30 March 2015

Sleepy Slumber Routine For A Ravishingly Gorgeous You

"I woke up like this"...this savvy little slogan is probably the most popular one-liner you'll see hitting up your Instagram feeds & emblazoned upon indie tees on the high-street! Why not jump onto the bandwagon like the sheep you count in your sleep & follow these bedtime essentials so you can crack open your pretty peepers & smugly holla to the work office "I totally woke up like this". After all you're no natural beauty for nothing, are you?!

We all know the health and face-fabulous effects that lazing a full 8-hour slumber can do for us but let's face it girls, who really manages to nab a full restorative sleep every night? As busy bees working our tooshies off at what seems like every waking of the day, grabbing a princess worthy nights' sleep seems only like a darling daydream. I've rallied up all my girls and have managed to ween all of their beauty sleep habits so that I can grace you with a couture list of slumber secrets to leave you looking down-right gorgeous in the morning! Of course trying to sneakily gather this dreamy checklist very much required the culinary help of Mr. Krispy Kreme's deluxe donut boxes so trust me when I say these tricks are like molten gold dust so shhhh, get em' on the down low!

With my checklist of tips & tricks you can get some shut eye on your usual frightful get up-&-run routine that leaves you looking less juicy-peach fresh and more like a shrivelled grape lurking in the dark corners of your cupboard! So follow these covetable bedtime routine tricks and I guarantee you'll wake up looking refreshed,peachy-fresh, fabulous & downright ravishing...wakey wakey sleeping beauty!

Lube up to soften up

We know the struggle is real when the clock strikes some ungodly hour you'd rather ignore and all you plan to do is wriggle into your minion sleep jammies but don't forget to lube up to soften up whilst you catch some stolen zzz! Just before you fall into your marshmallow duvet and snuggle into some bizarre baby pose, slather yourself in some nourishing body butters or moisturising body essential oils and you'll wake up so silky soft and radiant you'll find yourself on the floor come morning-time after slithering from your sheets in one buttered up heap! Soft as a baby's butt!

Glow with it

One of the easiest way to wake up with a golden glow to rival the brazen, bronzed limbs of Candice Swanenpoel is to pop on a sweep of moisturiser enriched with some gradual tanner. Requiring less patience and police alertness than an instant glow getter, popping a touch of gradual enhancer like St. Tropez Daily Moisturiser into your usual bedtime lube routine will gift you with a fabulous radiance come the next day. 

Knock 'em back steady

No we're not talking about that fourth filthy martini girl, put it down! We're talking about the cheap as chips beauty hero...H2O! We know it's not quite up to the enticing allure of a fruity tipple laced with sleep-inducing ethanol juice but it sure as hell will leave you resembling the likes of Miss Huntington-Whitley as opposed to Captain Jack Sparrows. Keep water as the last thing to pass your lips before you hit the hay as not only will it spark your complexion, it'll get to work on rejuvenating your energy levels, flushing out the day's toxins which have accumulated from your triple stuffed Krispy Kreme, balance your hormones and help repair your fatigued muscles! It sounds boring but trust us, slurp on the crystal goodness like the inner mermaid you are and you'll be swishing your voluminous locks and fluttering some bright n'sparkly bambi peepers like a Victoria's secret angel come sunrise!

Sleep with, like a Soldier

Or do both you cheeky scamp! Time for all you sleeping babies to re-evaluate conking out on your happy little tummies as reports have shown that it causes all those nasty lil' body fluid toxins to build up and settle themselves into your nooks n'crannies leaving you to awaken like more Peggy Mitchell than Miranda Kerr. Bid farewell to the notorious puffy eyed-panda mask of morning-time and make like soldier on your back when snuggling down for the night. If you find it hard to get comfortable, try stacking a couple of pillows under your neck to get your head supported and elevated to prevent those frightful fluids from building up in the places you don't want them to grace!

