25 February 2015

Somefin To Mullet Over: Recipes From Under The Sea

Getting tired of your weekly courgetti spaghetti & floundering on what to get sizzlin' on the grill for dinner tonight? Don't get tangled in your fishing line as I've got a vibrant school of delectable recipes inspired by the deep mystical oceans that are packed to the gills with succulent delicious flavour that are simply off the scale!

Fish is certainty the chosen catch of the day when you're fishing for a mouth-watering & bum-tingling dinner that's quick to prepare, beautifully versatile & can be picked up, whipped up & dished up in the flash of a fin! As busy working girls, I trout very much that you want to engage in wrestling matches upon your kitchen surfaces when trying to lock down a tasty tea so get inspired by these morsels otherwise it won't just be the fish that takes a battering. 

Oh & before I carp on about it, the comedy seasoning of this post is pretty turbot-charged don't ya think or have you haddock enough of the fishy fun puns? I shan't blame you too much as they tend to wear fin after a while though quick frankly I'm chuckling so hard that I fear I may pull a few mussels along the line. In fact, I'd even chuck a few squid on the table that it may just happen. 

Oh my, I'm on a real shoal right now!

Go on then, get your skates on & scallop your way to the kitchen - I guarantee it'll be the finnacle of your day & you'll be licking your trout pout before you know it...

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]


23 February 2015

Welcome Spring On Your Lips: Colour Blossom

Get your fingers on Spring's latest offerings with a a blossom awakening upon your natural lips. Nothing graces femininity quite like a swipe of stained blush colour upon a pout or captures the eyes of the male specimen, inviting them to get up close & personal with the exact hues of your irresistible lip service.

Spring has officially sprung as the canary daffodils dance & giggle in the easy-breezy winds, whispering the secrets of the Spring beauty essentials. Never a season does the beauty runway not dazzle & shine in the cracks of sunshine glory & the plethora of colours to flash upon the pouts of the backstage models of Spring 2015 was no different. The key this season is to nail low maintenance nonchalance whilst stunning with charming floral jewel tones, fit for the striking hibiscus fleurs of the exotics.

Grace & charm has never been so easy to capture with these utterly sophisticated dusky pinks & cherry twists. So get your purse strings open, your peachy soft lips smackin' & your fingertips on these top lip picks saturated with high impact inner power yet softly muted round the elegant edges...the core essentials of every couture woman, right?

Soulful Plums & Carbon Violets...

Romantically rich shades were all abuzz behind the beauty curtains of the runway & there's a reason for their hype! The mystically dreamy plum tones of forest fairies are a magic spell guaranteed to fire up the spring in your step. Not only will these wistful hues dance gracefully through the Spring season but it'll place you as a mysterious beauty once the leaves hit the ground & fall descends upon us. 

From Top Left:  “Elegante”–Chanel Rouge #149,“Good to be bad”–Mac, “Quite the thing!”–Mac,“Rouge Noir”–Chanel Rouge #109,“Runner”–Mac, “Envoutante”–Chanel Rouge #116,“L’adoree”–Chanel Rouge #45,“Pure Heroine”–Mac.

Darling Pinks & Spicy Reds...

Strike the pavement in a burst of fruity fresh red. Never a shade to shy away from the spotlight, red has its heels firmly gripped to the beauty runway year-in year-out & Spring 2015 is no exception. Pick a hue with a slight flirt of orange like the beauties seen at Carmen Marc Valvo & you'll throw off a vibrant & flaming air of confidence. Pastel pinks & graceful blush tones never go out of style & with their magic touch in aiding a pop of sculpting colour to your complexion, these lustful tones are a beautiful way to inject a royal swipe of elegance to your look. 

From Top Left: “Show Orchid”–Mac,“La Diva”–Chanel Rouge #44,“Romanesque”–Chanel Rouge #50,“Sunny Seoul”–Mac,“Lickable”–Mac,“Pink Nouveau”–Mac,“Saint Germain”–Mac,“Antigone”– Chanel Rouge #60,“L’eclatante”–Chanel Rouge #42.

