30 March 2015

Sleepy Slumber Routine For A Ravishingly Gorgeous You

"I woke up like this"...this savvy little slogan is probably the most popular one-liner you'll see hitting up your Instagram feeds & emblazoned upon indie tees on the high-street! Why not jump onto the bandwagon like the sheep you count in your sleep & follow these bedtime essentials so you can crack open your pretty peepers & smugly holla to the work office "I totally woke up like this". After all you're no natural beauty for nothing, are you?!

We all know the health and face-fabulous effects that lazing a full 8-hour slumber can do for us but let's face it girls, who really manages to nab a full restorative sleep every night? As busy bees working our tooshies off at what seems like every waking of the day, grabbing a princess worthy nights' sleep seems only like a darling daydream. I've rallied up all my girls and have managed to ween all of their beauty sleep habits so that I can grace you with a couture list of slumber secrets to leave you looking down-right gorgeous in the morning! Of course trying to sneakily gather this dreamy checklist very much required the culinary help of Mr. Krispy Kreme's deluxe donut boxes so trust me when I say these tricks are like molten gold dust so shhhh, get em' on the down low!

With my checklist of tips & tricks you can get some shut eye on your usual frightful get up-&-run routine that leaves you looking less juicy-peach fresh and more like a shrivelled grape lurking in the dark corners of your cupboard! So follow these covetable bedtime routine tricks and I guarantee you'll wake up looking refreshed,peachy-fresh, fabulous & downright ravishing...wakey wakey sleeping beauty!

Lube up to soften up

We know the struggle is real when the clock strikes some ungodly hour you'd rather ignore and all you plan to do is wriggle into your minion sleep jammies but don't forget to lube up to soften up whilst you catch some stolen zzz! Just before you fall into your marshmallow duvet and snuggle into some bizarre baby pose, slather yourself in some nourishing body butters or moisturising body essential oils and you'll wake up so silky soft and radiant you'll find yourself on the floor come morning-time after slithering from your sheets in one buttered up heap! Soft as a baby's butt!

Glow with it

One of the easiest way to wake up with a golden glow to rival the brazen, bronzed limbs of Candice Swanenpoel is to pop on a sweep of moisturiser enriched with some gradual tanner. Requiring less patience and police alertness than an instant glow getter, popping a touch of gradual enhancer like St. Tropez Daily Moisturiser into your usual bedtime lube routine will gift you with a fabulous radiance come the next day. 

Knock 'em back steady

No we're not talking about that fourth filthy martini girl, put it down! We're talking about the cheap as chips beauty hero...H2O! We know it's not quite up to the enticing allure of a fruity tipple laced with sleep-inducing ethanol juice but it sure as hell will leave you resembling the likes of Miss Huntington-Whitley as opposed to Captain Jack Sparrows. Keep water as the last thing to pass your lips before you hit the hay as not only will it spark your complexion, it'll get to work on rejuvenating your energy levels, flushing out the day's toxins which have accumulated from your triple stuffed Krispy Kreme, balance your hormones and help repair your fatigued muscles! It sounds boring but trust us, slurp on the crystal goodness like the inner mermaid you are and you'll be swishing your voluminous locks and fluttering some bright n'sparkly bambi peepers like a Victoria's secret angel come sunrise!

Sleep with, like a Soldier

Or do both you cheeky scamp! Time for all you sleeping babies to re-evaluate conking out on your happy little tummies as reports have shown that it causes all those nasty lil' body fluid toxins to build up and settle themselves into your nooks n'crannies leaving you to awaken like more Peggy Mitchell than Miranda Kerr. Bid farewell to the notorious puffy eyed-panda mask of morning-time and make like soldier on your back when snuggling down for the night. If you find it hard to get comfortable, try stacking a couple of pillows under your neck to get your head supported and elevated to prevent those frightful fluids from building up in the places you don't want them to grace!

Make like Pocahontas

To save yourself some valuable time in the morning to attend to more pressing matters like getting in as many seconds zzz as humanely possible, quickly braid your hair into a plait and then fall back into your pillow. By tucking your locks up out of the way, not only are you minimising the damage that can occur when it gets caught in your rough-&-tumble dream works but if you plait it up whilst it's slightly damp or wet, you'll wake up with some tumbling mermaid waves and masses of volume... Perfect! Pocahontas wasn't just a pretty lil' bad-ass warrior after all!

Invite em' to stay the night

Overnight beauty treatments are you BFF's so make sure to pop the risqué proposition of staying the night and getting rather up close and personal. After you two have completed the overnight deed, there'll be no skin left untouched between the two of you and no dry, bumpy patches left to contend with. Whether you choose to focus the magic on your intimate pores, lips, lashes or ticklish hair, really go to town with rubbing these babies into your body and you'll wake up with a rosy glow to rival that one you get when Mr. Gosling pops over unannounced upon your television screen. 

Simple, easy but bloomin' effective to have you rousing from your sleeping slumber like a pretty Saturday morning market flower! Get these tantalising tips part of your every night bedtime routine and you'll wake up radiating like the gorgeous stunner you are! If you have any other must-have tips that put the beauty in beauty sleep then pop them in a comment below as we'd love to add them to the couture list!

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