Make like Pocahontas

To save yourself some valuable time in the morning to attend to more pressing matters like getting in as many seconds zzz as humanely possible, quickly braid your hair into a plait and then fall back into your pillow. By tucking your locks up out of the way, not only are you minimising the damage that can occur when it gets caught in your rough-&-tumble dream works but if you plait it up whilst it's slightly damp or wet, you'll wake up with some tumbling mermaid waves and masses of volume... Perfect! Pocahontas wasn't just a pretty lil' bad-ass warrior after all!

Invite em' to stay the night

Overnight beauty treatments are you BFF's so make sure to pop the risqué proposition of staying the night and getting rather up close and personal. After you two have completed the overnight deed, there'll be no skin left untouched between the two of you and no dry, bumpy patches left to contend with. Whether you choose to focus the magic on your intimate pores, lips, lashes or ticklish hair, really go to town with rubbing these babies into your body and you'll wake up with a rosy glow to rival that one you get when Mr. Gosling pops over unannounced upon your television screen. 

Simple, easy but bloomin' effective to have you rousing from your sleeping slumber like a pretty Saturday morning market flower! Get these tantalising tips part of your every night bedtime routine and you'll wake up radiating like the gorgeous stunner you are! If you have any other must-have tips that put the beauty in beauty sleep then pop them in a comment below as we'd love to add them to the couture list!

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25 March 2015

The Fashion Pack Instagrams You Need To Drool Over

There are some girls that just have it and by it we mean the fashion gene we all secretly hanker to have pumping through our mediocre veins. They make a casual trip to the shops like a nomad and suddenly they're stepping out in what seems like a walking harrods fashion closet. They possess a magic touch that enables them to bring the most basic of plain tees look like a comfy casual chic staple of utter nonchalance. Their ensembles are like magic gold dust where girls flock to their Instagram feeds to get their latest fashion squeeze and designer crusted fix. 

Thankfully for us the high street do some pretty savvy label lookalikes at a butt-sighing price snip so you can get lust happy without having to dine on Sainsbury's basic baked beans for the rest of the month! These fashion-savvy idols are like our own personal stylists whipping up and dishing out fashion inspiration at the simple swipe of our screens so sit back, relax, pop your tootsies up and get your eyes popping with these style mavens! 

From Scandinavian minimalism, to edgy vintage New Yorker beauties, it's time to revamp your humpday Wednesday with my fabulous look-book of darling fashion Instagrammers dancing the feeds in stylish ease this week...

A photo posted by Gizele Oliveira (@giizeleoliveira) on

A photo posted by Pernille Teisbaek (@lookdepernille) on

A photo posted by Julie Sariñana (@sincerelyjules) on

A photo posted by Aimee Song (@songofstyle) on

A photo posted by Jenn Im (@imjennim) on

A photo posted by JENNY // MARGO & ME (@margoandme) on

A photo posted by Negin Mirsalehi (@negin_mirsalehi) on

Oh look! Is that the time already? Clock off on your lunch break and take yourself for some retail lovin' with the sparkly rails of fashion delights and get your style fix of the highstreet with the inspirational charm of these Instagram babes! I'll meet you there!

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23 March 2015

Cafe Catch: The Best Spring Cafe's For Bloggers

It's sounds like the ultimate dream combination doesn't it? Writing about all the things you love, throwing your voice out into the virtual world all within the peanut butter jar comforts of your home, your jammies & your feather duvet! Working from home sounds all daisy chains and fun dipped in Jeremy Kyle binge marathons and lazy brunch lie-ins but before long the novelty wares thin & the wasted hours upon youtube become a hindrance.

Freelancing can be a tough world to crack so the aim of the game is to enter into the maze with a mindset of success and structured, scheduled hours that keep you focused on your work and your arms out of your dressing gown. 

I've scoured London's top cafe catches complete with turbo-charged wi-fi, dreamy frothy coffees so that you can work your creative juices into a frenzy with your fingers click-clacking on your laptop and clutching upon a deep, thick, tall, dark & handsome cup of somethin' hunky. Whether that be a coffee hit or something hot to trot is something I'll leave to you - just keep the filthy fun to outside your working hours missy! 