 From Top Left: “Viva Glam I”–Mac,“Rouge Jet Set”–Bourjois,“Red Lizard”–Nars,“Sin”–Mac,“Boheme”–Chanel Rouge #91,“Kinky”–Mac.

Castaway Nudes & Punchy Island Corals...

As the temperatures lazily pull themselves from their sleepy hibernation amongst the soil & the skies burst into royal blue brilliance, match your look to the warmer climes by flashing your sunshine smile amongst a pop of spirited colour staining across your lips! Be playful with your pout & chop & change between bare-faced natural nudes & exotic tones of PiƱa Colada cocktails slurped against the crashing waves of Barbados. 

 From Top Left: “Go Fig”–Clinique,“Fleshpot”–Mac,“Peach Blossom”–Mac,“Matte Suede”–Clinique,“Matine”–Chanel Rouge #90,“Shangai Spice”–Mac,“Candeur”–Chanel Rouge #68.

 From Top Left: “Flamingo”–Mac,“Pink Pigeon”– Mac,“Liberte”–Chanel Rouge #46,“Red Sunrise”–Bourjois,“Flat Out Fabulous”–Mac,“Orange Punch”–Bourjois,“La Favorite”–Chanel Rouge #43.

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

22 February 2015

Pimp My Porridge

She's the new It girl, fashions new answer to Alexa Chung & the saliva-inducing trendy muse you all want to get your filthy mitts on...yes that's right, Porridge is the new black m'ladies. 

I'm not sure there's anything that can pull us from our snuggly sheets quite the same as the prospect of a steaming, thick n' creamy bowl of warming oaty sunshine other than the prospect of Mr. Beckham strolling round the kitchen cabinets in his tighty whities whipping up a stonkin' package of thick, meaty pancakes. Anyway, let's not get side-tracked here & get back on topic...oats, oats & more oats! 

Welcome to The Poached Salmons Wonder Porridge Emporium...

Don't get yourself stuck on the outdated, sloppy porridge train wreck by misplacing your creative juices & settling for a milky plain struggle in your measly bowl of ready brek. Sounds like a frightful experience if I'm honest! No, everyone knows that the coolest place to be is an elite member of the Porridge Club so get your oats, grab your box of delightfully delicious toppings, pour out some icy leche & let's get mixing up some fancy-schmancy, sweet & tangy bowl of pure oaty perfection! It's like a steamy hug you can devour in naughty delight...forget 50 shades ladies, this is where ecstasy is hiding! Rich, thick, creamy...I leave the rest to your imagination! 

Nothing will brighten up your mornin' & get you bouncing on your bed sheets like Willy Wonka quite like a cheeky nourishing bowl of sunshine so get your ladles at the ready my porridge pimps...

Pina Colada Island-Crusin' Porridge 

Refreshingly tropical, fruity & like spooning an exotic banana boat straight between your lips. Utterly dreamy.
For those saintly breakfast club-goers, I'll rest your anxious hearts & assure you that you get all the fruity & exotic pleasure without a drop of boozy bacardi...though if you want an extra morning wake up kick then I'm not gonna judge a lil somethin' somethin' slipped in! 
...now where'd I put my pineapple Malibu again? 

Hop onto the pineapple boat ride with : 50g oats, 250ml Alpro coconut milk, pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp honey, large handful fresh/frozen pineapple chunks, 1 tbsp coconut flakes (to garnish) 

Optional Extras: Chopped roasted nuts, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, dash of coconut oil or a sprinkling of health powders like protein, whey, baobab, spirulina!

  • Great recipe inspiration here

Saucy Berrylicious Crumble 
Tumble Porridge

Keep your mornings patriotic & all-things notoriously British with this cult classic crumbly pud. A fabulously delicate breakfast treat bursting with succulently sweet, juicy very-berry summer fruits. Whip up this pretty pink bowl of exploding British sunshine & serve alongside a tangy dollop of vanilla frozen yoghurt or a comforting spoon of thick sweet custard creaminess...tally-O!

