12 March 2015

Journey of Wanderlust: Your Jet Setter Essentials

So you can just picture it now. You've squealed in delight enough times for your dog to realise it's not the next door cat being a tempting minx by shrieking for some mischievious attention, made the entirety of your office disgustingly irritated with your biscuit-wafting aroma due to pre-prep tanning sessions, made like big bird by tweeting loud & proud on twitter, updated your Facebook status with darling daydreams oh and let's not forget the wanderlust photo collages of your soon-to-be destinations you've just posted to your Instagram feed. What the heck would there be left to check off the holiday list, eh? Oh yeah, pack.

Getting intimate with your suitcase is probably the least ants-in-your-pants tasks one could muster a buzzing excitement for so I hold no judgement against you in allowing it to simply swim away in a gentle wave of brain fritz! Trying to pack light is a notoriously tough cookie to crack as naturally, the style mavens we are would quite happily pack our entire wardrobes, drawers, shelves & kitchen sinks if we had our princess ways. This means that exactly what you do wrap up & pack up has to be the things you simply ADORE as you're going to be snapped in them. A lot.

To help ease the jellyfish sting of trying to whittle down your wardrobe choices into a hard-cased shell, I present to you my packing clinic guide! It's the must have checklist for bagging the essentials, staying stylish yet still having a cheeky bit of room to bring back that gorgeously whimsical boho sundress you'll most likely haggle for at the fresh morning market!

Buckle up, pay attention to the emergency guidelines & allow me to navigate you to the Jet setter packing essentials...

STYLE : Choose pick'n mix pieces to style together into outfits that are suited & booted to your snap-tastic settings! City wanderings? Think military chic with silk khaki palazzo pants, a loose white vest tucked in with a pair of leather sole tan gladiators. Mountain trekking? Kicks all the way & some stylish workout gear. Beach? The less the better we always say! How cheeky. Well, with the number of cocktails you'll be sipping, you won't be worrying about the fifth nip slip!

FABRICS : If you're back-packing or planning on doing a lot of traipsing around with extra outfit changes, pick your pieces wisely with the most packing-friendly fabrics you can! Durable, lightweight, easy-to-wash, air-dry & Non-air are all words that'll be your travel besties. Trust us!

TRAVEL BAGS : If you're simply going on a single-destination pit stop then definitely invest in a soft top pull-along! Hard shells may seem like the way to go but they're actually a bee-line focus for those who want to nab a few prizes...a pocket knife to the top & you'll be watching a leather-skinned go-getter waltz through the hotel lobby in the Topshop feather kaftan that cost you a whole lotta dough! For bags you'll ferry around with you on your daily wanderings, go for something like a leather buckle satchel. It'll be big enough to pop all your bits n'bobs in, stylish enough to please your inner fashionista but also sturdy & secure to help ward off those pesky pick-pocketers!

Travel Case Top Picks


  • Lightweight vests + t-shirts for chucking on
  • 2-3 evening tops for seaside dinners
  • 2-3 pairs trousers
  • 1 pair skinnies
  • Couple dresses (sundress + evening)
  • Couple pairs of shorts + skirts
  • Pair of sandals/ flip-flops
  • Couple pairs ballerine pumps
  • A pair of Kicks


  • 2 bras (light-coloured & dark)
  • A sports bra (to keep your ladies under wraps on those treks!)
  • 5-10 knickers (from racy lacies to Bridget Jones style)
  • Couple of bikinis
  • Pair of tights
  • Lightweight scarf


  • Skin multitasker (Nars Multiple stick is a gift from the Gods!) 
  • All-in-one lightweight foundation + concealer
  • Waterproof masacara
  • Tinted lipbalm
  • Combined blush + bronzer palette
  • Toothbrush + toothpaste (can double up as a spot remover)
  • Combined makeup remover, cleanser + toner (Arcona facial pads are a fab find!)
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Mobile charger (sun powered ones are great for the beach)
  • Travel adapter plugs
  • Kindle/ Tablet
  • DIY Health kit
  • Camera + charger
  • Pocket handbook

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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