Here's my round-up of cafe-come-office London winners that'll have you typing, slurping, nibbling & smiling in a freelance fix of content...

Forge & Co - Shoreditch
Described as the "unique social space" of shoreditch, Forge & Co is a stylish all-day eatery spread across four spacious flours, boasting both individual and communal work stations. With its' fully equipped work spaces catered for your every working and social needs, this is the oasis  to hot-foot to when searching for a crunchy vegetable juice to slurp whilst nattering to other creative laptop nerds.  

The prime spot for those coffice workers looking for lazy laid-back ease, a fabulously inspiring atmosphere, comfy coffee classics, high speed wifi-fi magic all whilst munching on a warm flaky croissant and powering through their in-demand work schedules. 

Look Mum No Hands! - Shoreditch
Get your leg over your bicycle seat, your leg over something scrumptious to chomp and your leg over your red-alert mailbox by parking yourself in this hotspot workshop. With great pipin' hot coffees, a glorious range of munchies to fuel your brain and a solid wi-fi connection, this is the place to get your work done and have you calling home to mum purely to gloat! 

Ace Hotel - Shoreditch
Nestled amongst one of London's most creative districts, Ace Hotel is a hub for all things cool calm & collected and a little gem for the busy business likes in search of some wi-fi hours and a powered up thirst-quenching juice for a vitamin boost. 

Vagabond N7 - Lower Holloway
A humble and cosy space with a fabulous coffee selection and range of delicious deli nibbles, this is the dream comfy coffice space! The Holloway road branch features a spacious luxury room out back which makes it ideal for those in search of some creative light, background chatter and an amazing atmosphere to get their heads down and fingers tip-tapping.

Shoreditch House - Shoreditch
The ultimate space of urban cool that'll have you smashing through your to-do list, relaxing in squishy sofa booths and slurping on rooftop daylight icy beverages. this is the freelance worker's dream complete with communal working wood-top benches, a sumptuous Chicago-Italian style menu that'll recharge your frazzled work brain and have you game-time ready for when the ping-pong games room transforms as night falls. 

Time to pack up, wrap up & skip on down to one of these veritable locations for some creative fun, inspiration, delicious nibbles, productive giggles and work-time satisfaction! Just don't forget the all-important magical element...your laptop!

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18 March 2015

Atticus Finch: A Figure Of Modern Inspiration

Atticus Finch is beautifully crafted by Harper Lee and is a true literary hero that stands alone like no other. He's a man of little words but when he does speak, he voices words of simple insight and empowered compassion. Through his lessons, grace and poise he strives to remind us of how fragile life can be and the significance of maintaining integrity to build honour and respect. He represents a powerful force for good, change and the importance of remaining fearless when we step outside the safety box of society. The state of society could do with a shake up and this is the sole reason as to why more people should look to the lessons that are governed by Atticus Finch.

Society today is so captivated in living virtual lives of mirages through the Valencia filter of social media and so caught up with the romanticised alpha male brooding of the likes of Christian grey, Edward Cullen & Aidan Turner's Poldark that we've misplaced the pleasures of chivalry, manners and unexpected courage. Nowadays I feel it is more important to seek out the characters - whether real or fictional - that encourage us to raise the bar in life as opposed to lowering it and ultimately being a submissive onlooker to the mainstream status quo.

Greater strength lies in the ability to rise above adversity and remain civilised so try not to let the manners of others affect your ability to do good and be better. Atticus is a walking life lesson that politeness does not automatically make you a doormat or pushover. In fact he represents quite the opposite junction. Chivalry inspires, motivates and resonates to that deeper part of our soul striving to do better and be better. Politeness enunciates a subtle confidence that speaks far more clearly and loudly than any preaching or shouting ever could.

- There is unmeasurable dignity in living with true authenticity. Despite the misdemeanours of others Atticus seeks the goodness in all of humanity and isn't afraid to stand up to injustice in the face of asserting moral courage. Sometimes things & people you encounter aren't all they seem so learn to navigate the world with your eyes and ears open so that those who can't see the beauty in the world don't abuse your naivety in order to gain control.