Watch your heart melt & crumble with : 50g oats, 250ml milk, 1 tbsp custard powder,  1 tsp honey/ maple syrup, 1 tsp cinnamon, chopped up fruit stewed down in a bit of water ( e.g. blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peach, apple)& a crushed up oatmeal cookie/ muffin or a handful of nutty granola sprinkled on top. with 

Accompany with : A large dollop of greek yoghurt or frozen yoghurt. If you want to go the extra mile, whip up a steamy bowl of creamy custard & spoon atop your crunchy bowl of goodness!
  • Recipe inspiration here 

Jammin' Chocolate Smarties Porridge
 With Fresh Berries

Kick-start your boring working day with a spot of childish tomfoolery by taking things back to their retro-heydays & after-school tuck-box stops at the corner shop with a pack of sugar-shelled smarties! If the thought of exporting data analysis spreadsheets doesn't get your mojo firing come morning then let this sly little tart do the work with its' jam packed punch of fun! 

Go cocoa for a smartie-pants fix-up with: 50g oats, 250ml milk, dash vanilla extract, 2 tsp cocoa, 2 tsp brown sugar, dollop of raspberry jam, sprinkling of smarties on top with chopped up fresh berries.

Accompany with : A delicate cup of lavender earl-grey tea or an icy glass of fresh tropical juice!

Bangin' Banoffee Sticky Toffee Porridge

A concotion for the wickedly naughty & those who can't crack open their sleepy peepers before midday without a buzz of sugar goodness! A bowl of creamy caramel warmth that mashes to pure perfection alongside the bursting smoothness of banana infusion! Get your spoons into this squidgy fudge case of delicious thrills!

Spoon this creamy, drool-worthy stickiness with : 50g oats, 250ml milk, drop of caramel essence, 1 tbsp cocoa or 1 tsp expresso powder, 1 tbsp agave syrup drizzled atop, 1 banana chopped up & stirred through & a handful of choc chips to garnish! If you're feeling extra decadent & indulgent, sprinkle over a crushed up ginger nut for a flavour explosion. 

Accompany with : A hearty mug of pipin' morning coffee or ginger-lemon herbal tea!

Sweet As Syrup Vanilla-Apple Maple Porridge 
Topped with Crunchy Pecans

Deliciously creamy & beautifully sweet, this bowl of sticky sumptuous flavour is guaranteed to hit all of your sweet spots in all the right ways. Packed full of satisfying flavour & stuffed with a crunchy pack of bulging tasty nuts, this is your mornings answer to sweet-nothings exchanged between the bed-sheets. If that's not a good enough excuse to scamper to the kitchen then I don't think we can be friends after all...!

Crunch into Canadian spirit with : 50ml oats, 250ml almond milk, 2 tbsp pure maple syrup stirred through, drop of vanilla extract, 1 tsp cinnamon, half a large red braeburn apple sliced & stewed to soften & a handful of crushed caramel-roasted pecan nuts sprinkled atop!

Accompany with : Chuck in some optional extra surprises like chopped up dried apricots or a handful of juicy raisins & serve alongside a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice!

Buzzin' Honey Roast Rhubarb Porridge Topped
With Crushed Pistachios

This is the antidote for all you busy bees buzzing about left, right & centre. An abundance of tender lazy sunshine sparkles from this bowl of sweet-tart yumminess. Tasting like a decadent treat of nutty caramel gluttony protecting a hive of secret healthy superfood extras,  prepare to set your tastebuds aflight & buzzing from the very first spoonful with this breakfast bowl fit for a queen bee! It's like indulging in a naughty dessert for breakfast which lets be honest, is the best way to rise n'shine on the right side of your sleepy abode! 

Hive five the delights of honey bees with : 50g oats, 250ml nut milk, 1 tsp brown sugar, 1 tsp rose water (optional), 2 tbsp honey, stewed rhubarb in rose water, sprinkling of crushed roasted pistachios (to garnish)

Accompany with : A big dollop of smooth greek yoghurt on the side!

