23 March 2015

Cafe Catch: The Best Spring Cafe's For Bloggers

It's sounds like the ultimate dream combination doesn't it? Writing about all the things you love, throwing your voice out into the virtual world all within the peanut butter jar comforts of your home, your jammies & your feather duvet! Working from home sounds all daisy chains and fun dipped in Jeremy Kyle binge marathons and lazy brunch lie-ins but before long the novelty wares thin & the wasted hours upon youtube become a hindrance.

Freelancing can be a tough world to crack so the aim of the game is to enter into the maze with a mindset of success and structured, scheduled hours that keep you focused on your work and your arms out of your dressing gown. 

I've scoured London's top cafe catches complete with turbo-charged wi-fi, dreamy frothy coffees so that you can work your creative juices into a frenzy with your fingers click-clacking on your laptop and clutching upon a deep, thick, tall, dark & handsome cup of somethin' hunky. Whether that be a coffee hit or something hot to trot is something I'll leave to you - just keep the filthy fun to outside your working hours missy! 

Here's my round-up of cafe-come-office London winners that'll have you typing, slurping, nibbling & smiling in a freelance fix of content...

Forge & Co - Shoreditch
Described as the "unique social space" of shoreditch, Forge & Co is a stylish all-day eatery spread across four spacious flours, boasting both individual and communal work stations. With its' fully equipped work spaces catered for your every working and social needs, this is the oasis  to hot-foot to when searching for a crunchy vegetable juice to slurp whilst nattering to other creative laptop nerds.  

The prime spot for those coffice workers looking for lazy laid-back ease, a fabulously inspiring atmosphere, comfy coffee classics, high speed wifi-fi magic all whilst munching on a warm flaky croissant and powering through their in-demand work schedules. 

Look Mum No Hands! - Shoreditch
Get your leg over your bicycle seat, your leg over something scrumptious to chomp and your leg over your red-alert mailbox by parking yourself in this hotspot workshop. With great pipin' hot coffees, a glorious range of munchies to fuel your brain and a solid wi-fi connection, this is the place to get your work done and have you calling home to mum purely to gloat! 

Ace Hotel - Shoreditch
Nestled amongst one of London's most creative districts, Ace Hotel is a hub for all things cool calm & collected and a little gem for the busy business likes in search of some wi-fi hours and a powered up thirst-quenching juice for a vitamin boost. 

Vagabond N7 - Lower Holloway
A humble and cosy space with a fabulous coffee selection and range of delicious deli nibbles, this is the dream comfy coffice space! The Holloway road branch features a spacious luxury room out back which makes it ideal for those in search of some creative light, background chatter and an amazing atmosphere to get their heads down and fingers tip-tapping.

Shoreditch House - Shoreditch
The ultimate space of urban cool that'll have you smashing through your to-do list, relaxing in squishy sofa booths and slurping on rooftop daylight icy beverages. this is the freelance worker's dream complete with communal working wood-top benches, a sumptuous Chicago-Italian style menu that'll recharge your frazzled work brain and have you game-time ready for when the ping-pong games room transforms as night falls. 

Time to pack up, wrap up & skip on down to one of these veritable locations for some creative fun, inspiration, delicious nibbles, productive giggles and work-time satisfaction! Just don't forget the all-important magical element...your laptop!

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, google images]

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