- Possibly most apparent of all which is exemplified in the way he raises his children Scout & Jem is that we all teach by example. Words have great power but it is the way we move, react, do - our actions - that can cultivate true influence. To impart a small amount of wisdom and gumption to others can help shape the good of others around you.

- As individuals we are all different, unique and contrasting. It follows then that our lives don't fit together like a jigsaw puzzle as they're messy, complicated and impulsive. Atticus reminds us that we must stop, respect, observe and seek to attain insight into the lives of others before making any judgement calls. Through all our differences & quirks, we are all the same & we all eat, sleep, drink and work hard so don't let your head grow too big and tell you you're better than anyone else. We're all worth the same opportunities and givings of life in equal measures.

- Our lives don't always go as we envisioned or planned and are quite often laced with great disappointments. Through his resilience against backlash and unwavering internal strength, Atticus models how we shouldn't let life's misfortunes cause us to be fearful of trying again and moving forward. He reminds us to pick ourselves back up, restore our dignity and work with what's what. Situations may not be the ideal but reality rarely ever is and to show adaptability and flexibility ultimately brings you success.

Why not take a leaf out of his book & unearth the magic and open your mind by the sentiments of his character by reading or watching  - be it a few chapters - of To Kill A Mockingbird...I'm almost certain we'd all be better off for doing so.

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16 March 2015

Today's Scoop? Ice Ice Baby!

Guess what?! This cool little number marks my 100th birthday post here on ThePoachedSalmon! It does make me gulp to think how many hours have been spent slaving away coming up with different ideas to grab your attention and the amount of times my fingertips have stumbled and glided across my keypad furiously churning out my ludicrous ramblings! 
So I took it to the notepad to plan out a special little post to mark this momentous moment and decided there really was no other topic that could do this time justice. Ice-cream. Yes ice-cream. This creamy smooth frozen gold has a special place in my heart and to honour my terrible penchant for it, I thought I'd serve up the love and passion to you guys and get you melting at the prospect of reuniting with some terribly delicious men called Ben & Jerry. Stay chilled, raise your tubs & let's get this baby dished up! 

So here's the scoop, life isn't an easy feat and we can often find ourselves melting under some serious life servings of slippery rocky roads. Before you let life's little sprinklings get on top of you like an overly sticky glace cherry, learn the art of chillin' out and seeing how the cookie crumbles.

Let's face it ladies, something magical happens when ice-cream comes into the picture! There's a reason that we always go back to our ever faithful favourite lads Ben & Jerry for a jolly good spooning. They serve it up every time!
After all, every one knows that ice-cream is the frozen secret for daily happiness!

To honour every girl's sweet treat needs I'm dishing up some serious game-changing ice-cream sundae inspiration! Tantalisingly delicious, smooth, creamy, notoriously filthy but 100 % dripped in toe-tingling crumbly and crunchy tutti-frutti gorgeousness!

Crack on some booty-popin' tunes, prep your bowls, raise your spoons and scoop it up, scoop it up à la Taylor!

Step 1: Prep your Bowl

Here's where you can get your creative fingers clickin' by either sticking to your trusty plain vanilla glass bowl or getting saucy with a devilish inventive little number! Here's my top picks...

Crunchy apple deep dish edible bowl 
Pair this fruity little number with some salted caramel lovin' or nutty caramel brittle ice-cream and you'll be floating in a haze of creamy goodness...An apple a day keeps the doctor away after all so it's got to be good for the soul!

Freshly squeezed orange bowl 
Punchy, nourishing and deliciously fragrant. You can't really go wrong here, especially when dished up with a scoop of melting chocolaty smoothness...a sprinkling of Terry's Chocolate orange delight!

Sticky 'mellow rice krispie bowl
Snap crackle and pop! Just how life should be I think! One tasty crunch into this crispy little morsel and you'll be daydreaming in a fluffy marshmallow sugar dream.