 A happy tummy results from all things scrummy so start your morning right & wake up happy my lovely sunshines!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]


19 February 2015

Day-To-Night Fashion Transition Sophistication

As woman we're well aware of the dilemmas we face as we inch open our wardrobe doors every morning, encountering the daily struggle of picking out an outfit to strut around the office in. 

Oh the burden! 

Sometimes we fancy being comfy chic & nonchalantly cool, sometimes it's all about nailing the girl-about glamour that Mrs. Beckham would crack a mouth twitch for but above all it's about trying to outdo that frustratingly beautiful receptionist who greets you with her disgustingly chirper smile at 9am on the dot who could dress in a dirty Mexican potato sack & still come out looking like God's gift & fashion's answer to Anna Wintour. Drats. 

All that mind stress & that's only your daytime look sorted! Just think of the pickle you could get yourself marinated in if you had to pick out a completely different look for your after-work cocktail night with the girls! Nobody has the time to faff around with all that so ditch the fuss & transition from day to night in a fairy godmother flash of magic! Running around like a headless chicken from work to play needn't mean getting your knickers in a twist quite literately & with our style scrapbook inspiration, your style kudo's needn't take a blunder hit either! 

Keep it simple, keep your cool & let us work our fashion hands at some creative hard work...!

Chuck On A Lightweight Silky Jacket

A jacket is notoriously versatile in its ability to smarten up for office-chic ensembles and skinny jean lunch dates with your bestie but can also work its magic at completely transforming your lady of the night look. Sling on a pair of lace up wedge heels, fasten up a statement boho feather necklace & run out the door with a stylish clutch tucked under arm & you'll be dashing the night away in style.

Swish Your Hips In A Shimmery Skirt

For day-time ease you can extinguish the flame of a glittery number by toning it down with this season's military spotlight by slinging on a slouchy grunge military jacket, tucking in a classic striped breton & frittering your hard-earned cash from a vibrant coloured piece of arm candy!
As dusk descends, it's time to amp up the shimmer of your inner vixen by showcasing your beautiful silhouette in sleek body con. Wrap yourself in a black leather crop top, fasten your toes into some studded point heels & swish your way into the bar with a fitted leather jacket. Meow.

Mesmerise In A Floaty Number 

Nothing screams casual stylish ease like floating around the shop windows in a light chiffon maxi dress or skirt. It screams of laid-back glamour when worn with a pair of vintage leather lace-up gladiators & topped with a boho inspired fringe jacket or kept super sleek with a soft-brushed tee tucked in. The key to making this summer fresh look work as your night time show stopper is to exaggerate the longline cut & shape by chucking on a pair of point toe slingbacks or a pair of fierce buckle stilettos. When you glide in with your sleek grunge leather jacket, hair wrapped up in a loose messy topknot & a slick of ruby staining upon your pout, you'll have all the men falling off their bar stools. 

Work Your Trusty LBD

The LBD will never die old & can be re-worn & re-worked in just about any situation you find yourself in! For Daytime glamour, pair your black number with a pair of boyish lace-up brogues, a pastel coloured soft suede jacket & a fringe shoulder bag slinging from your shoulders. Transform yourself into a vampish cat come cocktail hour by stepping into a pair of points, swiping on some crushed plum lip stain & pair the whole look with a unexpected burst of colour & fun with a cartoon print clutch clamped in your palm. 

If all else fails ladies, simply slip your tootsies into a pair of heels & you'll capture the wandering eye of any male to grace your path!

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

18 February 2015

Mermaid Sparkle: Tricks To Stay Hydrated

Pop that water bottle down girl! Either you've just wolfed down a family pack of smokey pork scratchings (Resolutions? What resolutions?!) or you're about to get yourself acquainted with the hiking trails of LA's Runyon Canyon Park. As delightful as both those options sound, you're going to be peeing like Niagra Falls the rest of the afternoon so let us take the reins & indulge you in some clever creative tricks on keeping yourself hydrated without chugging from the bottle!

