21 January 2015

Cook-Off! Battle of the Health Hampers

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Sound familiar?

As we all knuckle back down into working our frilly socks off to replenish the sorry state we like to call a bank account not to mention the feeble attempts in sticking to our twice weekly gym seshs, slaving over a hot stove is enough to set our stress buttons into combusting overdrive. Cooking up a nutritionally delicious storm in the kitchen enough to make light bulb Ramsey swear like a trooper in pure ecstatic disbelief seems as appealing as the two page to-do list tactfully being concealed by your new bonsai desk tree. In your defence, it's feng shui darling!

So in line with keeping things a lil' more zen, chilled & stripped back to basics, I've caught on to a trend that'll not only keep the flavours movin' & shakin' in your kitchen & tastebuds but will take next to no time to have pipin' away in culinary glory on the dinner table!

It's all about down-right scrumptious nosh without all the gourmet faff!

So say hello to my coveted secret of health hamper boxes that spring onto your doorstep at the click of a button! What could be better than a pack stuffed with a variety selection of the freshest ingredients, bespoke menu recipes & clear-cut instructions delivered straight to your door? It's like being sent your own personal sous-chef on demand! It's the perfect solution to cut down on your precious time as let's face it, why would you want to spend hours trailing round a supermarket when you're a girl in demand for cocktail dates?

But shhh...keep this as our little secret! We don't want everyone catching on to our fabulous working-girl solution & frazzling out our trusty Mr. Postman!

Peruse the site like a kid in a candy shop & select from an extensive range of succulently gourmet food recipes that not only excel in flavour but are notoriously healthy & nourishing at the same time. You'll be sent a hamper with a bundle of fresh ingredients all measured tailored to the colour-illustrated recipe cards tucked inside. In no time at all you'll be cooking up dishes to rival the Italian bombshell Nigella!

Best-selling recipe dish: Show-stopping asian salmon fillet atop a bed of shredded beetroot in a garlic-ginger soy sauce to an Emperor's almond, rosemary & pepper lamb ragu served with atop a fresh bed of linguine pasta.

Hello Fresh
Juicy, fresh, crisp & decadent without all the fuss! These meal boxes provide you with all you need to whip up some tasty morsels with every prep-step illustrated on a photo step-by-step recipe card guaranteed to have you munching on a toe-tingling dish within 30 minutes you excitedly opened the box lid! Convenient, fantastic food without the all the bore & hassle. Say hello to one very satisfied happy tummy!

Best-selling recipe dish: The Classic Box with recipes such as wild mushroom & decadent truffle risotto to cheeky chicken chow mien with oyster sauce & water chestnuts.

Something a little different to the fresh food boxes but a tasty little menu option all by itself! If you struggle to pack yourself nourishing & energy buzzing snacks to keep you motivated & working hard throughout the day then why not sign yourself up for a weekly graze box delivery. With it's extensive range of snacks, treats & confectionaries, this handy little hamper can cater to your every whim & need without any hindrance in the flavour department! What's more, Graze have just launched a breakfast selection range boasting fruity infused multi-grain flaked cereals, granolas & wheats to heart-warming, nut-slivered creamy porridge picks all jam-packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals & all the good stuff in-between! Dive in & get ready to pick'n'mix!

The Original Supper Box Company
Packed full of mouth-watering flavour, choice & gourmet delight, these little supper boxes are guaranteed to be nothing but memorable - for all the right reasons! Simple-to follow recipes will have you laughing at the ease of being a true master chef as you chill out & slurp at your icy glass of wine whilst the oven does all the rough-tough work! Simply straightforward but deliciously scrumptious. You order, they deliver, you cook & your tummy giggles in yummy satisfaction!

Riverford Recipe Boxes
An organic farm shop online market showcasing a range of fresh & seasonal recipe boxes over-flowing with culinary inspiration for tasty, heart-warming meals. You select a box that takes your fancy (or makes that belly of yours rumble like a lion) & before you know it, a delightful box will arrive at your doorstep with three nourishing recipe card kits alongside the freshest of organic ingredients to get crack-a-lackin' in the kitchen! Oh so simple yet oh so tasty!

Go grab your piny & get your creative fingers stuck into some scrummy dishes...you'll be the new Delia Smith sizzling on the block!

[Also available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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