10 February 2015

Ladies Who Brunch: London's Golden Hot Spots

#1 Rule : Never talk about The Breakfast Club.

Well, well, well I like to be different, original, a cheeky yet endearing madam which is why I feel like being a naughty school-girl rule breaker. How scandalous.
With that all told I'm going to let you in on a coveted secret & tell you all about my top nuggets for sunshine dining in the big smoke! I invite you lovely readers to the exclusively Couture Breakfast Club! Dig in & get your hands mucky...

Anyone who fervently disagrees that Breakfast is by far the meal with unmistakable superiority can skip on elsewhere & miserably munch on something not-so-scrumptious whilst we feast our eyes on London's golden egg hideaways that'll get our salivating lips smacking happy & our tummies grinning in frutti-tutti granola madness. With the premise of a naughty glass of bubbly proccesso (or two), how could you possibly refuse my invite to indulge in these beauties?
Everyone knows that you can't kick off a delightful brunch date without notoriously stonkin' slippery glasses of quenching cocktails! Bottoms up ladies!

Oh but before you fill up your rumblin' tummies with some moreish nosh all washed down with some sparkling hard stuff, don't forget to pop the kettle on & find out where to head this weekend the good old fashioned way us Brits do best...with a pipin' cup of tea! It's time to get down n' dirty so let's get the eggs crack-a-lackin'...!

No. 67 - Peckham

Kopapa - Covent Garden

Duck and Waffle - Bishopsgate

The Modern Pantry - Clerkenwell

Dishoom - Covent Garden

Q Grill - Camden

Cereal Killer Cafe - Shoreditch

Electric Diner - Notting Hill

A ladle of friendship, a hunk o' love, a dash of gossip,  a sprinkle of giggles nestled in one of these lovely little hot spots & you're set for a brunch fit for Couture queens!

[Also available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, foursquare.com, foodspotting.com, achica.com, littleladyeats, parkandcube, pure-consult, whiskersandlion]


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