05 February 2015

Cooking Up Raw Power

Unable to go an hour without seeing your Instagram screen bombarded with drool-inducing artsy snaps of colourful desserts encased in nut crushed deliciousness or your twitter feed being hit up by smug raw-vegan dessert banter it's hardly surprising that what started out as new year bandwagon annoyance has transformed into aspirational envy to get your paws stuck into!

I'm all about advocating happy living, balance, healthy nourishment & a cheeky evening glass of wine chucked in for good measure so I've done my homework & scampered together some of the most naughty looking raw morsels gracing our screens! They may look sinfully cheeky & most definitely an indulgent treat solely destined for your cheat day but these little delightful babies are 100% natural, 100% healthy, 100% sumptuous & jam-packed with glow-inducing fibre & nutrients without all the artificial sugar & junk. Leave all of that to Mr.Kipling folks! 

With that in mind get your pinny's tied, park yourself in the kitchen & get your fingertips whipping up some of these tasty raw golden gems! They'll make your heart skip a beat, your tummy squeal in satisfaction & you won't have to justify eating dessert every night knowing that you can make your cake & eat it when it's as all-natural & amazingly scrumptious as these saucy little delights!

Take a peek, get inspired & get your whisks crack-a-lackin'!

[Also available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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