18 March 2015

Atticus Finch: A Figure Of Modern Inspiration

Atticus Finch is beautifully crafted by Harper Lee and is a true literary hero that stands alone like no other. He's a man of little words but when he does speak, he voices words of simple insight and empowered compassion. Through his lessons, grace and poise he strives to remind us of how fragile life can be and the significance of maintaining integrity to build honour and respect. He represents a powerful force for good, change and the importance of remaining fearless when we step outside the safety box of society. The state of society could do with a shake up and this is the sole reason as to why more people should look to the lessons that are governed by Atticus Finch.

Society today is so captivated in living virtual lives of mirages through the Valencia filter of social media and so caught up with the romanticised alpha male brooding of the likes of Christian grey, Edward Cullen & Aidan Turner's Poldark that we've misplaced the pleasures of chivalry, manners and unexpected courage. Nowadays I feel it is more important to seek out the characters - whether real or fictional - that encourage us to raise the bar in life as opposed to lowering it and ultimately being a submissive onlooker to the mainstream status quo.

Greater strength lies in the ability to rise above adversity and remain civilised so try not to let the manners of others affect your ability to do good and be better. Atticus is a walking life lesson that politeness does not automatically make you a doormat or pushover. In fact he represents quite the opposite junction. Chivalry inspires, motivates and resonates to that deeper part of our soul striving to do better and be better. Politeness enunciates a subtle confidence that speaks far more clearly and loudly than any preaching or shouting ever could.

- There is unmeasurable dignity in living with true authenticity. Despite the misdemeanours of others Atticus seeks the goodness in all of humanity and isn't afraid to stand up to injustice in the face of asserting moral courage. Sometimes things & people you encounter aren't all they seem so learn to navigate the world with your eyes and ears open so that those who can't see the beauty in the world don't abuse your naivety in order to gain control.

- Possibly most apparent of all which is exemplified in the way he raises his children Scout & Jem is that we all teach by example. Words have great power but it is the way we move, react, do - our actions - that can cultivate true influence. To impart a small amount of wisdom and gumption to others can help shape the good of others around you.

- As individuals we are all different, unique and contrasting. It follows then that our lives don't fit together like a jigsaw puzzle as they're messy, complicated and impulsive. Atticus reminds us that we must stop, respect, observe and seek to attain insight into the lives of others before making any judgement calls. Through all our differences & quirks, we are all the same & we all eat, sleep, drink and work hard so don't let your head grow too big and tell you you're better than anyone else. We're all worth the same opportunities and givings of life in equal measures.

- Our lives don't always go as we envisioned or planned and are quite often laced with great disappointments. Through his resilience against backlash and unwavering internal strength, Atticus models how we shouldn't let life's misfortunes cause us to be fearful of trying again and moving forward. He reminds us to pick ourselves back up, restore our dignity and work with what's what. Situations may not be the ideal but reality rarely ever is and to show adaptability and flexibility ultimately brings you success.

Why not take a leaf out of his book & unearth the magic and open your mind by the sentiments of his character by reading or watching  - be it a few chapters - of To Kill A Mockingbird...I'm almost certain we'd all be better off for doing so.

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