Now that the big day of schmoozy romance is done & dusted doesn't mean that all our beautifying preening efforts also have to say adios!
Keep yourself in tip top, mouth-dropping & tongue salivating radiance with these following tips & you'll be glowing like a firefly from dawn till dusk!

Get your lips firmly round a stick

No we're not talking about that kind of stick you filthy scamp, get your head out of the 50 shades zone! We're talking about you munching your socks off a load of cucumber sticks! They're cheap, quick to prepare, incredibly versatile & made up of about 95% water so munching on one of these babies will keep you hydrated as well..ya'know, chugging a glass of water! Marvellous!

Instead of mooching round your local Topshop with this crunchy crispy stick wedged in your mouth, why not hit up pinterest for some creative inspiration! Loaded with inventive recipes, you'll be smugly passing on your enviable knowledge to friends that'll leave you feeling cool as a cucumber!

Ideas for the kitty: Whiz it up in your juicer alongside some sweet fruit for a thirst-quenching hydration hit, infuse it in a mug of herbal tea or icy lemon juice, slice it up in a smoked salmon cream-cheese bagel or chop it up for a crunchy burst in a herby quinoa salad.

Snack Attack: Dive into your fruit bowl

Now has never been a better time to get yourself stocked up on all the fresh fruit & veggies parading about in the supermarkets. With healthy recipes cropping up left, right & centre on all forms of social media, it's hard not to be sheep & follow suit! To get you down the fresh produce aisles quicker than you thought possible is knowing that they're stuffed full of the mermaid tipple of juice: hydrating H2O!
Berrylicious beauties pack a punch of 85-92% of the good stuff, apples falling in with a mighty 85%, peppers are filled with a stonkin' 92% water & carrots hitting up an impressive 87% H2O.
The winner of your fruit bowl is the bad boy watermelon! Filled with an abundance of water, this mischievous melon is one giant ball of perfection to get filling up on!

Top tip: When shopping for your vitamin-packed water goodies, look out for melons that are fairly heavy (loaded with the good stuff!) & make a hallow sound when you give them a good grope!

Get on the Chia hype

It seems that every time you log onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even pop into your nearest Holland & Barret there's one product your beady little eyes just can't escape: Chia Seeds. Notoriously versatile, these little magic drops can be sprinkled, dropped, scattered, simmered & stirred into just about anything & everything! These beauties are fabulously healthy & can make your journey to sparkling hydration disgustingly easy! They're thirsty little morsels & expand up to 10x their original size when plopped into water delivering you a hydration bomb when you consume them!

Top tip: Make sure you soak chia seeds before you consume them to get a hit of the good stuff otherwise you'll find yourself even more of a parched madam as the seeds will start slurping up what little water you have sloshing around inside you!

Channel your inner LA babe

Always dreamt of waltzing around with that laid-back boho ease of LA girls? Think that their glowing complexions, swishy glossy manes & lean, limbered & bronzed pins are simply down to the gene Gods? Oh no! The secret to their enviable halo of sunshine is that these foreign babes are up to speed on their daily H2O quota! Always on the go, tottering from up-town to down-town, they make sure that a bottle of the crystal holy water is always snuggled in their MK tote bags. But let's face it, when you scarper to Pret in your lunch break, it's not going to be the saintly evian bottle that finds its way into your stressed grip! To keep it healthy, keep it appetising, fun, creative & well, hydrating why not get your clever juices flowing & start squeezing yo lemons!

You don't need to carry round a bottle of boring plain water, chuck in some berries, cucumber, lemon slices, orange segments, melon chunks & you've got yourself a yummy concoction of exotic hydration!

Freeze your coconuts off!