Gooey triple chunk brownie bowl
Rich, decadent, indulgent and downright naughty but then all the best things in life are, aren't they? Sink your teeth into a wickedly scrumptious chocolate brownie mixed with the cooling creaminess of your favourite ice-cream...an orgasmic match made in sundae heaven!

Crisp chocolate shell bowl
Chocolate, chocolate with a lil' extra chocolate thrown in for good measure...a girls delightful daydream, right? Get your cocoa fix and dream cups with this sumptuous idea!

Step 2: Ice cream selection

Time to start building these sundae babies with the vital element that holds this tantalising treat together in creamy smooth mischief...behold, the ice cream! With a huge plethora of tempting flavours available just about everywhere and anywhere, the world really is your oyster when it comes to what flavour crew you're going to plump for! Or if you're a fancy little maven, you may just have your own ice cream makin' machine by which I demand you to get fired up and crackin' out the cool goods pronto! Here' some flavour ideas to get your creative minds flowing...

The too-cool-for-school icy sorbets
Think refreshing slushy cocktails on a tropical beach and you can recreate a little slice of summer sunshine in a bowl by plumping for a fruity wave of bliss...peach, lemon, raspberry, lime, passionfruit and everything in between.

The nutty professors
For those of you with less of a Charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory sweet tooth, something a lil' hunky and nutty may just do the trick! Hazelnut, pistachio, macadamia and peanut all taste fabulous when paired with caramelised flavour combinations like dulce de leche, caramel nut brittle, toffee crunch and honeycomb! Hagaan-daz is your main man for the job when there's nuts in the mix!

Pretty polly frozen yoghurts
Frozen yoghurts have always been the late bloomers, hiding shyly behind their voluptuous older gelato sisters but they've finally matured and blossomed, taking the spotlight with their silky textures and lovely flavours and it's about time too! Ranging from dirty triple chocolate numbers, swirly honey caramel, fruity strawberry crunch mixes and laid-back flavour punch combinations! They're all scrummy and they know it.

Magnificently royal gelato queens
Always a winner with little words needed to crown their home-queen glory. Rich, melt-in-your mouth creaminess enriched with mind-blowing flavour explosions in every spoonful. Just get it into your bowl as soon-as-possible we say! A crowning jewel to any sundae bowl you whip up!

Step 3: Get on the sauce ladies
Sometimes plumping for the classic golden oldie chocolate does just the job but why not branch out and get your fingertips into something a little more saucy, minxy and addictive that'll leave you wobbly at the knees and scrubbing that bowl clean with your salivating tongue?! Here's what's made my naughty list...

Melted salted caramel liquid gold 
Sweet. Salty. Glorious.

Chocolate Nutella love
Everyone has Nutella. It's a fact of life. Even if you don't really rate nutella all that much, you still have a stonkin' jar of it in your cupboard. Whip it out, melt it down & slather it onto your spooned cups and you'll be liking it off like a hungry lioness.

Tutti-frutti madness
There's a wide range of fruity sauces available from scrumptious strawberry, pippy-longstocking passionfruit, ravishing raspberry coulis to marvellous mango compotes. Fruity bursts are a fabulous way of perking up plain o'vanilla but also great at breaking up heavier flavours with a pop of zing! Dress 'em up & dress 'em down..they're a frightfully adaptable lot! Plus they totally count as one of your five-a-day so it's basically like spooning liquid health. Bloody marvellous.

Bouncing butterscotch
Succulent, rich and like the sex you can only dream of. This really is a winner when you're hankering for a sweet spot fix. It knows the ropes, the ins and outs, the angle required and before you know it, you'll be deep under the ecstasy journey, moaning in unadulterated sugary satisfaction.

Husky honey
Seems pretty boring n' uninspired huh? Try it & you may find yourself corrected! This fragrant little liquid transforms itself into a fudgy, gooey, chewy dream when smattered across some cold gelato, leaving you with some toffee lovin' madness. When faired with some chopped up fruit & sprinkled with some crushed nuts, you'll be marvelling in pure delight.

