25 February 2015

Somefin To Mullet Over: Recipes From Under The Sea

Getting tired of your weekly courgetti spaghetti & floundering on what to get sizzlin' on the grill for dinner tonight? Don't get tangled in your fishing line as I've got a vibrant school of delectable recipes inspired by the deep mystical oceans that are packed to the gills with succulent delicious flavour that are simply off the scale!

Fish is certainty the chosen catch of the day when you're fishing for a mouth-watering & bum-tingling dinner that's quick to prepare, beautifully versatile & can be picked up, whipped up & dished up in the flash of a fin! As busy working girls, I trout very much that you want to engage in wrestling matches upon your kitchen surfaces when trying to lock down a tasty tea so get inspired by these morsels otherwise it won't just be the fish that takes a battering. 

Oh & before I carp on about it, the comedy seasoning of this post is pretty turbot-charged don't ya think or have you haddock enough of the fishy fun puns? I shan't blame you too much as they tend to wear fin after a while though quick frankly I'm chuckling so hard that I fear I may pull a few mussels along the line. In fact, I'd even chuck a few squid on the table that it may just happen. 

Oh my, I'm on a real shoal right now!

Go on then, get your skates on & scallop your way to the kitchen - I guarantee it'll be the finnacle of your day & you'll be licking your trout pout before you know it...

[Also Available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]


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