzy of shopping, world-class hotels, unforgettable theatre, jaw-dropping sights & tongue-wagging gourmet delights, New York is the only city you should set your sights upon if an experience of a lifetime is what you desire.

[Photo Inspiration Sources: mmtours.rs, world-placez-blogspot, saboresdaitalia.com, camp-cambell, pinterest] 

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