Step 3: The tempestuous toppings bar

Now this is where the fun begins ladies. Forget the ground-works, the warming up so-to-speak..this is where the finer details are completed in all their messy, toe-curling glory. Cue the S-U-L-A's...Sweaty. Upper. Lip. Alert! Calm yourself girlfriend or you'll melt your sundae with the heat radiating from your body and no-one wants such a catastrophic fiasco to go down!

The soft, squidgy selections...

Feelin' fruity 

Pretty, flavoursome and a sad excuse to claim it boasts some healthy points...all hail the fruit bowl!
From sliced strawberry, boozy bourbon soaked cherries, tart raspberries, bouncing blueberries, sugar grilled pineapple, bumbling banana to everything in between, chuck it on for some squishy mashing against the smooth richness of your ice cream base.

Pick n'mix medley
Another way to inject some munch into your sundae is to plop on a mix of gummy fruit bears, jumpin' jelly beans, tart liquorice all-sorts, dolly-mixture, fluffy marshmallows...go mad and mix it up!

The Crunch factor...

How the cookie crumbles

The ice-cream's been scooped, the liquid gold has been poured, the squidge has been injected so now it's time for the crunch factor to bring some rough n'tumble to the picture! Think crushed biscuit sprinkles like oreos, maryland cookies, custard cream madness, pink wafer gracings, jammy dodgers tastings and punchy ginger nuts blessings.

Grillin' up somethin' a lil' different
Something to suit all you quirky divas out there who don't like to follow the crowd and feel its imperative to chuck something funky into the mix! Why not get your grill on and sizzle up some bacon drenched in maple syrup? Sounds bizarre but we assure you that when sliced up and scattered into your bowl, the contrast between smooth and crunchy, sweet and salty makes for one serious flavour explosion. Following the mainstream's boring anyway!

Got some nuts?
A little obvious but not to be scoffed at! Chucking a handful of nuts into the mix from salty crushed cashews, caramelised peanuts to honey-roasted pistachios will take your bowl to a whole different level. You'd be nuts to not give this one a look in so crack em' out & show them some creamy lovin'!

Poppin' moves
It's not only just a cinema staple but works be-a-uuutifully when popped on top of some ice-cream! The texture contrast is like a delightful meet-and-greet in your mouth that hits it off immediately, quickly becoming the best of friends. Try salty popcorn for a salty-sweet contrast or get crackin' on some sticky toffee puffs to melt in your mouth and deliver the sugar highs.

Still need some inspiration?
Geez ladies, how much direction does a girl need? I assure you once you get over the initial jitters and get down n'dirty with the goods, you'll be flying high with all thoughts, moves and positions...flavours, we mean. Since I'm such a darling, I'll let you in on some of my favourite sundae combination inspirations....time to go spoon!

- Luscious lemon curd & crumbled honey-pistachio sundae
- Brandied cherry & devilish dark chocolate brownie sundae
- Smooth caramel with crumbled maple-bacon & toffee popcorn sundae
- Honey caramel ice-cream with agave syrup glaze and banana chip sundae
- Vanilla bean ice-cream with heated melty blueberries, caramel popcorn & crushed biscuit sundae
- Neapolitan medley topped with caramel popcorn crunch and chocolate shell casing sundae
- Coconut ice-cream with sugar grilled pineapple, hot butterscotch sauce & crumbled bounty pieces sundae
- Vanilla bean ice cream with stewed apple, hot caramel sauce, crushed cashew nuts & crumbled hobnob sundae

Optional extra topping ideas: M&M's, dried cereal, melted peanut butter, maltesers, sherbet drops, revels, mini-eggs, dried fruit, trail-mix, reese's cups, whipped cream, condensed milk, jelly cubes, rice pudding, custard, popping candy, smarties, rolos, after eights, ferroro rocher, creme eggs...the list is truly endless!

I know that bikini season is just around the corner ladies but well...sadly so is the ice-cream aisle of the local Tescos. Oh drats.
Just remember, tomorrow you can eat your broccoli. Today is for eating ice-cream!

