06 February 2015

Hey Single Gals! Indulge In A Cheeky Valentine's Treat!

A single pringle this Valentine's day? No need to rip into the Bridget Jones binge-athon complete with a bottle of red, 5 year-old fleecy jammy bottoms & a jumbo spoon rammed into a tub of betty crocker chocolate frosting & then surprisingly finding its way into your wailing mouth. Trust us - Put. The. Spoon. Down.

Valentine's day may be regarded as Doom's day for those of us who aren't disgustingly swept off our feet in Oxytocin endorphins but that doesn't mean we have to trail around all day looking like a slapped fish & shooting the stink eye at every squeal & bouquet of red roses delivered to every. single. co-worker. sat. around. us. Bitter? Us? Never!
Everyone knows that self-love is the best kind of love anyway & we'll let you in on a cheeky little secret...the best presents are the ones you get yourself so step away from the pity fest & mini-egg chocolate binge, pull up your pick girl pants & use V.day as celebration of Y-O-U - your beauty, your inner love & the freedom to be who you want to be & do all that you dream of doing!

Go on, decide to treat the most important person of the year this Valentine's day...you! Here's my top picks for a gorgeous confidence pick-me-up...

Fizzle & Sizzle With a Fruity Set of Lush Bath Products 

Inexpensive, smell like the inside of a 4-year old's princess birthday grotto but make you feel like the queen of fairy land. Whilst it may not trump your BFF's glistening new pandora heart bracelet, at least you'll be smelling like a tutti-frutti royalty as opposed to a sweaty gorilla after a heavy petting session stolen round the side of Nando's toilets.

Romantic Indoor Picnià La One

What's a shag palace in comparison to a homemade duvet fort decked out with burning yankee candles (ignore the fire hazards), a frosty bottle of Sainsburys finest & all the Candy King a sugar fiend could dream of. Like we thought, there are no comparisons.

A Pretty Little Number

We don't know what girl doesn't secretly love a pretty little set to scamper her lovely lady lumps about in. Spoil yourself & show a lil' lovin' to your curves by treating yourself to a gorgeous set of racy lacy's to inject some inner lioness confidence to make you feel like a sparkly diamond.

Weekend Escape!

Rally up your single girlfriends, pack a bag & take flight for the night or weekend! This could be a mini getaway of your making, from hopping onto a jet & flying to somewhere where the sun shines high or huddling under shaggy blankets & rallying round a blazin' bonfire all within the exotic climes of your backyard.

Treat Yourself To That Somethin' Somethin' You've Been Lusting For From Afar..

Free People & Anthropologie are two sites I have constantly tabbed on a daily basis & since I don't have a special someone to send helpful hinting emails to with strategically placed product links, I'll just have to take matters into my own hands & get debit card happy on my tod! Preachin' it for all you independent ladies out there!

Put On Your Big Girl Pants & Try Something New

Been secretly wanting to try out that new Barre-core or Pilates class you spy on every wednesday evening? Or how about that sky-diving adventure you always say 'One day' to? Jump outside your safety net, take the plunge, sign yourself up & leave your fear on the ground below!

Slick On Some Vampish Colour

Nothing feels more sexy or luxurious than swivelling the neck on a pristine new lipstick so get yourself down to your nearest beauty counter - whether it's the designer likes of Chanel or Mac or the high-street style steals of Boots, spoil yourself to some beauty indulgence to make you strut like a million dollar baby & swish your peachy butt like Gisele.

Fluffy Patterned Cushions vs. 

Not only are they an easy & fashionable way of perking up your bedroom decor without the costly expense of new bed sheets, display decor & wall paint but you can snuggle down & entangle yourself in comfy ecstasy to get that glistening glint in your eye & rosy hue upon your cheeks. Why go to the trouble of getting your legs stuck in a sweaty tangle with the spindly hairy sticks of a man when you can get all the comfort loving from a soft, squishy cushion that'll never dare fart in your glorified presence.


If all else fails...raid the chocolate aisle of your nearest Tesco for those prize sugar deals. Hey you never know, you may bump & munch into the man who'll make you moan the next time V.day skips around...how delightfully naughty you cheeky scamp!

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, tumblr, weheartit]

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