16 January 2015

Green Goddess: Your Eco Beauty Products Guide

Whilst I'm a wondrous advocate of unleashing that mesmerising inner beauty in each & every one of you, sometimes a little something extra to enhance those Bambi lashes of yours & pack a tinted rosy hue upon those pretty lil' cheekbones doesn't go amiss! Instead of reaching for that glamorous glass bottle loaded with an endless number of parabens, sulphates & chemical toxins you wouldn't even know where to begin trying to pronounce, why not plump for something a touch more...natural?

Turn down the hassle you apply to your skin & keep things simple with some of the top organic beauty products dancing about on the market to leave you looking younger, radiantly glowing & simply drop-dead gorgeous.

Drenched in natural oils of the Earth & dripping with succulent minerals these are the products that are setting beauty tongues alive! They're striped of the nasties, drained of the toxins & jam packed with nothing but nourishing & rejuvenating ingredients to reveal the green eco goddess you are! 

Gorgeously real, gorgeously natural & gorgeously made just for you! Switch it up, nurture the skin you live in & wear it with that regal confidence you know so well!

Stripped Back Smooth Bases

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