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12 March 2015

Journey of Wanderlust: Your Jet Setter Essentials

So you can just picture it now. You've squealed in delight enough times for your dog to realise it's not the next door cat being a tempting minx by shrieking for some mischievious attention, made the entirety of your office disgustingly irritated with your biscuit-wafting aroma due to pre-prep tanning sessions, made like big bird by tweeting loud & proud on twitter, updated your Facebook status with darling daydreams oh and let's not forget the wanderlust photo collages of your soon-to-be destinations you've just posted to your Instagram feed. What the heck would there be left to check off the holiday list, eh? Oh yeah, pack.

Getting intimate with your suitcase is probably the least ants-in-your-pants tasks one could muster a buzzing excitement for so I hold no judgement against you in allowing it to simply swim away in a gentle wave of brain fritz! Trying to pack light is a notoriously tough cookie to crack as naturally, the style mavens we are would quite happily pack our entire wardrobes, drawers, shelves & kitchen sinks if we had our princess ways. This means that exactly what you do wrap up & pack up has to be the things you simply ADORE as you're going to be snapped in them. A lot.

To help ease the jellyfish sting of trying to whittle down your wardrobe choices into a hard-cased shell, I present to you my packing clinic guide! It's the must have checklist for bagging the essentials, staying stylish yet still having a cheeky bit of room to bring back that gorgeously whimsical boho sundress you'll most likely haggle for at the fresh morning market!

Buckle up, pay attention to the emergency guidelines & allow me to navigate you to the Jet setter packing essentials...

STYLE : Choose pick'n mix pieces to style together into outfits that are suited & booted to your snap-tastic settings! City wanderings? Think military chic with silk khaki palazzo pants, a loose white vest tucked in with a pair of leather sole tan gladiators. Mountain trekking? Kicks all the way & some stylish workout gear. Beach? The less the better we always say! How cheeky. Well, with the number of cocktails you'll be sipping, you won't be worrying about the fifth nip slip!

FABRICS : If you're back-packing or planning on doing a lot of traipsing around with extra outfit changes, pick your pieces wisely with the most packing-friendly fabrics you can! Durable, lightweight, easy-to-wash, air-dry & Non-air are all words that'll be your travel besties. Trust us!

TRAVEL BAGS : If you're simply going on a single-destination pit stop then definitely invest in a soft top pull-along! Hard shells may seem like the way to go but they're actually a bee-line focus for those who want to nab a few prizes...a pocket knife to the top & you'll be watching a leather-skinned go-getter waltz through the hotel lobby in the Topshop feather kaftan that cost you a whole lotta dough! For bags you'll ferry around with you on your daily wanderings, go for something like a leather buckle satchel. It'll be big enough to pop all your bits n'bobs in, stylish enough to please your inner fashionista but also sturdy & secure to help ward off those pesky pick-pocketers!

Travel Case Top Picks


  • Lightweight vests + t-shirts for chucking on
  • 2-3 evening tops for seaside dinners
  • 2-3 pairs trousers
  • 1 pair skinnies
  • Couple dresses (sundress + evening)
  • Couple pairs of shorts + skirts
  • Pair of sandals/ flip-flops
  • Couple pairs ballerine pumps
  • A pair of Kicks


  • 2 bras (light-coloured & dark)
  • A sports bra (to keep your ladies under wraps on those treks!)
  • 5-10 knickers (from racy lacies to Bridget Jones style)
  • Couple of bikinis
  • Pair of tights
  • Lightweight scarf


  • Skin multitasker (Nars Multiple stick is a gift from the Gods!) 
  • All-in-one lightweight foundation + concealer
  • Waterproof masacara
  • Tinted lipbalm
  • Combined blush + bronzer palette
  • Toothbrush + toothpaste (can double up as a spot remover)
  • Combined makeup remover, cleanser + toner (Arcona facial pads are a fab find!)
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Mobile charger (sun powered ones are great for the beach)
  • Travel adapter plugs
  • Kindle/ Tablet
  • DIY Health kit
  • Camera + charger
  • Pocket handbook

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