19 February 2015

Day-To-Night Fashion Transition Sophistication

As woman we're well aware of the dilemmas we face as we inch open our wardrobe doors every morning, encountering the daily struggle of picking out an outfit to strut around the office in. 

Oh the burden! 

Sometimes we fancy being comfy chic & nonchalantly cool, sometimes it's all about nailing the girl-about glamour that Mrs. Beckham would crack a mouth twitch for but above all it's about trying to outdo that frustratingly beautiful receptionist who greets you with her disgustingly chirper smile at 9am on the dot who could dress in a dirty Mexican potato sack & still come out looking like God's gift & fashion's answer to Anna Wintour. Drats. 

All that mind stress & that's only your daytime look sorted! Just think of the pickle you could get yourself marinated in if you had to pick out a completely different look for your after-work cocktail night with the girls! Nobody has the time to faff around with all that so ditch the fuss & transition from day to night in a fairy godmother flash of magic! Running around like a headless chicken from work to play needn't mean getting your knickers in a twist quite literately & with our style scrapbook inspiration, your style kudo's needn't take a blunder hit either! 

Keep it simple, keep your cool & let us work our fashion hands at some creative hard work...!

Chuck On A Lightweight Silky Jacket

A jacket is notoriously versatile in its ability to smarten up for office-chic ensembles and skinny jean lunch dates with your bestie but can also work its magic at completely transforming your lady of the night look. Sling on a pair of lace up wedge heels, fasten up a statement boho feather necklace & run out the door with a stylish clutch tucked under arm & you'll be dashing the night away in style.

Swish Your Hips In A Shimmery Skirt

For day-time ease you can extinguish the flame of a glittery number by toning it down with this season's military spotlight by slinging on a slouchy grunge military jacket, tucking in a classic striped breton & frittering your hard-earned cash from a vibrant coloured piece of arm candy!
As dusk descends, it's time to amp up the shimmer of your inner vixen by showcasing your beautiful silhouette in sleek body con. Wrap yourself in a black leather crop top, fasten your toes into some studded point heels & swish your way into the bar with a fitted leather jacket. Meow.

Mesmerise In A Floaty Number 

Nothing screams casual stylish ease like floating around the shop windows in a light chiffon maxi dress or skirt. It screams of laid-back glamour when worn with a pair of vintage leather lace-up gladiators & topped with a boho inspired fringe jacket or kept super sleek with a soft-brushed tee tucked in. The key to making this summer fresh look work as your night time show stopper is to exaggerate the longline cut & shape by chucking on a pair of point toe slingbacks or a pair of fierce buckle stilettos. When you glide in with your sleek grunge leather jacket, hair wrapped up in a loose messy topknot & a slick of ruby staining upon your pout, you'll have all the men falling off their bar stools. 

Work Your Trusty LBD

The LBD will never die old & can be re-worn & re-worked in just about any situation you find yourself in! For Daytime glamour, pair your black number with a pair of boyish lace-up brogues, a pastel coloured soft suede jacket & a fringe shoulder bag slinging from your shoulders. Transform yourself into a vampish cat come cocktail hour by stepping into a pair of points, swiping on some crushed plum lip stain & pair the whole look with a unexpected burst of colour & fun with a cartoon print clutch clamped in your palm. 

If all else fails ladies, simply slip your tootsies into a pair of heels & you'll capture the wandering eye of any male to grace your path!

[Also available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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