07 March 2015

Listen Up Cinderella! Pack Your Bags; Bond Girl's In Town.

Ladies, I feel it is my duty as a fellow lady lump individual to disclose a rather coveted home truth about a much-loved fairytale mirage...you see Prince Charming, well he is in fact, entirely & whole-heartedly, gay. 
Only joking, kind of. 

No what I'm harping on about is wiping away the stubborn childhood glimmer of wanting to float around in a sparkly dress like Cinderella, battering our fluttery perfect lashes waiting like patient little mice for our Princes to come trotting down the path on their big white stallions. We say forget the prince & just take the horse! Whilst the glitz of fairytales hold magical memories, the sugarcoated reality is that we need to wake up our sloth-like sleeping beauty dreams & realise that we're not princesses who can only function & succeed because of a prince. 

We are strong, we are intuitive, powerful & can hold our own in the world so stop relying on those lashes - they'll get tired after a while - & pull on your big girl pants! Be your own Bond girl & rule your world as an incarnate of total confidence. It doesn't need to be a whimsical dream as it's entirely possible & can be your fabulous reality. 

It's all about unearthing, embracing & rocking that inner sauce, attitude & glamour that sleepily snoozes inside each & every one of us. They're characteristics and a way of igniting that killer confidence you deserve. Self-belief & trust are meddling minx's that seriously love to hit the snooze button & play sleeping lions but it's about time you injected your inner veins with some eye-popping caffeine love & keep yourself snappy, sassy & downright sexy. 

Keep this cheeky checklist of wisdom tucked away in that gorgeous head of yours..!

Make friends with fear

Fear is always given a naughty precedence that is to be avoided & resisted at all costs. We'll admit it, our armpits get more than a lil' sweaty in the presence of threat & interrogation but instead of quivering in our boots, accepting defeat & making yourself a doormat like Cinderella, take a chance on doing the exact opposite of what your instincts whisper. Throw those shoulders back, whip your shiny mane about & hold that irresistible bond girl gaze of yours in the face of fear & greet it like a long lost friend. To make fear your *female dog* in life, you not only have to tackle it head on but you have to make friends with it. Treat it almost like the tall handsome dark stranger sipping a G&T at the bar...sidle up to it, tease it with your talk, charm it with unrivalled confidence & ultimately make your fears, fear you. Dive into your fears, challenge them & watch your confidence & trust in yourself soar; not diminish. Take on fear like it's a cute playful pug puppy & make it your bitch. 

Flourish, not crumble from rejection & criticism

Don't hold back from pursuing your dreams & what it is you really want due to some negative ninny's being chucked in your direction. Not everyone is going to like your flavour...it's a harsh but motivating fact which the sooner you realise is a good thing, the easier it will be for you to make your life the journey you envision! A bond girl wouldn't give two ticks to whether or not a certain someone doesn't like her fab shoes or haircut so why the hell should you? It just shows that the other person has different tastes to you which is absolutely a-ok! How boring would the world be if we all agreed with each other & got along hunky-dory? Sometimes a lil' negativity, indifference & bristles upon our back are the perfect antidote to making us work a little harder, stronger & enables us to grow a solid backbone where our wishbone permanently resides. Remember that life & its wobbles are small tokens & opportunities to harness inner determination & positivity to flourish & thrive; not crumble & fall & if you do then pick yourself up & hop back into your stilettos girl!

Fakin' it to the max

Sometimes even bond girls experience a wobble of belief in their abilities but they don't let that uncertainty thrive until they're a mumbling mouse in the shadows. The difference between Cinderella & the bond girl is that if Cinderella suspects indifference towards her, she takes it personally & lets any ounce of belief in herself titter away. The bond girl may question herself at times but she doesn't let this affect the way she presents to the world. She has ultimately mastered & plays the game of fakin' it to the max. It's a fact that even if you feel like crawling into your jammies & spoon feeding yourself a family bucket of kentucky fried chicken on your todd, if you throw your shoulders back, stand tall & proud, walk the walk & talk the talk of someone whose cool, calm & collected...after a while, you'll realise you're doing it naturally & that in fact, that chilled persona is 100% Y-O-U. A tip? Learn to know yourself...tune into what it is that makes you tick, makes you squirm & ultimately accept the flaws that cause you to question. Embrace them & keep in mind that they are what allows you to grow & keep moving forward to bigger, better things. Open your eyes to seeing & appreciating the perfect in the imperfect & you'll find life gets that bit more peachy sweet.

Don't be afraid to flaunt your value

Remember not to value yourself purely based on the opinions of others. They're entitled to their opinion same as you are but it's their problem & their view; not yours. The only thing that matters is the opinion you have of yourself & your abilities. If you show passion, enthusiasm & blow the trumpets loud & proud on your own abilities & talents then others will sit back, take note & respect the empowerment you portray in your pursuits. 

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than Y-O-U." 

Wise ole' cookie that Dr. Seuss, eh?

It's all in the details

It may appear materialistic but this is where Cinderella & a bond girl meet & greet on common ground. Both ladies don't underestimate the power of a killer outfit & knockout effort in their appearance. Our advice in all of this? Learn from their lead. You may feel like the grotesque spiny urchins lurking at the bottom of the ocean floor or like the steamin' pile of slop expelled from your furry friend but bear in mind that they are just that - feelings, not facts. If you feel botters & just want to slop in your primarni sweatpant set then throw a fierce two fingers up to the world & do the exact opposite. A bond girl would not strut the catwalk she walks or win (& break) the hearts of said G&T strangers rocking a chip-fryer top-knot & despicable me minion knee socks. Fetching.
No, she'd take no nonsense from the meddling negative feelings & would jump in the shower, lather herself in some tutti-frutti lotion, throw open her wardrobe & chuck on a look that screams "Yes this  is outfit bangin' & slammin' & so is the person wearing it." Simply putting on your favourite pair of skinnies, popping on a slick of foxy red lipstick or taking the extra five minutes to blow the crap out of your hair & achieve massive heights in the roots department can take you from woe-is-me moaning myrtle to the down right gorgeous bond girl of New Bond Street. 

Conquer your wobbles by trusting yourself

Embrace the unknown & teach yourself to trust your intuition & abilities in the uncertain. You are not a bumbling fool & you have the skills to succeed at anything you truly lust for. Tell yourself things that things will turn out positively & chances are they will but if all you see is a negative result, you'll battle the journey to get there in a compromised neagtive-nancy frame of mind. Life is often uncontrollable but there's a reason that positive-polly is always a happy smiling little madam. If you don't believe in yourself then who the heck will? Show yourself some of the belief & worth you admire in others as you are worth the golden glow you see in the world around you. That glowing light resides in you too, you just need to strike the match upon it & remember to always wear your invisible crown.

Chuck comparison in the rubbish bin

That's exactly what it is & what it achieves...rubbish! You are -y-o-u & that is what makes you special, unique & oh-so lovely. No-one else can be you, look like you, dress like you, look like you so comparing your attributes to another is fruitless...there really is no comparison to be made whatsoever!

Keep being 100% you because girl trust me, no-one can do it a damn sight better!

Be passionate, be fearless, be you & don't forget to take your sense of humour along for the ride!
If doubt dares to throw a wobbly just remember to ask yourself "What would Beyonce do?" 
Who rules the world? Girls! 

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