What is it with you & your dirty imagination today?! Keep your coconuts toasty in your VS lacy number & treat yourself to a whopping potassium hit of electrolytes & B-vitamins by popping some coconut water into an ice-cube tray & freeze so that you can plop these icy blobs of goodness into your tipple of choice - a cocktail, your make-shift fruity water, a smoothie or even a wonderfully hydrating homemade melon slushy nice-cream! All the yumminess with an added side of fabulous hydration!

Hold your nose & chomp on some Cauliflower

We know it smells like the lingering aroma that permeates your brushed-cotton sofa set after your nan's been for her weekly Sunday visit but this funky looking veggie nestles in with a cheeky 92% water punch! It delivers it's finest goods when devoured in all its raw glory but to lessen the reminiscent blow of a sense explosion, why not try your hand at making some cauliflower rice or even a cauliflower pizza base! Whiz up the tree heads in a food processor & you're left with a fluffy pile of water-drenched goodness that'll compliment the spicy juices of your lamb rogan josh better than any goods of Uncle Ben's! Simple, easy, nourishing & scrummy!

Happy Hydrating!

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

12 February 2015

Swish Into Spring With Kimono Sensuality

As Spring reluctantly pokes her sleepy head through the murky, dull clouds heavy with relentless showers, it's about time we begin to pack away the wondrous woollies that have kept us snug-as-bugs through the periless winter winds & shine the light on our easy breezy Spring staples!

Be a little daring & flaunt your inner exotic Geisha with the trend spotlight blossoming upon the Kimono as the new spring blazer! Instead of tugging on the sleeve of your fail-safe cotton cardi from M&S, layer up with the patterned prints of spring's warmer weather alternative cover-up!

Say goodbye to the sharp, structured collars of your dark winter blazers & sweep into warmer climates with the liquid-silk allure of these effortless & gently feminine shoulder wraps. 
They're wonderfully elegant, beautifully demure & an easy breezy way to ward an air of exoticism to the most simple of outfits, from embroidered cheesecloth tunics, high-waited flare jeans to oversized satin-silk palazzo pants.

Wrap up the end of winter & float into spring with a peep of silken seduction & a tassel swish in your step!

[Also Available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

10 February 2015

Ladies Who Brunch: London's Golden Hot Spots

#1 Rule : Never talk about The Breakfast Club.

Well, well, well I like to be different, original, a cheeky yet endearing madam which is why I feel like being a naughty school-girl rule breaker. How scandalous.
With that all told I'm going to let you in on a coveted secret & tell you all about my top nuggets for sunshine dining in the big smoke! I invite you lovely readers to the exclusively Couture Breakfast Club! Dig in & get your hands mucky...

Anyone who fervently disagrees that Breakfast is by far the meal with unmistakable superiority can skip on elsewhere & miserably munch on something not-so-scrumptious whilst we feast our eyes on London's golden egg hideaways that'll get our salivating lips smacking happy & our tummies grinning in frutti-tutti granola madness. With the premise of a naughty glass of bubbly proccesso (or two), how could you possibly refuse my invite to indulge in these beauties?
Everyone knows that you can't kick off a delightful brunch date without notoriously stonkin' slippery glasses of quenching cocktails! Bottoms up ladies!

Oh but before you fill up your rumblin' tummies with some moreish nosh all washed down with some sparkling hard stuff, don't forget to pop the kettle on & find out where to head this weekend the good old fashioned way us Brits do best...with a pipin' cup of tea! It's time to get down n' dirty so let's get the eggs crack-a-lackin'...!

No. 67 - Peckham

Kopapa - Covent Garden

Duck and Waffle - Bishopsgate

The Modern Pantry - Clerkenwell

Dishoom - Covent Garden

Q Grill - Camden

Cereal Killer Cafe - Shoreditch

Electric Diner - Notting Hill

A ladle of friendship, a hunk o' love, a dash of gossip,  a sprinkle of giggles nestled in one of these lovely little hot spots & you're set for a brunch fit for Couture queens!

[Also available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, foursquare.com, foodspotting.com, achica.com, littleladyeats, parkandcube, pure-consult, whiskersandlion]

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