09 March 2015

Ted Talks To Spark Your Golden Girl

So I'm all about trying to boost and uplift the inner belief of my badass friends and famalam (so they're happy chappies & keep buying me Candyking sweeties!) but also the confidence and sass of each and every one of y-o-u; my ravishing readers. We can't always be on tip-top glowing form as that meddling minx known as life can often play a cheeky hand at mixing things up and disturbing our life flow...such a scamp!

When we're rushed off our feet, it's easy to lose sight of that inner voice that whispers how utterly scrumptious you are but I'm here with the help of some incredibly empowering talks to remind you of appreciating your accomplishments and triumphs no matter how small, as well as congratulating yourself on the daily challenges you face and overcome. Learn to embrace and acknowledge the fact that you are gorgeous, unique, 100% worthy and 100% capable of kicking the ass of anything you put your mind to!

Here are my top Ted talks dedicated to inspire, push your boundaries, embrace vulnerability to achieve success and to step up & approach life with charming confidence...

Matt Cutts : Try Something New For 30 Days

Amy Cuddy : Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Dr Ivan. Joseph : The Skill Of Self Confidence

Cameron Russell : Looks Aren't Everything. Believe Me, I'm A Model

Shane Koyczan : "To This Day"...For The Bullied & Beautiful

Mel Robbins : F*** You - How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

 Throw yourself into life's adventures & get inspired!

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