15 January 2015

Shape Your World With The Speakers Who Built Theirs

With the greatest will in the world not even positive polly whose fabulous humpday wednesday pep talks never fail to whack a knock-out, gnasher-flaring smile on your pretty lil' cheekbones can keep her glass of furiously fun optimism half full with motivational energy. Sometimes life really can take a stumble along the wrong tracks & before you know it you're pelting along full-steam ahead clinging along at the back of the struggle train. If you find yourself submerged in a world of gloom, dullness & lacking in that colourful sparkle you desire, then it's time to turn the page of your book straight to the  chapter of inspirational individuals whose selfless encouragement & strength will magic that sprightly bounce back into your daily walk.

They drive, they shop for milk, they scrub sticky burnt onions from their saucepans & they all question mother nature's persistent & unwelcome monthly visit just like we do. So what's the difference? These are the women we honour & admire as not only do they mould our imaginations to strive for our desires but they aim to remind us to feel like the fabulous individuals we all are.

Too often we lose the sound & depth of our voices when we lose sight of our perspective of who we want to be, what we're meant to do & how our self-worth gets tangled up & reliant upon how we can always do more, be better, achieve more & be better. We turn the volume down & use our inner voice to criticise & nit-pick our abilities, letting those negative fairies revel in delight but these ladies use their voices of compassionate courage to remind us of our potential to soar & it is through their mesmerising confidence that we can continue to open up & realise the dreams we keep locked away.

Use their unstoppable leadership, life lessons & powerful voices of change to awaken yours & ignite that unforgotten sparkle of opportunity as these women remind us of our natural beauty through the priceless words of their own.

Marie Forleo 
One of her greatest nuggets of advice would have to be "Fear is your fuel". So do what Marie does girlies & use that knee-jiggling, sweaty upper lip juice as ammunition to plunge yourself forwards into the direction of your dreams setting yourself free on a flight of change & aim. If you don't use the butterflies stuck in your belly for a step onto the platform of difference then you'll find yourself stuck dithering at the bottom with an upset tummy & some unforgiving bowel movements. Your choice.

Oprah Winfrey
One of the most famous & successful philanthropist, actresses & talk-show motivators to grace our planet whose presence & mark in the world will always be hailed & celebrated. Oprah is a woman who never fails to mesmerise with her frank, honest & down-to earth encyclopaedia of advice & award-winning & spirited leadership. This powerful woman of influence is fabulously straight-headed with a credible talent for grasping reality & changing it for good so that we walk away caring not only about how the world is shaping itself but how our actions and reactions on this planet fundamentally shape it too. Winfrey is without a doubt a born leader & her march for happiness, harmony & compassion is one you can't resist walking to.

Maya Angelou
A woman of undeniable magnificence whose uplifting words of wisdom have shaped countless women to date. Maya Angelou is one of the most remarkable poets, teachers & activists to grace our world & in her recital of 'Phenomenal Woman', not only does she resemble every girl's fairy God mother through uplifting grace; she reminds us to believe in our unshakeable worth on the days where we feel unwanted, invisible, too fat, too ugly & showcases how womanhood is not defined by opinion, definition or societal ideals. To be phenomenal & attain respect you need to be unashamedly real. Be yourself. As you can be nothing but yourself then you as an individual reading this are already a Phenomenal Woman. Read it, breath it, believe it.

Michelle Obama
An American lawyer, eloquent writer, proud mom, doting wife, first lady & a glorious lady like no other. Michelle defines the term role model & paves the way as a wholesome advocate for motivational change & encouragement. Meticulous brains & understated beauty come hand in hand for Michelle whose political presence has earned her remarkable respect Worldwide & has hailed her one of the World's most influential women whose heart pumps with pure love for society.

You may have trudged your messy ponytail head through the office doors this morning whilst making some excellent eye contact with the marbled floor tiles in a bubble of self-doubt, anxiety & feeling down-right horrid but after absorbing some of the redefined excellence of these individuals, you'll be strutting out tonight like its your golden runway, head up swishing your hair like a golden mane of sunshine & sashaying your hips like the crystal-encrusted princess you undoubtedly are. Work it girl!

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